Saturday 4 March 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

What do you all have planned this weekend?  How true is that saying??!! 

I will that it doesn't apply to craft stash though!! 

While looking at different Thrinchies on Aall&Create pages I began to go down the "I will need to get that stamp for that Thrinchie, maybe buy the Penguins stamps for another one!  So I gave myself a stern talking to and decided to 'make the best of everything I have'!!   

So instead of making every Thrinchie with Aall&Create products I am going to make sets of Thrinchies from different companies products,  so maybe 6 Aall&Create,  6 StampinUp,  6 Card-io, 6 Magazine free stamps etc.  

We could make them into challenges too, let me know your thoughts. 

Creative Stamping Magazine 

Issue 119 Review

This month's issue has free stamps and 'Chalkboard Sentiment cards' designed by the lovely Christina Griffiths of Card Making Magic,  the stamps are nice, maybe a little bit 'Twee', they also feel a little bit soft jelly texture, so I wonder what they will stamp like.   The chalkboard cards are ok, they are quite glossy/shiny, a bit like Magazine papers used to be,  if you can ink them etc they may not look as bad. 

The first feature is based on using the free stamps with Watercolouring, or Watercolour in a 'loose and abstract' style!!  Some are a little too 'abstract' for my style but each to their own! 

This feature shows you how to get the best results using the Chalkboard Sentiments, using Alcohol pens, distress oxides, dir cutting etc,  admittedly they do look better coloured. 

Acetate Overlay stamping is the focus of this feature, sone of these sample cards look great, a couple make your eyes go funny , I'm guessing you have to accurately line the stamped acetate perfectly with the stamped base card beneath.  I have done similar with vellum which gives a softer look, the acetate with a simple sentiment on is a great way to show off a lovely background though!

Some lovely cards here using the free stamps to make cards ideal for Mothers Day, they would work perfectly for other occasions too.

Makes for men in this feature,  the free stamps are great for cards for men, I know the gardening theme would work for my 'Man' 🀣

These cards are apparently 'Clean & Simple' in style, I'm not so sure about that but they are lovely cards. 
There was a great tip on the first card, it has splatters of ink in the background,  I am a bit weary of splatters after my disaster earlier this week, the tip is....
To use a Toothbrush to do the splatters, so I will try that and report back. 

This is a glossary of Stamping Techniques I thought you might be interested in reading (zoom in). We all know most of them to be honest. 

These cards are made by combining the free stamps and pretty papers in your stash. 

A catch up with Christina Griffiths and some of her own designs using her stamps. Her cards are lovely. 

Jigsaw puzzle 

We finished our latest jigsaw puzzle on Wednesday,  it's been lovely as Lucy has been joining us on an evening to take part, I will say she is very methodical and will spend hours looking for a specific piece.  The contrast between the serene family fun fair on the box picture and death defying rides at the 'Mega Epic Killer Thriller World' that is the jigsaw picture !  We had fun looking at all the little details.  So a couple nights off then on to the next one ! 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,




  1. Hi everyone
    The quote is so true 😊
    I like the idea of making a certain amount of Thrinchies with different brands. Sounds like a great challenge πŸ™‚
    A great magazine review with a good set of freebies. Some great inspiration too. I’m with you on adding ‘splatters’. They never seem to go where you want and I always end up with a big splodge somewhere! Might give the toothbrush a go to see if that gives better results.
    Your jigsaw puzzle looks fabulous, you could sit and look at it for ages with all the things going on in it.
    Working this weekend, but we’re out tonight for a meal at friends house, so I’m looking forward to that.
    Hope you’re all keeping well, everyone having tests are ok, and Maria, you’re enjoying your break 😊
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Love your jigsaw SANDRA. So complicated I can see how you spend hours just looking for pieces.

    I'm at home this morning - no M&S shopping for me as I have started my 48hr prep for my first set of tests to start Monday morning. I have a long list of drinks and food I cannot have. I shall be so pleased to see Wednesday morning.

    Have a good week-end whatever you all have planned. HUGS are winging their way toyou all with loads of extras for all feeling under the weather. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  3. Hello Sandra and Ladies,
    Love the quote it is so true. Great magazine review Sandra and lots of interesting information and ideas.
    Your jigsaw’s look very difficult they must have kept you busy for ages, I hate leaving a jigsaw when it is part finished, I just want to sit and complete it there and then.
    Janet what a shame you didn’t get your Saturday treat to M & S. but better be safe indoors there’s always next time xx
    We are waiting for son-in-law to pick us up, granddaughter is racing on the Themes this afternoon in the Women’s 8 Head of the River boat race (canoe) she is part of the Leeds University team. Her parent put up 16 girls overnight, think most of them are staying again tonight!
    Hope you are all having a good day.
    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Hoping you all have had a good day whatever you have been up to.
    Thinking of you Janet, take care.
    Lilian hope you feeling better today.
    Sonja, hoping work not too much.
    Karen, glad to your daughter is alright after her fall. Hoping she's not in too much pain.
    Like the idea for cc next week. Nice to see some brighter colours.
    Thanks for the magazine review. I like this one so might get it back home.
    Talk about crazy Jigsaw puzzle, sound like you had fun making it.
    We have had a wonderful day here in Vienna πŸ€— We went and saw the schΓΆnbrunn Palace, a amazing place. Beautiful sunshine and blue sky all day but with a cold biting wind so the cheeks are red ☺️ Tomorrow we have been married for 30 years, therefore this little mini break 😊 can't believe it is that long because I remember that day very well πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒ.
    Big hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  5. Can’t believe I am so late I did look in earlier and then was on grandkid duty
    Daughter is OK but very sore and her OH had to do an errand So could I help get the kids washed and dressed and stayed to have lunch with them
    Did a little bit of crafting during daylight hours
    The saying is great and I love your puzzle I am useless at them So never attempted a big one
    Take care everyone xx