Monday 7 October 2019

Sparkle and Shine Challenge card

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend, ours was very relaxing, we didn't leave the house on Saturday and Sunday we just popped to supermarket for fresh bread and fruit and veg, I can't tell you that we acheived very much, I think I spent most of Saturday afternoon catching up with my sisters, making sure that they were both coping with Mum ok, they were both a little frustrated but after a good chat they both were laughing at the situation, over time I have learnt to deal with it with 'devil may care' attitude, after years of guilt of living so far away and feeling helpless in these situations I had to start thinking differently.  I was so pleased that I called them both.
Mum is doing ok, she keeps refusing to do physiotherapy though, which is frustrating, I think that she is in her element with the amount of carers, friends and family visits!

Today's card is my 'Sparkle and Shine' Challenge card, I have had the background hovering around my desk for quite some time, I love it but couldn't decide what to use it for/with, I tried some Christmas themed die cuts but it just didn't look right.  So I picked up my new Dragonfly Edger die and die cut that and layed it over the 'Caught in Crystal' background and loved it straight away.
As I had the background already made it was quite a quick and simple card to make, I think that is the great benefit of batch making backgrounds, have a proper 'messy crafting' day and make lots of different colours and styles of backgrounds ready to just pick up when you need a quick but effective card.
I couldn't decide which colour gemstones to add to the Dragonfly, as I was moving the background around the purple colours kept catching the light, so that is what I decided to go with.  The other thing I was undecided about was the sentiment, so I die cut a simple Thank you' just for the purpose of photographing for the blog, I can add a proper sentiment when I decide what to use the card for.
I used Creative Expressions Noble Double Stitched Rectangles (set B) for the frame around my card.
I hope you like it, I took a few different photos of various angles to try and capture the glitter in the background, it never looks as good in a photo though.  All I can say is, I definitely 'Sparkles and Shines'!

I heard from Our Val, she is enjoying walking down memory lane, visiting different places with Barrie and Helen, I hope you have an amazing time Val XXX

Janet, I hope your journey was smooth and that you arrive quickly and safely at Marigny and get that log burner roaring, I can't wait to read about your daily adventures XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a lovely, sparkling card. The purple gems are the perfect addition.

    Lovely lazy day yesterday-well once I’d done ALL the ironing plus basic housework. I spent so d time in my curios & actually made something!!

    We have someone coming out to service the heating/boiler this morning. I’m hoping to pop into Southport & leave hubby at home as I have a few things to purchase. Then we’re hoping to go into Liverpool to collect hubby’s watch from The jewellers-hope it stops raining!


    1. Thanks once again for the fix Michele. Not only can I comment but I don’t have to prove I’m a robot. I hope it stops raining for you.

  2. Love the card SANDRA I have a few caught in crystal backgrounds (somewhere!) I must get them out and have a play I also have a couple of my new favourite technique- a la Jenny McGuire- using a laminating sheet
    The weekend was very quiet After doing the ironing and catching up on a few tv programmes I got back to crochet and finished sewing up a couple of animals So I have 2 for the Harefield Hospital box and a new one for Oscar - a white tiger which is quite poignant as I have a photo of Gary feeding a white tiger cub
    Take care all xx

    1. Look forward to seeing your makes Karen. Especially the white tiger for Oscar. Happy memories can be crocheted into it.

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I have everything crossed that this will publish so here goes.....

  4. Michele, thank you so much for your advice. As you can see it worked for me too. Back to normality at long last x

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Yesterday’s cards are all so pretty and as usual all using different techniques.
    Sandra, what a pretty card you have for us today. The sparkling background works beautifully with the lovely die cut. It’s good to hear you had s nice relaxing weekend xx
    Michele, thank you again for solving the comment issue. Please could you send me details of the does you are selling x
    Karen, I will be looking at the laminator background technique as you are the second person to mention it. I can see Wednesday at Sandra’s will be testing time 😀 I hope work isn’t too bad today x
    Lynda, listen to your lovely hubby and rest up please x
    Mum, sorry that you have no mobile phone at the moment. We are lost without them now aren’t we. Love to you and Pop xx
    Janet, I hope you are so settled in x
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Many thanks to Michele for providing an answer to how I could comment. I knew that Sue had the same problem and she’s used your fix as well I see today.
    A lovely card today Sandra.
    I’m glad to hear that Val is having a great time.
    I hope your journey was uneventful Janet
    I hope your resting as per CU’s instructions Lynda.

  7. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra lovely card it really sparkles. Pleased to hear Mum is getting on well apart from
    Janet hope you have arrived safe &
    Café is open drinks are ready & coffee sponge is in cabinet just waiting for
    Sue pleased to see you have the problem solved, love
    Sending hugs to all love

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a lovely card, l LOVE the beautiful green background it’s stunning.
    Pleased to hear Mum is doing well and just being ‘herself. I’m sure your sisters were glad of your advice, the fact you had them laughing at the situation I’m sure was very levelling for both of them. xx

    Lovely that Val has been in touch and is enjoying time with her son and DIL. I thought of her the other day, I had purchased John next doors new magazine. He wrote a lovely article about himself and mentioned how they arrived at the name of John Next Door, Apparently it came about from Vals friend Wendy, she used to refer to him on her blog as John Next Door, ( her husband is also called John) hence the ‘next door’. I finished reading it smiled and thought oh I know Wendy, then I had to giggle, because I only know of Wendy through Val. It’s surprising how when you use a blog regularly you feel you know everyone. Anyway Wendy if you look in - HELLO 🤗

    Yesterday almost immediately after I’d left my comment - boasting about the lovely weather we had, the heavens opened, it didn’t last long but it gave the garden a good soaking. Shouldn’t have mentioned weather!!!

    Enjoy your day everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  9. Hello All, more torrential rain during the night and this morning.

    Sandra what a lovely card, I tried the caught in crystal technique but ended up with a sticky mess, must have another go.

    Not doing a lot today, getting over weekend with family, love to see them but always feel whacked the next day.

    We are hoping to have a new kitchen, went to a very expensive supplier who are a local firm, they were having a grand reopening of their new show room, supposed to drinks and eats etc. We walked there were a few people there, no one to help us, eventually found a young man, who asked us to wait while he went for a coffee!! No one offered any advice or showed any of the products. The young man eventually came back, but didn’t seem to know much about their products. So disappointing, shan’t be using them, will have to find another firm.
    Sorry for the ramble ,hugs to all Lilian.

    PS thanks to Michele for the heads up to using chrome, feel I can write a post now and know it’s ok

  10. Hi Sandra & ladies
    We've had torrential rain all day.hope you all had better weather
    Have been doing as. I'm told just sitting I did go in craft room I had to make a sympathy card then came back &I sat in my chair &fell asleep.
    The bottom of my lower spine is still very painful.i bought one of them cushions for helping with the coexists got it a while ago from mobility shop she recommend it & it is comfier for for that it's memory foam.
    Sorry ranting over. VAL pleased your enjoying your holiday with your son & Dil.
    SANDRA your card is beautiful love the colour. Very sparkly & shines.
    Love &Hugs Lynda xx