Thursday 30 November 2023

Throwback Thursday

Good Thursday Morning Ladies, 

Ooh its a chilly one, no snow though 😪!  We were originally forecast snow today, I checked earlier and we are forecast snow on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Matt said that we will get it quick bad (or good) here because we are high up, his friend Steve lives in next village and they have had lots of snow days together!   My original thought was that it would be amazing to wake up  snow on 1st December (if it snowed Thursday).  We'll love it whenever it arrives.  As long as you all get to work and home safely.  

Now I am sorry I didn't get a new card made today, I got too carried away with my reorganising,  I managed to clear another 2 piles of boxes, which makes me happy although there is still a way to go, we need to get the Kallax built for the hall way for me to fit the rest of it in.  

Today's cards are made with Pixie powders,  Brenda's beautiful Boat card, has an incredible story, Brenda had made the background a while back and it was in the 'discard' pile but Brenda just happened to try it behind the SW Background die and it looks like it was made for it, It couldn’t be more perfect, even the part around the sun is perfectly positioned.  A brilliant happy accident !! 

My card was made using an off cut piece of Pixie Powder background,   the stamp is a Creative Expressions stamp (I think), stamped over that background,  like Brenda's card, the background works so well,  like you are looking at a colourful sunset.
Just another example of how you can bring colour to your cards.  

I hope you all stay warm and have a great day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I love the cards
    I hate the snow I’m afraid It is very pretty but I hate the cold, the slippy roads and pavements etc
    Just got back from helping decorate the bowls club which was fun
    Out dancing tonight
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    What a surprise I had when I opened up the blog this morning I thought that first card looks familiar !! Thank you for giving it another life.
    I love your card. The light in the sky area is just perfect.
    I’m looking to have a quiet afternoon, the day started with a 10 o’clock INR appointment and then 10 30. I had a telephone appointment with Royal Marsden. .
    John then said if you’ve got the energy left would you like to come shopping with me, I haven’t got to say no he is so good when he does the shopping and I did manage to stock up on a few extra bits for Christmas, so it was worth the effort.
    Like most of the country we woke up to a thick frost this morning. Fortunately we didn’t have snow like Lillian, but it is forecast for the weekend. It’s great just to look out at it, but not nice if you’ve got to go out. I just feel I want to hibernate at the moment ha ha.
    Hope all of you ladies are safe and well and not suffering too much from the cold weather. Just try to keep safe and warm.
    Take care sending caring. Hugs for everyone. Love Brenda XXX

  3. Hello All, so very cold, but most of the snow has gone now.

    Love today’s cards, so effective colouring, wish I could make backgrounds like that. Started a card today, using sticky back paper, look great with mica powders, I added some stickles , put it on the radiator to dry ,and it all wrinkled up, hoping it will flatten again.
    Have a good evening all, keep warm. Lilian

  4. Hi everyone
    Two lovely cards. Love seeing some older ones sometimes because you forget 😉
    I hope you all had a good day and keeping warm.
    Floorboards down in one room, took a bit longer because of some things that was meant to be there but wasn't . We never know for carpet was in when we moved in so you never see the bad build but it still standing after nearly 30 years 😊
    Have a good night everyone. Many hugs xx