Monday 25 July 2022

Maria's Powertex Poppies


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

So here goes the last week of July, barely seems 5 minutes since we were welcoming July in.  It has certainly treated us to some fine weather!  

We had a windy day yesterday,  in fact it snapped the canes on the supports for netting the sprouting brocolli and Brussel Sprouts,  so I did have a bit of a giggle watching Paul battling in the wind to take it down,  we have these really strong support stakes for our beans that I suggested he used they form like a tent shape and he could drape the netting over, he didn't think it was a good idea when I first suggested it but after fighting with canes for an hour he tried my way and guess what,  it worked !!!  He can be a stubborn old mule at times, I kept offering to go out and help him but he said he could manage fine, at one point he looked like he had a bridal veil on as the net flew over his head for the third time 🤣😂 He got there in the end though.  Fingers crossed the white butterflies don't find a way in!!

Today's stunning piece of Art is Our Maria's Powertex Workshop project.  Maria you must be over the moon with how your canvas turned out  I absolutely love it 😍.  Jo Channon who runs the classes (usually) is lovely,  our children went to school together when we lived in Lincolnshire,  she is a genuinely lovely lady.  

Here is a photo of Our Maria and her workshop class.  The pieces all look lovely,  I now want to have a go, the pieces I have seen previously have all been dark and grungy so when I saw your canvas Maria I was really surprised,  I love poppies, like most of us, the finished would look lovely displayed in any room. Did you find it easy to work with Maria??      Thank you so much for allowing me to share your amazing Powertex project ❤️ 

I am challenging myself to make at least three cards every day this week as I need to get enough cards ready to blog while we are away on holiday.  I might have some days as almost a daily journal of our holiday in between cards etc  

I Hope that you all have an amazing day,

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. WOW! What a lovely project MARIA I had a little go at Powertex at Stevenage, a little journal cover It was great fun At the time Jo’s regulars were talking about creating a piece with an old shoe which I would have loved to have tried
    Although my rink lost we had a lovely afternoon playing bowls
    We are looking after Oscar this week which although will be exhausting I am looking forward to it
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love your canvas Maria, the poppies are beautiful 😍 Will you be doing any more classes? It looks fun 😊
    Very windy here yesterday too, and this morning so far.
    I’m hoping to craft later. I might not get around to starting this weeks card though, as after watching the AALL and Create shows at the weekend I’ve got the urge to get all my AALL stash out and have a play! I’m even tempted to order some of Tracy’s stamps, but also just seen the new release from Bipasha coming in August….oh what to do? 😂
    Karen, have fun with Oscar this week xx
    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Morning everyone.
    Thank you Sandra for showing the ladies from the workshop I went to last week. It was good fun even if messy and I mean real messy 😄 I saw the shoes you are talking about Karen and they looked amazing, also wine bottles and anything really, you can use the powertex to cover things with.
    Love to know where you got the photo of us all from , I haven't seen it myself anywhere ?
    Still very windy here but quite warm so washing is on and will be going out before OH and I will take on to start walking again. Has been a while since but must get moving more.
    Karen, have fun looking after Oscar this week.
    Michele, hoping you are better and Georgina too.
    Sonia, hope work is alright or are you off a few days as you were working the weekend?
    Have a good day everyone. Many hugs xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Maria love your Powertex Canvas the poppies really look beautiful. I’ve never used powertex but am guessing it’s very messy, but when you end up with a beautiful piece of art (as you certainly have) it’s got to be worth getting messy.
    Karen enjoy looking after Oscar, I’m sure you will both have great fun.
    Best of luck with your personal challenge to make three cards each day this week. I struggle with one at the moment, my inspiration seems to disappear very quickly and I’m left with cut out bits or part stamped card that end up in my PHD box!!!
    Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Love rends xxx

  5. Hello All, it’s a strange day weather wise, part drizzle, part sun and very windy, Summer didn’t last long.
    Maria your poppies are fabulous, I’ve always wanted to have ago with powertex. Was it difficult to handle? . They don’t do any classes down this way.
    Good luck with your card making Sandra, hope all goes to plan

    Not sure why I’ve been very short of breath today, so haven’t done much. Hope you all are OK, well at least as far as can be. Lilian