Monday 13 November 2023

A Tracy Evans Inspired Poppy card


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all relaxed after the weekend and are ready for the start of another week.  It would be better if the weather was a bit brighter, we had a very wet and dreary weekend.  In fact we drove past Manor Lodge yesterday and out over the bridge over the Thames, the river had of course burst its banks but we had never seen it as flooded, the floodwaters had completely filled fields on either side of the main road through to the point that the water has breached the fields and covered the roads between them, the ditches alongside the fields were also overflowing onto the roads, it was unbelievable!  Oddly we didn't have any feelings of regret as we drove through the village which must mean that we made the right decision to leave when we did. 

Today's card I made last week, after being reminded about my Aall&Create stamps by Karen, I decided to look at what cards Tracy Evans had made with her Papaver Poppy stamps,  I saw a couple of cards on YouTube so followed the tutorial for this one, so I had my acrylic paints and my brayer and I really enjoyed making the background and colouring all of the elements to finish the card off.  I love how striking the red poppy is against the green background !  I was very nervous about doing the white posca pen splatters at the end incase I over splattered and ruined the card !  But I didn't thank goodness! 

I hope that you lovely Ladies have a great start to the week, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    I love your card today, especially the background, it’s beautiful 😍
    The weather really was awful over the weekend and we had a lot of rain during the night, but at the moment it’s dry!
    Hope you all have a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Hi everyone
    A gorgeous card. Lovely background.
    Weather was awful during the night and this morning but the rain stopped and we have got sunshine right now but with a very strong wind which makes all the leaves coming off the trees. Hoping you all take care if going out.
    Lilian, have R found his phone ? Hope you are alright, take it easy.
    Sonia, have a good day at work. Sure you are looking forward to the cuddles with Teddy Blue.
    Karen, hoping Alan is ok. Worrying that he can't swollow. Take care.
    Sue, how's it going ? Don't overdo things. Say Hi to Pop x
    Had an hour at Frost this morning which was nice and then when back I wanted to fold a double size blow up mattress together better than Son left it. It has a diagram how to do it 😄 oh my god, think I did a week's workout in doing it 💪. Also got a collection bag for clothes through the letter box this morning so going to look again what can go.
    I wish you all a nice day. Take care and many hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello All, late again. It’s been a really windy day, blowing a real gale.

    Love your Tracy card not seen that stamp before.
    Karen hope Alan’s ok, and nothing too serious.
    Just waiting for R to come home from London, he’s been up there for a meeting.
    I’ll say goodnight all, Lilian

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Beautiful cards on Remembrance Sunday. A perfect challenge for this week. I love your poppy card. Those background colours are beautiful blended together then the interesting details mean you see something different every time you look at it. The little rabbit/hare made me smile with his over sized top hat 🥰 I can just picture you say there with your white pen hovering over the card for ages before forcing yourself to just go for the splat! You definitely didn’t spoil it. It’s good to know that you felt nothing when you drove past the old house. The move was the right one, you were all so positive from the moment you met your lovely land lords and had the first viewing and my lovely xx
    Maria, what a good idea that the airbed instructions are shown about how to fold it up. I hope you aren’t regretting doing it now though xx
    Lilian, I hope R has found his phone. I had an email from Pop a little while ago asking me to call him for just the same reason! Luckily it didn’t take him too long to find it when I rang him 🤭 xx
    I hope the wind and rain we have here aren’t causing any problems for anyone else. It is actually calm at the moment so maybe it has finally blown over. Take care. Love Sue xx