Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and wrapped up warm as the days get a little cooler, the Aga is no lit and what a difference it makes, it makes the kitchen feel really warm and homely. 

Today's card has been sat half made for about 4 months,  I started it  well I stuck the papers on the Twisted Easel card base, I had also picked out a whole range of flowers and some lace and then I just popped it all in a bag as I lost inspiration!
Anyway I needed to make another 'Fun Fold' card for an extra swap over on our Facebook group,  I sat trying to decide what to do and the bag that had this card base in caught my eye, so I tipped the contents onto my desk and started to play,  I think that part of the problem is the colour of the paper, it's a really odd pink, making it hard to match flowers too, or even card to make flowers  so i decided to make some 'slightly' off white flowers which I made with some Handmade paper, I then used some of the actual decorative paper to make a couple and added Victorian Velvet Distress ink to introduce some colour.  I cut lots of foliage and picked out some smaller flowers to create an arrangement.
Before I started I popped some lace across the card, which I had woven some pink Seam Binding Ribbon through.
I then added a decorative 'Snip Art' piece for some extra detail, I love these as they are really light and so pretty and you can use lots of different colouring techniques on them, changing them to match your project,  they look great with metallic wax or embossing powders  on them.
I finally got to starting my arrangement, which is basically a case of playing around until you're happy (ish) with your layout. 
I tied a triple bow with the same ribbon and popped it on the opposite ebd of the lace, fonished with a pearl heart.
I did the same ribbon bow to the bottom section and I added  MDF greeting that I had previously Gesso'd and I added some Victorian Velvet  ink to tie in with the rest of the card.
The finishing touches were a few pearl hearts and some pearl swirls.
I little bit elaborate but, well sometimes you just have to go a little OTT!!

Pat is coming over today, which I am looking forward to. XXX

I hope you all have a lovely day too,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-lovely Card & sometimes you need to have something fancy and ornate.

    Yesterday was busy, Hospital was full with 27 people in beds where they shouldn’t be. We’re making our final preparations for our imminent building work which is always a stressful time as we still have to provide the same services despite being “shutdown “. I’m hoping this will be the last lot of building work for a number of years as it’s a lot of hassle on top of an already stressful job!


    1. Hi Michele
      Gentle hugs coming your way as it’s seems that work is going to be more stressful while the building work is going on.

    2. Hi Michele,
      wish for you all that it is less stressful then you think during the building work and it's all soon finished.
      Love to have a shaped card cut out so I can have it as a template would be great ,thank you Michele so if not too much trouble, one in white should be perfect.
      Take care x

  2. That really is an ornate card It is beautiful and as MICHELE has said sometimes we need to do something fancy
    Well it’s supposed to be moving day today Fortunately it doesn’t involve furniture just obstinate people One team in particular are behaving like toddlers but management are pandering to their every need Why should one team of about 12 to 18 dictate to a building of approximately 120 We’ll see
    Out dancing again tonight I do hope I can craft tomorrow whilst OH is away
    Have fun with PAT
    Take care all

    1. Hi Karen
      I’m glad to hear that moving doesn’t involve desks. How traumatic would that be. I know when I was at work we moved offices. But packing up everything we had was a nightmare. Luckily we didn’t have any obstinate people to contend with.

    2. Hi Karen.
      Hope today went better then you thought and the move is done. Don't understand what happening at your work but it don't sound fun. Have fun going dancing tonight tho. Speak soon x

  3. Hi Sandra and ladies
    A lovely card today Sandra for your other blog g. Very ornate as you all said. But lovely just the same. I’m looking forward to coming over this week. Seems an age since we last met up. I’m glad the rain seems to have left us for awhile.

    1. Hi Pat,
      hope you made a lot of crafting while setting the world to right together with Sandra today and did you bring the cream cakes ? hihi Hope to see you soon, take care x

    2. Hi Maria
      Yes I did some crafting, just not what I wanted to do. I wanted to do the proper version of the card I made at a class with Ronk Langton but did the piercing on the wrong side so had to cut it off. But I didn’t take the right square plate with me. I hope we meet up soon as well.

