Thursday 2 November 2023

Older Poppy Cards

Good Thursday Morning Ladies,

We had more of a mixed day yesterday, we were still blesses with a good amount of sunshine though,  which always makes a difference to the day,  Lucy and I run a few errands, we took their documents to the doctors surgery to get them registered, while we were there we discovered that the chap that gave us our forms to fill in on Friday only gave us a 10th of the paperwork, so Lucy and I sat for 40 minutes or more filling out all of the forms, it would be easier to tell you what they didn't want to know!!  While we were waiting for the girls documents to be copied a lady came in with her 'carer', she was so incredibly rude to the pharmacist, apparently her prescription hadn't gone through at the local pharmacy, she wanted the 'incompetent fool' that hadn't done their job properly sacked right away, the pharmacist was trying to explain to her that it was because she needed to attend a medication review but she just wasn't listening, she had a carer with her and you could see that she just wanted the ground to open up an swallow her, she was so embarrassed, the woman was still shouting at her when they got back to her car!  I think the pharmacist deserved a medal for staying calm.  Why do people think it's okay to be rude.

After a busy day out I totally ran out of time to make a card so I have shared two cards that I made back in June 2015, blimey that's 8 years ago!  The stamp is an Inkyliscious stamp.

Here are the descriptions: 

Onto todays cards, I used the Inkyliscious Poppy Stamp, I stamped it up with Versafine Black Ink and stamped onto white card, I cut out using the outside edge of my Quilted Squares Die by Creative Expressions, it fit this stamp perfectly, I mounted it onto black card and then matt and layered finishing with a white base card made to fit the image and matts, (its a good idea to add an extra layer
of card on the back of the card to balance the weight of the 5 layers on the front)! I added a piece of black satin ribbon around the bottom of the card and tied another piece onto it to form a knot, I then stamped a 'thank you' stamp onto a piece of white card and matted it onto a piece of black and cut it into a 'flag forked' end, I then just tucked this under the ribbon.

The second card was made in pretty much the same manner apart from colouring the stamp with Tim Holtz Distress markers, Barn Door and Mowed Lawn, I then huffed on the stamp to refresh the ink and stamped onto white card, I matted it onto red card this time and tied the green part of the image in with the ribbon. I have stamped the thank you onto the inside of this card as it just seemed to obstruct the gorgeous image on the front!

I hope that you all have a great Thursday and that you all stay safe from storm Ciaran,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Pretty cards SANDRA I intended to make a start on a poppy card but the lighting was so dismal I didn’t get into my craft room
    Rudeness is abhorrent and I’ve had it in reverse It can be so upsetting to be on the end of it My experience has made me scared
    I’m off to get my nails done in a mo So I’d better get a wriggle on
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Greetings from a very wet and windy Great Yarmouth, I hope you’re all safe in the storm .
    Love your cards today, I too have that Inkylicious stamp, it’s so versatile.
    Lovely cards over the last few days too, sorry I’ve not managed to pop in .
    Awful how some people think they can treat others, well done to the pharmacist for staying calm.
    Take care everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love the cards. Beautiful poppies.
    How rude some people can be, good of the pharmacist to stay cool.
    I had to have an appointment back with my dentist after being in pain for over a week. She put something in that tasted like really strong cloves and gave me some antibiotics so hopefully that will help. Hospital just called, my hip injection for tomorrow is cancelled because the meds they injecting is in short supply so they will call when they have more in. Well my knee ones didn't work either so best be loaded up on Sunday when it be a lot of walking around.
    Weather is bad but nothing like in the the coastal areas. Lilian, do take care.
    Sending many hugs to you all, take care of yourself xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Two cards that are still just as beautiful now as on their first showing. A really useful stamp that can be used for so many occasions.
    It is awful to hear/see people being so rude. Well done to the pharmacist for staying calm , she definitely doesn’t deserve to be shouted at.
    It was so lovely to see you today and to sit and craft for what seems like the first time for ages! I will send you a photo of my card in the morning my lovely xx
    Wishing you all well. I hope you all stay safe from the storm. Take care. Love Sue xx

  5. Hi everyone, late again, we have survived the storm without any real damage. I always worry about our big oak tree, but it was ok.

    I agree with everyone, that there is never a place for rudeness. Shows lack of the English language if you ask me.

    Love the poppy cards, I’ve done one more autumn card, so a poppy card for next week.

    As it’s late I’ll say goodbye all, Lilian