Tuesday 14 March 2023

Quirky Thrinchie


Good Morning Ladies, 

I had a day of recovery yesterday, I didn't realise how tired I was until I got home from Ally Pally. It was the most I'd done socially since starting this Uti business, I loved every minute of the day on Sunday, boy was I mentally and physically exhausted, I felt like I had reached my limit by about 4pm.  Brenda you were an inspiration,  to have gone through what you have over the past year or more and then travel to Ally Pally and wander around the show was an incredible achievement, seeing your face appear through those doors while we were talking to Karen melted my heart, it had been way too long!  I will say though that you looked ready to get back on that bus at 4pm.  I am sure that you must have spent yesterday recovering too!  

Janet I am glad that you are at the end of your 24hr tests  you can relax a bit then, I'm pleased yo hear your snow has gone too, we had terrible gales here yesterday,  the girls saw a tree come down across the road in Lechlade on their way to work, thankfully they arrived after it had fallen,  they had quite a detour to make but made it into work safely.  Paul said it had cleared as he came home, it was sawn up on the side of the road.  

Today's Thrinchie theme is 'Quirky ', I struggled with what to use but looked through my stamps and some other Thrinchies that others had made and decided on this cute, Quirky dog, designed by Tracy Evans of  course!  I have kept the colours the same throughout the Thrinchie challenge to tie in with the paints I used in the backgrounds.  

I will do a couple more Aall&Create ones then I will make some StampinUp Thrinchies. You could literally use any company and work through the list of themes. 

I hope that you have a great day and are safe from these terrible high winds.

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. This is a great Thrinchie I am trying to do the challenge in order and this one is next on my list because I don’t know what to use It might have to be a teddy designed by Bipasha - still an All and Create designer
    Off to diabetic clinic in a mo and then shopping for some photo frames
    Take care everyone xx
    PS I didn’t treat myself to the bag and when I got home OH said “why not” Might look at their website later ….

  2. Me neither, which I regret, what is the name of their website please, hope all goes well at Clinic. xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love your Thrinchie, fits the brief perfectly 😊
    Just back from a training course at work - moving and handling, but just a refresher.
    Luke and Hayley are off to Amsterdam today for a few days! Flight already delayed by an hour, but he’s just messaged to say they’re getting on plane now 🙂
    Karen, hope the diabetic clinic went ok xx
    Janet, hope the test is going well. Not long left now xx
    Brenda, hope you’ve recovered from your enjoyable day on Sunday xx
    Sandra, you too, hope you’re taking it easy xx
    Maria, Lilian and Sue, hope you’re all ok xx
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Great thrinchie, the quirky dog is perfect. Loved the card you made for Paul's mum, she will love it.
    Karen, hope all goes well at the clinic today.
    Janet, hope you doing alright.
    Brenda, hope you are alright after a day at AP. Very sad to have missed you. Looking forward to see what you ladies bought.
    Hugs to you all xx

  5. Hello, it’s been a lovely sunny day here, trouble is the wind is icy.

    Your card is great, quirky is what I’m no good at, I don’t even have any stamps that you would call quirky.

    Finished my jigsaw today, so tomorrow I should be able to start this weeks challenge, not sure what I’ll do yet, might dig out sone older stamps.
    Just noticed it’s still light outside, just shows spring is on the way.
    Hope you all have a good evening. Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and Ladies,
    Lovely card today, great for any dog lovers.
    Sandra as I said yesterday IT WAS You Paul, Sue and Karen who carried me through Sunday, you were all my rock. I couldn’t have carried on without your support. It really was a great day, thank you all xxx
    KAREN hope diabetic clinic went well. Oh sorry you didn’t treat yourself to that leather bag. It sounded lovely. Hope you’re able to find something similar. xx
    MARIA you were missed on Sunday, maybe next time 🤞xx
    Off to the Royal Marsden tomorrow will try to get onto the blog before we go. You have to arrive 90 mins before your appointment time to have a blood test, sometimes you are sitting for over an hour just to have a blood test. So it’s a long day.
    Take care everyone, hugs Brenda xxx