Tuesday 5 September 2023

Gina's Christmas Stepper card


Good Morning Ladies,

Paul and I had the most relaxing day yesterday,  we had breakfast and then went to the beach for a couple of hours, boy has the sea changed, from the calm a few days ago to seas that were ideal for surfers, it was incredible to watch,  although we had to move twice as huge waves were breaking right across the sand.  We then moved to the pool where we stayed until around 6pm, we popped to supermarket to top up on fruit and salad and then came back and had dinner,  hopefully do it all again tomorrow! 😀

Today's card is one of Gina's,  she kindly sent me a few before we came away, this fantastic Christmas stepper card is perfect for Sue's shaped card Challenge so I thought i would share it to give you some different inspiration. 

I love the perfectly cut and layered embossing Gina, the cream looks lovely against the blue.  

Thank you so much for inspiring us my lovely XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely day, 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Fantastic card Gina The cream on the white and then the blue are lovely together
    You sound like you are having a lovely relaxing time Is it still extremely hot We seem to be having a burst of lovely weather - just as the kids go back to school!
    We don’t have much planned this afternoon except I need to find our “Back to School” fancy dress outfits for this evening I have started some knitting too for my neighbour whose brother is expecting twins (tomorrow!) Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi Sandra and all looking in. What a lovely card Gina. I love the pale blue/cream combo, they work so well together.
    Sandra, glad you are just relaxing, apart from having to move away from the waves. I hope today is just as restful for you both xx
    Karen, please don’t forget to share you all togged up in your costumes. Enjoy the dancing. It’s really hot here too. Too hot to want to be outside for any length of time xx
    I’m sat waiting to get my hair cut in a nice air conditioned salon. Have as good day and take care. Love Sue xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love your card Gina, it’s beautiful 😍 Thank you for sharing and inspiring us 😊
    Very hot here again today, our summer has arrived at last - well at least until the end of the week! 😎
    I did some crafting this morning, two cards made - although one is a pre cut card base/shape ☺️
    Hope you’re having a relaxing day again Sandra on the beach or by the pool .
    Have a good evening everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xx

  4. Hello everyone, very hot here again today, don’t manage to well while it’s so hot.

    Gina love your card, the embossing is perfect as is the picot edging.

    Sandra hope you still have lovely weather and you are having a lovely relaxing holiday.

    Too hot to do much today, luckily my cleaner was able to come this week, as she missed last week.

    Goodnight all, Lilian

  5. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Gina. Like the colours and shape, wonder tho where you got the cardbase from ?
    Ladies, I hope you all have had a good day whatever you have been up to.
    Sister in law and her husband came up early to get their car in for service so we started off at Frost outside in their garden for drinks. Lunch was at Harvester. We couldn't believe that they didn't have any air con working so it was so hot especially when you eat so it was nice to come back home to sit out on our patio in the shade. Hoping we can all sleep some tonight and it's not too warm. Take care everyone, many hugs to you all xxx