Saturday 18 February 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Morning Ladies, 

I am sending love and hugs to our Janet today, I hope you are ok my lovely XXX 😍 

I hope that the rest of my lovely Blog family are as well as can be expected at our age!! 😉🤣😂

I have been looking forward to today as Paul is taking Sue & I to Watford to meet up with Maria, I am so sorry that Brenda and Sonia aren't able to join us this time but fingers crossed for next time, Karen has designed a card for us to make today, which I am really looking forward too, as well as lots of chatting.

Now hopefully you saw the Masterpiece at the top of the blog post, Sophie has finished her oil painted scene for the restaurant at the Wildlife park, its absolutely incredible up close,  the detail on each animal is unbelievable you can even see the light in the tortoise's eye!  

As it was too big to get a close up of, Soph has photographed in in 3 parts too.

The 'brief' was to create something that featured some of the favourite animals in the Park, so Soph came up with design herself,  you can see that the Monkey has his fish and chips, the flamingo is enjoying a Milkshake and the Lion looks like he doesn't want to share those scones !  
The detail is unbelievable,  the markings on the Giraffe and tortoise,  the colour of the Peacock, you could just reach in a help yourself to one of those scones.  We are so proud if all of her work but this is her first Oil painting so to think she hasn't used the medium before this us kind of unbelievable. 
Well done Sophie,  I cant put into words how proud of you we are 😍🥰🤩😘

I hope that you all have a great Saturday,  

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Hi everyone
    Love that quote 😉
    Wow, Sophie’s artwork is amazing 😍 The detail is incredible and I’m sure it will be the talk of the restaurant and the whole animal park. Well done Sophie, you are a fantastic artist 🙂 xx
    Janet, I hope you are ok. Sending hugs xx
    Oh ladies, I know you’ll have the most wonderful day together, I’m sorry I can’t be there but I’ll be thinking of you and will look forward to hearing all about it xx
    Have a lovely day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. WOW, BRILLIANT and AMAZING doesn’t even start to say how absolutely fantastic your painting is Sophie. Knowing how much you put into your work I hope you are so very proud of this masterpiece you have created. I would love to see your managers faces when they sees it 🥰

  3. Hi Sandra and all looking in today.
    What an amazing masterpiece to greet us with today. Proud Mum or what and that is just as it should be when you see that fabulous artwork! What a talented daughter Sophie is 🥰
    Janet, thinking of you and hoping you are soon feeling better. Sending gentle hugs to you xx
    I’m am looking forward to spending the day with Sandra, Karen and Maria, and not forgetting our trusty driver Paul of course. Shame it can’t be all of us but we will be thinking of everyone. Fingers crossed the train gets reinstated Brenda. I was tired just reading of all of the changes you would have to make to get to Watford at the moment! You have a big gentle hug winging its way to you now xx
    I have to finish getting ready now so have s good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all. Take care xx

  4. Truly truly amazing Sophie What a talent you have
    I’m just finishing breakfast and and off to get the bus which I hope is running on time and I don’t miss it! I wish we could all meet up We’lll have a drink on you as we chat
    I hope you are OK Janet Thinking of you
    Take care everyone xx

  5. Morning everyone
    The art work by your Sophie is amazing, she has a fantastic talent.
    Will be thinking of you all today and Janet , we all hope that you are alright.
    Catching the train later to get down to Watford, reading the trip it would have taken you tho Brenda I don't think I could have gone either. Fingers crossed they are working next time.
    Have a good day and take care everyone xx

  6. Morning Everyone
    SOPHIE your art work is just AMAZING. So much detail and everytime you look at it something else just pops out. You are a true ARTIST.

    So sorry I have been absent for all last week but I went for my annual MOT Monday afternoon and finished up in hospital. I arrived home yesterday tea time. I now have to do battle with getting an appointment with my GP.

    Enjoy your day out Dear Friends and HAPPY CRAFTING.
    hugs are on their way to you all with loads of extras for all Dear Friends who are not feeling up to par. Stay safe and take care.xxxx

  7. Hello all, I’m been imagining all the crafting and chatting ( or is it the other way round ) you have been enjoying together.

    Sophie , what a fabulous piece of work, I do hope they will appreciate all your hard work.

    Back bad again so haven’t done much, I think it’s this cold damp weather we are having almost every day.
    Sending big hugs to Janet, hoping you will soon be feeling better.

    Hugs to all, Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Janet it’s lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear you have been in hospital I’m pleased that you are safely back home again and hopefully on the road to recovery. xx
    SOPHIE, WOW! your artwork is amazing, I hope it will be appreciated by your employer. I’m sure visitors will be coming just to look at your beautiful mural. It will be the highlight of their day out. You could charge a fee! Ha ha xx
    Had a very quiet day, the body is not listening to the brain. My head says do this and the body says NO.
    I hope all of the ladies who went to Watford had a great day, I was with you all in my head.xx
    Sleep well everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx