Tuesday, 26 July 2022

A Monochrome card using a New Stamp set


Good Morning Ladies, 

It sounds like you all had a bit of an overcast breezy day yesterday, it was less humid which was a huge relief, I hate that feeling of constantly damp clammy skin, I showered twice and still felt horrible when I went to bed.  It looks like the weather is going to be the same all week so Lilian you may well be right when you said about that Summer was over!  I always feel terrible for people that have paid out enormous sums for holidays in the UK, weather can make a huge difference to your holiday, I think that most tourist areas charge extortionate fees for activities that are indoors, knowing that if you are on holiday with children you will pay it to entertain them.  

Well Ladies I am pleased to report that I did manage two cards yesterday, almost three, I just need to decide on a sentiment for the third one.  I have found it easier to pick our a particular stamp/die set and work with just that, otherwise I end up having about six out on my desk and then ending up on pinterest and 3 hours later no further forward, so for the first day I achieved my goal !!

Today's card was made using a New Stamp set called 'Wonderful World'  I kept the design simple, using Blackberry Bliss as the Colour, I decided to go for a 'Z' fold card with a simple stamped panel on the front that showcases how lovely and detailed the stamp is, I used a couple pieces of background paper in the same colour from a 6x6 pack, one piece has a diamond pattern the other a lovely script.  I added a plain white panel inside to write on, cutting the same size as the largest of the two panels on the fold, to place it so that the front panel covers it perfectly when closed, add your adhesive to the back and then line the front up with the panel on the front and close the card gently, that way you know that the white panel won't show when the card is closed, I added a couple of tiny leaves to the inside panel to tie everything together.  I hope you like it.  

My problem with this challenge is that I have SO many 'new things' (whether they are actually new or things that I have bought off of de-stash sites) that it's hard to decide where to start.  Today I literally shut my eyes and picked one, I might write some of the names on pieces of paper and draw one out a a jar and then the decision is made!

I hope that you all have a lovely day, 

Special hugs on the way to Our Brenda, Lynda & Terry, Gina and anyone else feeling under the weather!!

Janet, I hope that you got all of your booking done yesterday xxx

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Morning Everyone
    Love today's card SANDRA. Simple but so classy.

    I had a really fruitful day yesterday. First being that my results came back from my scan -at last- and everything is OK.
    Second I then managed to make at start on our summer break at Marigny. I managed to book the ferry and we're sailing on 6th August. I also booked our overnight stay in Calais so should arrive Marigny Sunday 7th around tea time.
    At least it was a start on the long list.

    It's K&N this afternoon so I must get a wriggle on packing my craft bag. It's very overcast here and it looks as though it's rained during the night.

    The CAFE is OPEN- usual hours -so pop in when you can.
    The cake tin has a lemon drizzle cake in it so help yourselves.
    HUGE HUGS to you all with loads of extras to all Dear Friends not feeling too good. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Your card is beautiful and I love that colour I love that idea of drawing an item out of a jar and just stick with that
    We are taking Oscar to soft play today and he is (hopefully as his brother won’t be with him) going to stay over Wevwere hoping to go to the seaside tomorrow but the weather doesn’t look great and I personally think the journey and grandad’s expectations would be too much I am looking for stuff closer to home or we’ll just “play” at home
    I am glad you’re able to start planning your trip to Marigney Janet and that the scan came back clear - what a relief
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card today, I love the colour 😊
    Glad you made a good start on your card stash, and a good idea to draw the names of things out of a jar. But remember, don’t worry too much about blogging whilst on holiday, you want to be able to relax 😊
    Janet, so pleased to hear about your results. You can now look forward to going to Marigny 😊 I hope you’re having a good time at K&N this afternoon.
    Karen, hope you’re having fun with Oscar 😊
    Hope everyone is having a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Maria, I love your Powertex Poppies picture. They are beautiful and one of my favourite flowers. Thank you for sharing with us xx
    Sandra, I can just imagine Paul struggling in the garden 😆 but glad he took your advice in the end!!!
    I love todays card. What a beautiful stamp and papers, so pretty. I like the different fold too. I know I just fall into using the same old fold time after time. Maybe that can be a challenge again? I think putting ideas into a jar to stop the flaffing around when we need to decide which one to do. I hope you manage to get ahead a bit but I think it is a great idea to share your holiday with us. I always love hearing what is going on etc. when people are away xx
    The weather is very different to a week ago isn’t it. My blooming joints aren’t though!
    Karen, have fun with Oscar. I bet you will all love whatever you do xx
    I have Pop birthday card and a nephews wedding card to do so I hope I can use one as my challenge card.
    Sending love and hugs. Take care xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sorry only realised a while ago I hadn’t left a comment.
    I love the different fold of today’s card. The papers are gorgeous with everything blending in just perfectly.
    Had a full day today, friends persuaded me to go out to lunch, the company was great as was the food. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to eat much. Tummy still not good. When I came back home granddaughter walked in almost behind me. She had the new family puppy with her. She wanted puppy and tortoise to meet!!!
    Janet I’m so pleased your scan results are fine and you are able to get on with planning your trip to Marigny. xxx
    I’m off to bed now, sleep well everyone.love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi my friends.
    Late today but have been down to St Alban's visiting SIL and met some of her husband's family.
    I love today's card Sandra and that colour is gorgeous. Pretty stamp and useful for many themes. Well done for making three cards. I like it tho when you also tells us about your journey so don't worry if you not have cards for every day. We might be able to get some done extra too to help....does she says who can't even get one together for the week. 🤭
    Janet, hope you had fun at K& N. Great news that your scans were clear, no go on your holiday and have a good time.
    Lilian, using Powertex was not difficult just very messy so if doing it at home I would only make it with floor and walls covered with plastic, wearing a big apron and plastic gloves. 😀 No really, it was fun but it's a shame you haven't got any classes near you.
    Karen, have fun with Oscar, hoping the weather changes again to proper summer soon. Like Sue my body does not play nicely with rain hanging in the air. A real thunderstorm would be nice to see. ⛈️
    Hope you had a good day everyone and will be able to have a good night 😴. We probably go ourselves soon just going to finish the mug of tea.
    Good night and hugs to you all 🤗 xx