Monday 13 February 2023

Sue's Wings Challenge Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

How do Monday mornings come around so quickly?? I swear that 6 hours ago it was Friday night!!!  We didn't do much, shopping Saturday,  which totally exhausted me, we were watching a film but by 9pm I was struggling to stay awake, I was in bed by about 9.45 and must have gallen asleep soon after.  I think its my body playing catch up from all of those missed hours sleep.   We had another mild day that was overcast, no rain but it felt like it would all day.  We spent a good 40 minutes watching the birds going crazy after Paul topped up the mealworms and put new fat blocks out for them. They fight and squabble like children, it's nice to see all the different birds, we have to make the most of it as in a few weeks the Rooks will appear and dominate the garden, we try hanging feeders in dense trees to try and hide from the rooks but they still find them, it becomes a stand off between the rooks and pigeons!  So we will stop putting mealworm and fat blocks then, just leaving seed mix, mostly because the rooks can empty the feeders in 5 minutes, it gets too expensive!   

Today's card is Sue's Wings Challenge card, now I am usually awake until the early hours as you all know but Saturday I couldn't stay awake so was in bed before ten, so I sadly missed Sue's card that I received at 9.50pm, I did go and check emails at 8pm because I kept thinking I had missed Janet's card.  Anyway on the plus side it means your card gets a Blog Post all of it's own!!! 

Sue's Description:

This is very similar to a card demoed in the Simply cards and papercraft issue that had the Pink fresh butterfly die and stamp set freebie that we all loved. 

Sue, what a gorgeous card, I love the colours of the wings, the embossing looks amazing against that green 😍. That embossed background squiggle really sets the while piece off too.  That magazine was a definite Hit!!  I am yet to play with mine. Thank you so much for taking part my lovely XXX 

I hope that you all have a great start to the week,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    SUE your card is just beautiful. I love the colours you have used.

    I have my annual MOT this afternoon so it's a trip to the surgery.
    I'm not looking forward to it but I might get an answer as to why last week was a real struggle - we shall see.

    HUGS on their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Beautiful card Sue and deserves a day of its own
    On grandparent duty today and Oscar is staying over We’re off to Paradise Wildlife Park at Broxbourne today - my son’s resting place - so it’s always poignant But looking forward to seeing Oscar enjoy the soft play
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Morning everyone
    Love the card by our Sue. So many variations of the same butterfly. It's great to see them.
    Lilian, take care. Hoping all goes well.
    Karen, thinking of you and sending you a extra hug. Have fun with Oscar later. Apparently it is half-term, forget these things when not working in the school any more. We are in Frost this morning and it is heaving with grandparents and their grandchildren so it's a bit noisy. Back home I will try to do some crafting, fingers crossed.
    Janet, hope you and Jim are alright ?
    Sending hugs to you all. Have a good day everyone. Maria Xxx

  4. Good morning everyone,
    It’s a lovely sunny morning here in South London, surprising our little bit of sunshine lifts the spirits. I had to go out earlier to get my INR checked as warfarin was stopped while I was in hospital now have to go again on Thursday to have it checked again. It’s my first trip out since I came home and I must say it was nice just to go out and be feel free.
    Sue, your card is really beautiful and it truly deserves a day on its own. I love how you’ve added the extra layer of wings to give your beautiful butterfly movement.
    Karen, it’s lovely you’ve got Oscar today and a sleepover, wow that is a treat. I just hope it’s not too painful for you going to Broxbourne Park I’m sure you will have mixed emotions, sending gentle hugs, take care XX
    Sandra we used to have the same problem when we put our birdfeeders out. We would put fat blocks which they all loved and nuts and seeds. Unfortunately the pigeons and the rooks usually got in before all the little birds so we decided to remove the feeders as they were encouraging all the big birds into the area. I felt very sad about doing this, but all those huge birds are so greedy.
    Take care everyone. Hope your day is going well.
    Big hugs Brenda XXX

  5. Hi everyone
    I love your card Sue, and the beautiful colours on the butterfly.
    Brenda, glad to hear you’re home, there’s nothing better than being back in the comfort of your own home and in your own bed. Take care xx
    I forgot it was half term this week - I thought the roads were quieter this morning.
    Hope you all have this lovely sunshine where you are and are having a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all looking in today.
    Lovely cards yesterday, I was so cross with myself for not getting mine to you earlier Sandra! The thing I found the hardest on the card was the splattered background. It took several attempts before I got one that had small enough splatters. I need to find a splatter stamp that I have somewhere. As usual couldn’t find it when I needed it!
    Karen, isn’t your Oscar growing up. And I love that wonderful smile of his 🥰 How lovely to take him to your special park. Mixed emotions for you xx
    Brenda, I hope your test results are good when you get them xx
    I hope you all had a good day. A quiet one for me recovering after a busy weekend with the grands. Sending love and hugs. Take care xx

  7. Hello all, late again, I’m sorry.

    Lovely card, love that butterfly die, and the colours.
    I’ve done nothing for the day, again, joints just to painful to do anything crafty.
    Have to go for more blood test again, not sure why, apparently the pharmacist has ordered these. I suppose I should be grateful that they are being cautious.

    I’m glad to say the evening are getting lighter, only wish it would get warmer, the wind is cutting these days.

    Hope you all had a good day, hugs to all, Lilian