Sunday 26 February 2023

Your Challenge cards


Proudest Mum Moment ! 

Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

From a very cold Wiltshire,  my goodness I need to under a heat lamp I think.  

We had the most amazing Saturday,  we took Sophie to deliver her painting to the Wildlife Park, she asked Lucy to meet her in the carpark to help her carry it in, I think she just wanted lucy with her, although she was paranoid that she was going to damage or drop it!  As soon as we got to the restaurant where the painting will be displayed people slowly started to gather, the friends and colleagues,  were all amazed the best reaction came from the park owner, you could see that he was visibly shocked and initially speechless he then pointed out every bit of detail, he was amazed that this was Sophie's first attempt at oil painting, it was so lovely to sit back and watch her talking everyone through it, at the same time I could tell that both of them were struggling mentally being the centre of attention, Lucy soon made her excuses and disappeared back to her kiosk!  We eventually left the restaurant and had a walk around the park, I wanted to see all of the animals that featured in the painting, the Giraffes were busy eating, the Rhinos were having a lazy morning, just laying around their paddock, something was bothering the Lion though as he was roaring like crazy, which was amazing to witness, we then stopped by Lucy's kiosk and had the most delicious hot waffle topped with whippy ice ream, biscoff crumb and caramel sauce with a little whipped cream, very naughty but VERY nice, Paul had sliced banana and caramel sauce with ice cream!  We wandered back to the car as we had been there a good four hours and I was so cold, I had to get under the duvet with a hot water bottle when we got home.  I wouldn't have missed that experience for the world though. 

Now lets see what you have been creating.....

Your Challenge Projects 


Lilian has used the StampinUp! Elements of Style stamp set to create this gorgeous card.

Such a beautiful card Lilian,  the silver gilding in the background gives a touch of luxury, the focal piece is beautifully coloured in a way that lets the beauty of the stamp stand out. That blue is so lovely, with the little touch of green for the leaves, it stands out perfectly on the white card. Thank you so much for a very inspirational card XXX 


Karen's Description:

Here’s 2 cards I used Daisy B stamps which I hadn’t tried yet

Card 1:  Very simply stamped onto Kraft card The poinsettia is coloured red and his antlers are highlighted with gold glitter

card 2:  Stamped onto white card and coloured in with chalk pencils and ordinary pencils First time I’ve tried to “shadow” with pencil and smudge with a paper stump.

Karen I absolutely love this Daisy B stamp, you really need nothing more than the stag simply stamped and coloured,  it is such a beautiful design, both cards look amazing but I think you see more detail on the white card, that corner stamp is so pretty too.

Thank you so much for two lovely cards for this weeks challenge XXX 


Sonia's Description:

I’ve chosen Tracey Hey as my brand this week and have used various stamps from different collections 😊

Sonia your cards are amazing,  I love the modern style, slightly quirky with so many interesting elements with the cute hearts, faix stitching,  lovely script background, I love the font too!  She is an incredible designer, I can see why you like her stamps, I am very tempted to go over to her website!!!  Thank you so much my lovely for supporting the challenge XXX


Thank you so very much ladies for your inspiration,  I really appreciate your support.

I hope that you all manage to stay warm and cozy and enjoy your Sunday, 

Love and warm hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing day Sophie is a very talented young lady Her painting is amazing Maybe more commissions will come out of it Who knows
    We were at a 40th birthday party last night (the artist friend I asked for help with on her card) It was so lovely meeting up with some Salsa friends we hadn’t seen in 10 years (her 30th!)
    We have beautiful sunshine but I expect it’s very cold Football is on so (hopefully) I will be going to Paradise Wildlife Park - soon to be called Hertfordshire Zoo with daughter and grandkids or I shall be in my craft room
    Ooh nearly forgot the cards! Amazing as always and lovely to see you’ve started the Thrinchie challenge SANDRA
    Take care everyone

  2. Hi everyone
    A great selection of beautiful cards today 😍
    Fantastic to hear about Sophie’s picture, sounds like it was the talk of the park with everyone admiring it. Well done again Sophie 😊
    Glad you had a lovely time wandering around and your waffles sound delicious!
    Having a quiet day here today, we were home very late last night after Marks gig. I can see myself having a nap later ☺️
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. I ere I had not hit the publish key! Thanks for the review. I like the butterfly which is a bit different.
    It’s no surprise that everyone was so impressed with Sophie’s masterpiece. I’m glad the owner was there to see it as he has known you all for a long time now hasn’t he. I will have to sort out a day out with all of the family to visit the park so we can see the painting in pride of place. Well done again Sophie xx It really was so cold around here so I’m not surprised you were frozen my lovely xx
    All of the challenge cards are beautiful today. I always like to see different cards made with the same stamp or range. Lilian, I love your card, it is so pretty and that shade of blue is gorgeous xx
    Karen, love both cards but the white one looks almost 3D because of the smudged pencil shadow you have done. It works so well. I must remember to practice more as I’ve not had any luck when I’ve tried it before. Xx
    Sonia, two lovely cards. The stamps and colours all work perfectly together xx
    A quiet morning here then round to Tim’s later.
    Have a good day and wrap up warm if you go out if it’s as cold where you are as it is here! Sending love and hugs. Take care xx

  4. Hi everyone.
    Love the Cc's ladies.
    Fabulous art work by your Sophie Sandra, she will go far.
    I did send one card in but think it went walkabout. I have another one on the go so hopefully it will be put together tomorrow..
    Hoping you had a nice day.
    Warm hugs to you all and have a good night xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Love all of your cards ladies.
    Sandra your day yesterday was certainly a very memorable occasion for all of the family. Sophie must have felt every possible emotion possible. I hope at the end of the day she was able to say to herself “didn’t I do well “ xx
    We had a lovely day yesterday celebrating grandson’s 21st birthday. Today has been spent very quietly, mostly spent sitting chilling out.
    Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Take care, hugs Brenda xxx