Friday 10 February 2023

Challenge announcement ...


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

Goodness me its super chilly today, -6 overnight!! Boy did I feel that when I had to 'nip to the loo' in the wee hours, we have no heating in our downstairs toilet, my toilet seat raise is plastic, let me tell you sitting on that wakes you up! 🤣😂🥶

We were supposed to be going to a Barn Dance this weekend for Paul's Aunt's birthday,   I just can't risk it at the moment,  its in Nottinghamshire,  I just can't risk the long journey and to be honest I don't feel up to anything like that, I know I sound miserable but my body feels exhausted probably from infections and antibiotics.  I have a slight tingle going on but I am praying it doesn't turn into a full blown infection,  this will be my first antibiotic free weekend since September, fingers crossed 🤞. 

Our Next Challenge 

I am thinking of making each of our Challenge Topics a 2 Week Challenge, mostly because just as I get a few ideas it's Thursday and we are moving on to the next on.  It will also be a bonus for me to only have to think of a challenge every two weeks, I fo hope that you don't mind my lovelies xxx

So for this week we will continue with our 'Things with Wings challenge.  Which I am pleased about as I was searching for a stamp set I wanted to use on Wednesday,  but had no luck,  I went to look for another set yesterday afternoon and there on the shelf glaring at me was that very stamp set !! 🙄, you couldn't make it up!! 

I hope that you all have a lovely Friday, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. What beautiful cards I especially like the Thank You card
    It’s a great idea to run the challenges over 2 weeks It takes the pressure off of all of us I certainly don’t need as many cards as I used to I have quite a few languishing in a drawer now!
    Shame you don’t feel up to going to the Barn dance but it’s best to keep safe Drink plenty of water to flush the last of the infection out
    We’re going to Oxford this evening to support a friend of ours at a new Salsa venue
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love your beautiful cards today and happy to have the challenges run for 2 weeks 🥰
    Fingers crossed that you’re all clear and don’t need any more antibiotics. Have a relaxing weekend and take it easy xx
    Karen, enjoy your salsa evening xx
    Brenda, hope you’re ok and will be home soon. Fingers crossed you stay clear of the covid xx
    Lilian, enjoy your weekend with your family xx
    Maria, hope you’re ok and the doctors appointments went well xx
    Sue, hope you and your family are all well xx
    Gina, hope you’re well. Pop in to the ‘cafe’ and say hi sometime, will be lovely to hear from you xx
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello, a bit on the chilly side, but lovely sunshine.

    Love todays cards, I’m ok with a two week challenge, try and get it finished on time. I have a drawer full of cards, so mine will be pages from my art journal.

    Daughter and hubby arriving this afternoon, so looking forward to seeing them, Jon has a cold, hope we don’t catch it, there is so many nasty viruses about.
    Going to finish my challenge piece, and then clear away all the “stuff” on my table, most of the stuff I never use.
    Hope you all have a good day, Lilian.

    PS. Hope you stay clear Sandra.

  4. Hi everyone
    Happy to do the CC's every two weeks Sandra. I will still see if any x-mas ones could be made in between 🤭 I say the same every year but after seeing our Sonia's I do keep thinking of it.
    Lilian, have a lovely weekend with the family.
    Brenda, special thoughts for you and John.
    My sleepless nights do catch up with me at times and after being out yesterday it happened today so spent all day in zombie land 😔 really hate do's days . Wishing you all a good night, take care. Many hugs to you all xx

  5. Hi Sandra and all looking in tonight.
    A beautiful selection of cards today. Each one is so lovely. I like the idea of the challenge lasting for two weeks now, especially when you have several ideas to try. I hope you stay pain free my lovely🤞xx
    Brenda, I hope you are still resting comfortably, with or without the drain! Xx
    We gave the four grands here for the weekend. Chris jnr will be 8 on Monday so there will be the traditional birthday breakfast of waffles, chocolate sauce, red berry sauce and also several different sweets. Very sweet but only occasionally. Not sure if we will be crafting yet.
    Have a good weekend everyone. Sending love and hugs. Take care xx