Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Twist & Pop

Good Morning Ladies,

Well what a wash out of a day yesterday was, we had torrential rain prettty much the whole day, the Thames had burst its banks the day before but now all the fields along side it, some two fields away from the river are now part of the river, thats without yesterdays rainfall added in, the girls where both so shocked that they stopped and took photos on their way home, I will add some below

This is the river itself, it usually has a good 4 or 5 feet back on either side, 
this photo was taken from the bridge and the river is usually fraction of this size

Your can see this Garden Bird table in the river in next to that cream colour thing
The garden beyond the tree is the Red Lion Gardens

This is the field opposite the Red lion garden, I think the farmer is wishing he had
collected his Hay Bales

The other side of the road to the Red Lion this field is flowing like a river
the big ditches either side of the road are over flowing to

The entrance to this field is on the road and the water is now running out of
the fields onto the road, I dread to think how bad it will be this morning!

Today's card is a 'Twist and Pop' card that Michele has made for our Fun Fold Challenge, Michele made it on Sunday afternoon with about 10 or more other cards! Now that's a very productive afternoon!
I think that Michele made this card using papers from a CDrom, although I am not 100 % sure, I am sure that she will tell when she pops in this morning.
I love the papers and design that you have used Michele, thank you for allowing me to share your card today. XXX

I spent most of yesterday on the Sofa with my bag of Groovi goodies beside me, I managed to die cut and emboss a lovely pile of flowers, which I really enjoyed, mostly because I could pick it up and put it back down as I had Episodes of AF, I felt like the UTI is better, I just need to stop taking the Anitbiotics, she gave me 14 tablets for 7 days but said I could stop after 3 days if symptoms of UTI had gone,  I am hoping that a day or two after stopping the tablets my heart will sort it self out a bit.

I hope that you are all safe and dry,

Love and hugs 



  1. Morning Everyone
    Just love your card MICHELE. I look at this shape and wonder how it's done as it looks so complicated and I'm such a coward at trying things outside my box.

    I'm sorry that you're all having rain rain rain and my heart goes out to people who are having to cope with flooding.
    I now really hesitate to say that we had a glorious day yesterday so much so that we managed to get outside for me to plant some bulbs and sow some seeds I collected last year. While I was doing this Jim cleared one or two gutters (don't worry we're all on one level so he can manage the small ladders) We also had our mid morning coffee sat outside. Oh and a full line of washing dried in no time.
    We won't be doing as much today as both of us are paying for a busy day but it wss so worth it.

    HUGS are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-the photos just show how badly affected some areas were. Hopefully everything will start to return to normal soon. I hope you start to feel better soon too.

    My card was a Digi download from Ella’s Design (on Etsy). You get the patterned papers, the card mechanism & full instructions. It’s for a friend las Birthday on the 23rd.

    Maria mentioned the NEC in a message to me yesterday-I’d love to have gone again but the dates are just as we’re having some maintenance work in the Unit. We’re having a Planned shutdown on the 28th-we having a new Isolatir (safety cabinet) Installed -old one removed, CCTV installed plus all the HEPA filters replaced which is quite a lot of work. This means we can’t be open eh we can’t continue to “make” the treatments so we have to run our sticks down & buy in ready made treatments which happens in a lot of Aseptic Units anyway. This week & next week are taken up with planning & organising for the 28th. Fingers crossed there’s no major problems!!


  3. Wonderful card MICHELE I have tried this style once and failed!
    Thank you ladies for your lovely comments on my card yesterday I always worry if others like what I do We are so our own worst critics aren’t we
    The girls photos brought back childhood memories The brook near where we lived broke its banks My friend and I went to play close by (don’t know why) and I got stuck in the mud and started sinking Mud was coming over the top of my wellies My friend had to run and get her mum who came and lifted me out Quite scary at the time I hope it starts getting back to normal and you too missus. I hope you really begin to feel better
    Take care all I may not mention you by name but you know you’re in my thoughts xx

  4. Morning ladies.
    Oh that's some photos around your area Sandra. A bit scary and more rain is predicted. Our Ouzel is very high too so my walk to Dobbies tomorrow might be cancelled as we going under the A5 to get there and that could be flooded. Glad you got out of the mud Karen :>)
    Michele, not sure how you made this card but it's wonderful! look very tricky to make. Like Janet I'm a bit scared to make a challenge for myself like that. Hope all the work will go smoothly on the 28th for you all.
    Lynda- have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy every minute in the sunshine and with the family !
    Going to town soon for ww and some shopping. Probably will be a crafting magazine in my bags back,got to sooth the pain of how much I put on over the last fortnight somehow Lol
    Val, missing you. Hope you ok.
    Lilian,hope you feeling better and can have some time playing on your new machine. Your card was lovely, take care
    Wishing you all a nice day and hopefully we get some dry spells between the rainfall. Many hugs, Maria xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra thanks for showing the photos, make you realise how lucky we are to live higher up. Hope you feel better.xxx
    Michele lovely card, I am like the others uncomfortable with these.xxx
    Café is open plenty of hot drinks on the go, at least it's raining, come & join us.
    Lynda have a lovely holiday.xxx
    Brenda enjoy your time with Ann.xxx
    Sending hugs to all love Margaret.xxx

  6. Should be not raining!

  7. Hello All, fine day earlier , but pouring down again now, managed to get a load of towels dry outside.

    Sandra sorry to hear your feeling so low, hope you will soon feel better.

    Michele lovely card,so clever, I’m hopeless at anything but normal folds.

    Lynda hope you have a lovely holiday with family, the best kind.

    Hugs to all Lilian