    3. No cream cakes Maria as I didn’t go past the shops as I was up helping my friend before I went to Sandra’s.

  4. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra lovely card very pretty, you must have patience to do all that. Have a good day with Pat.xxx
    Café is open hot drinks are ready waiting for you, lemon coconut cake in cabinet, so come in & sit a while.
    Janet hope you got roof sorted, or hubby sorted it out good job you were there.xxx
    Sending hugs to all love Margaret.xxx

    1. Hi Margaret,
      hope you doing alright and you managed to go out in the sunshine a bit today. It was very nice in MK today. Hugs are being sent for you and Pop x

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Once again I have had to play catch up as I realised I hadn’t commented since Saturday! There were so many wonderful challenge cards to enjoy and no hardship yesterday. Each and everyone of them are beautiful.
    Sandra, today’s card is gorgeous, you alway make flowers etc. look fabulous. I hope you have a good day with Pat my lovely x
    Brenda, I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your sister. I bet she would love the flower shaping molds. You can send John our way if he wants some more decorating once he has finished yours 😁 x
    Lynda, I’m hoping you are all enjoying your holiday x
    Lilian, enjoy your crafting time. It will help the days fly by hopefully x
    Maria, I hope you are having a bit of a better day x
    Karen, you will be glad once all of the moving is done won’t you. Grown ups really can be so very selfish can’t they! What a shame they are being pandered to by the boss. That seems to be the way in a lot of schools too nowadays. The naughty children get lots of fuss and attention and rewards and the good children get nothing! Sorry , soapbox away now. Enjoy your crafting x
    Janet, I hope that Jim is able to easily fix the leak x
    I am going to sit at my desk once I have finished this and am going to get some cards finished for once. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine we have here today. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue,
      good to see you. Yes,it is a nice day today so feeling loads better thank you. Well if it's not the aches and pain then it is also the tummy trouble on top so do feel a bit rubbish for some days. Had a nice morning in town today and bought a crafting magazine to help on the way Lol. Take care x

  6. Hello All, cold here today, dry but cloudy.

    Sandra what a absolutely amazing card, love every thing about it.

    Karen hope the move goes well, and everyone settles down.

    Not managed any crafting yet, didn’t get much sleep, woke up at about 3am with a strange noise down stairs, so by the time I went down to sort, was wide awake. It was a dried flower arrangement that has been on the kerb for years, don’t know why it suddenly fell over.
    Hope everyone has a good day, hugs to all Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian,
      hope you doing alright. Is R away for a few days ? I went to bed at 3am so maybe it was me you heard trying to find my way up to bed hihi you take care now x

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Nice cards yesterday from Karen and Cheryl and today's card Sandra is just lovely. You always know how to make a card look amazing with lovely colours, beautiful flowers and lace. Another fun fold of a card too.
    Spent the morning in town, got back at 2pm and put my feet up to watch a film and had a little snooze Lol. Home alone for the evening so hope to cut some bits out for making x-mas cards and also think what to make for cc.
    Going to Stamford tomorrow. Have not much luck with selling step-MIL flat so going over to speak to some people and hopefully can get something mowing.
    Lynda- if you can see this I hope you all have a fun time.
    Brenda- If your John will have some more to do , it's plenty of rooms here that need a lick of paint hihi no I hope he is careful and not up any high step ladders,take care
    Have a nice evening ladies. warm hugs ,Maria xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a pretty card, everything works beautifully together 👍 xx

    Sorry ladies John is all painted out. The area I most wanted painting was the hall, stairs and landing but that wish fell on deaf ears - but I have to say the stairwell is quite high and not easy to access also he isn’t getting any younger. When he painted the kitchen (I was away visiting my sister at the time ) he fell of the ladder, he still has the bruise on his back and head. So I think we will have to find a painter who is fit and agile to do the stairs etc.

    Sleep well everyone, Love Brenda xxx