Thursday 2 March 2023

Sonia's Thrinchie Album

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that today finds you all as well as can be expected 😘
I had 'one of those' days yesterday, it was just Lucy and I home and poor Lucy was on tenterhooks all day, waiting to hear about her car, so she needed full Mum attention to keep her from getting too anxious,  not that 'Mrs Anxiety' here has any great coping mechanisms but we just got through the day until Paul was home to take her to the garage to collect her car and find out the damage!!  
The mechanic was lovely and explained everything really well, he agreed with us about the manufacturers adding all of these 'sensors' has made cars so costly to maintain, he said they are all to do with measuring emissions, he removed the parts that were causing issues and reprogrammed the cars computer so that it didn't look for them (how clever)!  But when he checked the Diagnostic codes after it read that she will need 2 new sensors, however for now the car is running fine and so he said just forget about them until you get a warning  light, which may not come for months. He didn't want to do them unnecessarily as it would have pushed the bill to £1000+ 
She had to pay just under £600 which was shock enough bless her, she did say it was much easier to accelerate on the way home, the mechanic did say that he removed big bits of soot and built up dirt so she should notice the difference.  So fingers crossed that will be it for a while!   

Then Sophie came home and said she had a Traumatising afternoon, 🤣😅😂, the Press officer at the Wildlife Park had gotten wind of Soph's painting,  she wanted to do a photo shoot with Sophie and the painting, oh and her Manager,  my girls are like me and hate being photographed,  this Lady had her posing all over the park!  Including in the Giant Tortoise house,  she had to kneel down with Darwin, George & Sheldon !  I had to explain to her that she needed to get publicity to get her name out there, her answer.....I'll just be like Banksy!  🤣😂😅

Now Ladies, Our Sonia has been bitten by the Thrinchie bug!  Just look at the Amazing Album and her first Thrinchie,  its so lovely, such an adorable little Elephant that Sonia stamped onto Tracey Hey Text Paper, she then stamped the bow, t shirt and heart for a little dimension.  
Sonia your first Thrinchie is amazing,  I can't wait to see the next one. Thank you so much for sharing your Album and Thrinchie with us ❤️ XX

Brenda how did the Student Doctors get on when you went for your appointment?  I have always been fine with Student,  when I went in to have the girls there were so many in the Theatre it was crowded!  They have to learn though, especially the non medical thing like how to talk to patients. 

I hope you all have  great Thursday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    SONIA what a wonderful journal.
    I cannot wait to see the next one.
    I'm a crafter who just cannot get on with powders/paint/inks etc so it's lovely to see another side of crafting.

    I'm hospital visiting this morning to collect my first 24hr test and really not looking forward to going. It's not the nearest hospital to us as it's at the other side of the city but still part of the Teaching Hospitals.

    HUGS on their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

    1. I hope the hospital visit went ok, and the test goes well xx

  2. Ashame Lucy has had problems with her car Glad it’s been sorted and that she can confidently drive knowing it’s safe
    Your Thrinchie is amazing Sonia I would love to know how you did the cover Both yours and Sandra’s are far better than mine
    Visiting my dad was both upsetting and draining He is fine in himself and hopes to go home today It’s just history that is so upsetting Ho hum!
    Going out dancing later That will cheer me up
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Thank you for sharing my little album and Thrinchie 😊 I’m definitely hooked!
    Karen, I just used a board book - which I actually cut down to size. I inked the covers and added Tracey Hey patterned papers 🙂
    Sorry about your Dad, I hope he’s home soon xx Enjoy dancing tonight 😊
    Hopefully Lucy’s car will be ok now it’s all fixed, and Sophie has a less stressful day today xx
    Have a good rest of the day everyone.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    How cute is your Thrinchie Sonja. I love it.
    Hoping Lucy's car be ok. Not cheap running a car is it.
    Janet, hope hospital visit went well. Take care
    Karen, hope your dad be home soon. Have fun tonight .
    Lilian, hope you doing alright.Take care.
    Brenda, hope you happy with your trim. Have a nice outing.
    Sending hugs to you all from Stansted. Going for a stroll later to find some dinner at the service area.
    Hope you managed to get out in the sunshine today , cold tho with the northern wind. xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sorry poor Lucy had such a large amount to get her car sorted, but at least she is now back on the road and her car is safe to drive.
    It sounds as though Sophie had a really stressful day yesterday, It sounds as though she coped really well under the circumstances,
    I agree with you Sandra her art work need to be seen and recognised and who better to show it off than Sophie herself. xx
    Maria hope your flight is on time and you have a good journey. xx
    Karen. Sorry your visit to dad in hospital was so stressful and draining, great you had your dancing in the evening to distract you from the days events. xx
    Janet hope your hospital appointment went well and the journey was to exhausting xx
    Sonia your little Thrinchie book is a real treasure, love it. xx
    What an experience having all those students around when you had the twins. It must have been an emotional journey for them - as well as for you xx
    My experience at the GPs surgery with the students was very interesting, they asked lots of questions, but the doctor did prompt them a few times, saying things like now you know B has this condition do you think you should ask ??? And she has told you she has metastatic Cancer do you know what that means? they didn’t but do now. I also said I was going for a PET scan next week, and have been having one every 3 months or so for well over a year. She stopped me and asked did they know what a PET scan was? Again they didn’t know but do now. So many questions and as I said it was interesting and hope they also found it useful too.
    Haircut went well this morning, my friend is such a chatterbox it’s difficult sometimes to get a word in sometimes, you always leave her feeling quite uplifted.
    Have a good evening everyone, hugs Brenda xxx

  6. Evening all, wow it’s been a lovely day, first day I’ve done any walking for ages, managed two circuits round the garden, going to look for our summer house at the weekend.

    Sonia your little book is a real wow, love that front cover. My crafting looks so old fashioned these days, must have a proper rethink.

    Big hugs to all, Lilian

    1. Well done on getting out into the garden and walking around it not just once but twice! Xx

  7. Hi Sandra and all looking in tonight.
    Sonia, your album is beautiful and what a gorgeous elephant 🥰 xx
    Sandra, it was so good to see you today. We always put the world to rights don’t we 🤭 and it was good to watch the video. I hope you don’t suffer too much tomorrow my lovely xx
    It is really cold here this evening and apparently we will be getting som snow soon. I will believe that when I see it!
    Have a good night all over you. Sending love and hugs. Take care xx