Saturday, 20 December 2014

Simple Christmas tree!

Good Saturday morning ladies,
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and have a look at my blog.
Today's card is just a very simple Kraft card based Christmas card using the Memory Box
Christmas tree die, I am not sure if it the camera has picked up the red glitter card on the main
parts of the tree and a golden glitter card for the star, I embossed a piece of Kraft card with a
Spellbinders Embossing folder and matted onto red and green card, I used the Basque Red
Seam binding ribbon from Creative Expressions, to wrap around the card and to make a bow for
centre, it is still drying on the picture so looks a bit droopy! (a bit like me really)!
I just popped together this simple card to add to the blog as I have spent all day making the
second of the order cards, which was the same as the one I made for Paul (but a little smaller),
I took hours cutting those individual fern sprigs! But looks good, I made a complimentary
box and matching insert too, I wasn't going to put it on my blog as I already shown Paul's,
but I might show the box and insert.
We will have to go and finish Christmas shopping today as we are going to my Mum's
tomorrow, I still need a few bits to wrap, my Mum's gift proved impossible, she asked for a
pair of brown trousers, (chocolate browm) this colour is clearly not the 'in' colour this year
as we scoured every store in Swindon and Oxford, so I wet for
a voucher, that way she can look for her own, so I will need a couple of bits to wrap up to go
with it.  I also need to buy for my niece, going for a traditional doll I think.
I will be glad when the shops are closed on Christmas eve so that I can stop thinking about
I wish you all a very productive Saturday whatever you are doing,
Paul has finished work for the holidays now, this is the first year he has not had to cover
either Christmas Day or New Years day, so that's a real treat, 2 whole weeks to spend together,
that to me is a gift in itself!
The girls have finished too so hopefully their bodies can start to recover in time for Christmas,
Have a lovely weekend my wonderful friends,
Crafty Hugs


  1. Morning Sandra, another really beautiful card today. So happy you have Paul at home now for the next two weeks, have a lovely happy family time.
    Busy busy today, so I send my love and check in sometime tomorrow.
    Have a good day.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  2. Morning Sandra and friends. Lovely card, I do like glittery things!!! So pleased for you that Paul has 2 weeks off to spend with you all, I hope that Lucy can now really relax and recover in time to enjoy the holidays. It has been a long term and with all the pressures that are put on students it's not surprising that they get run down and catch all manner of viruses.
    Belated birthday wishes Stephanie, I hope that there were some nice surprises for you. Tandy, my heart goes out to you, I hope that you hear from your grandchildren soon and that arrangements are put in place and kept. Had a wonderful email this morning, my daughter has been offered a place on a Cambridge taster course in January - I daren't wake her up to tell her though! The saying "let sleeping dogs lay" should also apply to teenagers! Sue xxx

  3. Good morning Sandra, oh what a great Christmas gift you received from the RAF. Paul off for two whole weeks, I know from experience that just does happen every often, so enjoy. Your card for today is beautiful, I love memory box dies too, and I like how you have used the glitters bits to dress the tree. Ref. Chocolate brown you are so right, I fancied some in this colour this year for a change, but no luck. I am fed up with black and navy, and between dogs and this mucky weather I need dark coloured trousers. Enjoy your trip to see your mum tomorrow, we will understand if you don't post for a few days, as that journey will take a lot out of you. Safe journey. Hazel xx

  4. Hi Sandra. I love the card, I haven't noticed that die before, it is lovely.I am getting pink rather than red on my screen but it still works beautifully : ) I know you are going to have a wonderful time over the next two weeks with Paul and the twins being home and Matt and Becca having time off too, it's lovely to have all of the family together isn't it. I hope the journey to your Mums doesn't take too much out of you, you will be taking it easy for the next couple of days won't you my lovely. Take care.

  5. Hi Sandra
    Didn't get to see your blog yesterday, not to sure why thought. To much to do and in to much pain to think properly. I love how you used the Lyra die, and the memory box die on today's card. Brown is not the in colour I'm afraid. Not to sure why they have in colours every year. I'm not really into in colour. Haw fantastic for you that Paul has finished work for Christmas, a rare treat by the sounds of it. You'll have a lovely time playing games with all the family. Karen's massive table is always set up for games after dinner and we have a picky tea. Mind you that's if we get lunch early enough. This year I put my hand up and asked if we could have dinner earlier that 6.45. Of course Keith said that dinner doesn't have to be at dinner time. I said no it didn't , but when you haven't eaten because dinner was supposed to be at 2.30 ish. You get rather past hungry. Anyway he wasn't amused. Hope you have a great time at your mums tomorrow and it doesn't take to much out of you. Otherwise you'll have to rest up so your fit for Christmas.

  6. Hi Sandra, So pleased you have Paul for the next two weeks, it will make all the difference to your Christmas and New Year, and the pair of you can enjoy some quality time together
    Today's card is lovely, I have this die and lovel it. but this year only used Sue's dies, they are just gorgeous.
    Hope you have A lovely time at your mums, and you are not too exhausted with all that travelling. Take care, love Brenda

  7. Hi Sandra, lovely card, I love how you have put the little red stars on the tree so pretty. I'm so pleased for you that Paul is home for Christmas & new year you must be over the moon. Have a good day at your mums,but hope you don't suffer too much after the journey. Take care my lovely Big Hugs Lynda xx

  8. Hi Sandra
    Very sweet card,you are amazing having time to put all these card together and up every day plus now having to make for selling too.Progress! Nice to see Paul will be home and celebrate the holiday's with you all. Hope you have a nice time with your mum, do the young ones still going with you ?
    Have a good night, Hugs Maria x