Saturday, 2 July 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Ladies please join me in wishing our lovely Lynda very Happy Birthday,  I hope you have a lovely day Lynda xxx

How are you all my lovely friends??  What are you all up to this weekend ?? Its back to staying safe and being careful again as Covid is certainly making its mark once again, I'm guessing that Glastonbury and Jubilee celebrations will have contributed to the numbers shooting up, its currently 1 in 30 people that have it,  I have said all along that the Boosters lose their effectiveness which is another huge factor.  I know that hospital numbers are on the increase too as people have less immunity, it's so hard though, after being locked up for so long we all just want to mix with friends and family and enjoy ourselves.   

We are having a quiet weekend,  I sm considering going to Stamperama at Newbury but not sure yet. Other than that we are relaxing.

Now a tale of my near death experience!!! 

Paul and I had an early night Thursday because we were both exhausted after our mad housewok marathon and visit, we both read etc to wind down, but I was having a job keeping my eyes open, so I snuggled up to Paul and Miraculously I must have fallen asleep straight away (it was about 11 11.30 by then).   All of a sudden I felt something touch my shoulder, baring in mind i was in a deep sleep, as was Paul, I turned suddenly in shock/ surprised to see what had touched (half expecting it to be Milo) this happened in I turned my head all I saw was a figure completely in black with just head illuminated by the glow of a phone!!! My heart went from a very relaxed beat to a full on AF mega melt down, so intense that I couldn't speak as I couldn't get my breath, I honestly felt like 'this was it'!! My chestv physically hurt at that point,  Paul woke up and put his lamp on to find Lucy stood by me she said that she had called me twice but I hadn't heard, it was 1.15 am, she had come down to tell that Becca had been violently sick and had upset tummy, she didn't know how to get sick out of the bath!!! 🙄 I tried to calmly say 'have you seriously nearly given me a full on heart attack just to ask how to get vomit out of bath!!  I think that Becca must have wanted reassurance, I do remember muttering that at 28 I was married with two kids!!! I must have fallen back to sleep, which surprises me, although my body had just completed a full marathon as far as my heart was concerned!! I did check in with Becca first thing,  she was still being sick after eating just a little piece of toast so I'm guessing she has picked up a tummy bug of some sort bless her.  But my goodness me, that was as far as I would ever want to push my heart!!         We did laugh about it in the morning, if only to make Lucy not feel bad about the whole situation! Bloody kids will be the death of me I tell ya !! 🤣😂

Sonia's Bargain Shopping 

Sonia ordered some absolutely gorgeous dies from the Sale over on 'Chloe’s Creative Crafts' website.
I love all three die sets Sonia,  that starry background could be used all year round, the Reindeer Couple are just so lovely and you get stamps and dies in that set. The circle card creator die is so intricate and will be perfect for batch making cards.  You got great bargains there my lovely,  thanks so much for sharing your shopping with us XXX

Diecutting Essentials 

Issue 91

This issue of Diecutting Essentials has an amazing Free Gift, a set of 5 Wildflower dies, they are similar to the Tim Holtz Wildflower dies in style. 

This first feature shares some amazing inspiration for the free dies, some beautiful cards, perfect for this weeks challenge too.

A technique showcase on this page, using your Dies to create 'Over the Edge' designs.  Its another way to get more out of your dies. I love the cards shared for this technique.  I have zoomed in on the 'How To' for you. 

Jessica shows you some great ideas for using up the leftover bits from your Diecutting, there are some lovely ideas.

Stretch your stash feature:  

Thid feature shows how you can get twice as much from your card stash by thinking about how you place your dies on the card before die cutting so that you can use both the 'positive' (die cut) and the 'negative ' (what would be waste) to create cards   i love tge patchwork effect. 


Some more amazing ideas for using with your free dies, some lovely gift ideas. 

See Through cards are the topic of this feature,  personally I'm not sure about them, I like the butterfly one but some of the others look a little busy. 

There are some fun ideas for using your Star dies in this feature, some really fun designs.

There are free downloadable papers with this issue and they have been combined with the free dies to create some absolutely stunning cards.

Thats it for this Issue, I really do think this one is worth buying for both the free gift and some great techniques.


Ladies I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Oh poor you! What a shock for you I go into panic mode if the phone rings late at night let alone someone tapping on my shoulder! I hope BECCA soon recovers and LUCY is OK too
    The magazine looks great but I have some Tim Holtz wild flowers so I think I will save my pennies
    We are off to Oscar’s school fete this afternoon The first since lockdown and guess what, rain is forecast at about 3pm!
    Just about to send my last photos for this week’s challenge
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😉
    A great magazine review. The free dies look fabulous, and like you say, similar to Tim Holtz ones.
    Oh my goodness, kids, eh?! 😉😂 What a shock for you, I can imagine how you felt. I hope Becca is ok though and feeling better now xx
    Karen, enjoy the school fete and fingers crossed the rain holds off.
    Sandra, enjoy Stamperama if you go. I saw it was tomorrow too and would’ve gone if it wasn’t Luke’s Birthday. I did see on Facebook that there’s a craft show at Farnborough beginning of September so I’m going to look into that. Also Create It are making an announcement today - fingers crossed that they’re coming back to Farnborough too 😊
    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you’re doing 😊
    Sending Happy Birthday wishes to our Lynda 🥳😊 xx
    Hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I love all of the cards over the last few days. As usual I don’t remember not coming in! I always love seeing the floral cards so a great challenge for the coming week. I must remember to photo and send my cards to you and then like Sonia and Karen I think I will make carry the Christmas theme using a poinsettia.
    Oh my goodness Sandra, I’m not surprised you were scared rigid when Lucy woke you!!! I hope Becca gets over her bug quickly though.
    Thank you for the Die cutting magazine review. I love those freebie wild flower dies so I will definitely buy this magazine. There are some interesting articles that I would like to try. Maybe we can have a go when we meet up next week my lovely? Xx
    I hope you all have a good day and get to enjoy some crafting.
    Gina, welcome to the best blog and what a pretty card you shared. Gold and black work so well together don’t they xx
    The weather is definitely not so good today around here, very windy and raining on and off all the time. I’m off to see Pop and take him shopping etc. as I had a migraine and very angry joints yesterday.
    Sending love and hugs to you all. Take care xx

  4. Hello All, very windy here today, a little watery sun.
    Love the quote they missed of the loft.

    Great magazine review, I also have the Tim Holtz wild flowers, so shall give this one a miss, although some of the ideas look really great.

    Sorry you had a bad scare last night, must admit got used to it when Jackie was young as she used to sleep walk.

    Sonia love your shopping, waiting to see your lovely makes.

    Just finished the vacuuming, so am going to watch the tennis.
    Hope you all have a lovely afternoon, Lilian

  5. Afternoon ladies
    Love the quote, so true and don't forget the garage hihi
    Very nice shopping Sonia, looking forward to see what you make. Have some really nice days off work and happy birthday for your Son tomorrow.
    Happy Birthday also to our Lynda ! Have a great day.
    Thanks for the magazine review Sandra, some nice articles and lovely dies.
    I hope you are alright now from your scare and Rebecca is feeling a lot better. If someone done that to me in the night I would have died or hit out, yes probably hit out .
    Karen, enjoy your afternoon and wishes for the rain to stay away, it's windy enough and sadly not so warm again but it's coming the summer, fingers crossed.
    Went to town this morning for an eye test. Apparently it was 6 years ago the last one ! Two and a half hour later I was out of there. New glasses needed. Got my shopping from Craftstash today so going to do some cutting outs later.
    Hope you have a nice day, many hugs are winging it's way to you all and extras for our Brenda and John. xxx