Saturday 25 March 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Its a lovely bright morning although there are some rather large dark clouds around, boy did we have a windy night!  

We have an early start to our day as we have to take Becca & Adam to Gatwick they need to be there before 9am ! 

Diecutting Essentials issue 101

A Hunkydory Moonstone Striplet style die with a Border die is what makes up the free gift for this issue 

Thus first feature shares some lovely inspiration,  I really like some of the different card folds that have been used.

Take some white card and Distress inks and create yourself some beautifully coloured flowers that you can make to match your project. 

Back to Basics: 

Trying something different with your Circle dies, to create some funky designs, great for mens cards. 

Some ideas for using up the waste from die-cutting, or for using up your bit box.  Basically cutting the card pieces into tiny strips to create a pattern.  I must admit I wouldn't have thought about embossing the scrap pieces after arranging them. 

Some more inspiration for the free dies, this time we have some gift wrapping ideas too.

This feature shares some different ways of creating Shaker cards. 

Finally some more inspiration for your free dies, using different ideas like using die cut as a stencil etc. 

All in a there are some good techniques in this months magazine,  I'm not sure that I will use the free die though, it's very similar to striplets by SW which I have but don't really think to use anymore! 
I hope the review gives you some inspiration! 

This is Lucy's Welcome Home Banner that she made on Scan & cut for Flynn, I love how she added the Anchors to give it a personal touch. 

Ladies I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are today, I hope you have an amazing day 

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 

PS:  Don't forget your Clocks go forward tonight!! 


  1. Hi everyone
    That quote is so true! 😅
    A great magazine review and freebies too. Now, I’d forgotten all about Hunkydory. Maybe it’s just me, but you don’t seem to hear of them so much now. I’ll have to take a look at their website.
    Lucy’s banner for Flynn is fabulous. Love the anchors 😊
    Hope Becca and Adam have a wonderful time.
    I’ve already been to Tesco this morning to beat the rush. Got a bit of housework to do, then I’ll be crafting.
    Have a lovely day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. A great saying but my room is always in a mess
    Thank you for the review This magazine is one of my favourites
    Your banner is lovely Lucy I love the colours you chose and of course adding the anchor was just perfect
    My hip is exceptionally painful today which I think is a combination of the stress echo on Wednesday and dancing last night Ho hum
    Having a quiet day in and do some sewing
    Enjoy your trip Marie
    Take care everyone

  3. Morning Everyone
    Love your banner LUCY.
    I hope the journey to Heathrow and back wasn't too stressful and that you can have a quiet week-end.

    We've not been back home long.It's my first visit to M&S since coming home from hospital. I have to say I was a little nervous and I'm pleased to be back home with a peaceful afternoon in front of me.

    I have a card for this week's challenge and I'll try and get it sent off to you later.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Please take care and stay safexxxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Oh, that saying is so true 😅 my room is always in a state.
    Love the magazine review thank you. Have just bought three others so have to wait before getting some more.
    Hope Rebecca and Adam have a great holiday.
    Sonia, happy crafting. Cuddles to Barney. Meeting a little puppy today. It's a Belgium Shepherd mix, nearly 3 months old with very sharp claws after seeing stepsons hands and face 🤭😊
    Karen, hope that the pain in the hip goes away soon. Take it easy until it's better.
    Beautiful spring weather and +18c, sitting outside at a café. 🤗
    Have a good day as possible everyone, many hugs to you all and extra for anyone who need some, xxx

  5. Hello, cold again.
    Great magazine review, good freebie’s, not bought a magazine for ages.
    That saying is so true, I start with a clear desk, and end up in a real mess.
    Hope you all have a nice weekend, Lilian

  6. Hi Sandra and all looking in tonight.
    I loved Lucy’s card she made for you and also the banner for Flynn, it’s lovely to see the personal touch she added. I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight my lovely xx
    Karen, I hope your hip improves quickly xx
    Maria, enjoy your visit to step son xx
    Brenda, I hope you are feeling ok xx
    Sonia, sorry I got your boys muddled up the other day! I hope James isn’t feeling too rough xx
    Lilian, how is your back at the moment? Not quite as bad I hope xx
    Janet, glad you got to M & S. I’m sure you enjoyed relaxing this afternoon though xx
    Mrs A. It was good to read your comment. Hope you have a good night xx
    My joints aren’t very good so not doing anything today! But I did remember to send my 1st challenge card photo. Hope you all get some sleep. Sending love snd hugs. Take care xx

  7. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Love this quote, so true. 🤫
    Your day started early getting Becca and Adam to Gatwick for 9am was quite a call, good old (sorry young) mum and dad to the rescue. xx
    Great magazine review, you should work for the advertising agency.
    Lucy’s banner for Flynn is brilliant the anchors are a brilliant addition, I’m sure it was well received. xx
    Have a good nights sleep everyone.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

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