Friday 17 November 2023

A Colouring Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Here we are at the end of another week, it's time to think about a new Challenge too.  I have been thinking about challenges all week and for the most part I'd like to set challenges to encourage you to use things that you already have in your stash but you don't get around to using as much as you would like to.  I would love to hear any suggestions, if like me there are plenty of things that you have bought and not got the use out of and would like to make some projects, even journal pages experimenting with different products then please let me know. 

I have chosen our next Challenge but the one after that I was thinking of doing a 1 week challenge where you take just one stamp or die set and use it as many ways as you can.  I recently did that with a Poppy stamp set and now feel satisfied that I have gotten good use out of it, it has also given me more confidence to pick that same stamp up again and play with it.  

Our Next Challenge
For our next Challenge I thought that it would be fun to experiment with different ways of colouring our projects, whether it's colouring a stamped image or creating a background with different mediums, we have so many to choose from too. I think most of us have a few different options.

Below I have listed a few different methods of colouring, some I know that some of you have, others you may not,  it's helpful sometimes just to have a reminder.  I think that we could all have a go at the pencil shading, those little stubby paper stumps are a handy tool but you could achieve similar results with a cotton bud.

Pencil Shading

Using a Waterbrush with colour pencils or ink pads is another great way of colouring stamped images, you can use a really light ink to stamp with and it gives the impression that you have just drawn the flowers freehand! 
Using Waterbrush with Colour Pencils

Watercolour paints can be really inexpensive, I bought a little round stack from a company called Koh -i-Noor for less than £10, they have decent pigment, I will say that I have been really enjoying experimenting with watercolour paints at the moment. 

Watercolour Paints

Watercolour Markers are another great way of colouring your stamped images, I haven't tried out any background techniques with them yet, I know a lot of the stamp companies use them, Amanda at HoneyDoo does and so does Jenny Mayes at HobbyArt stamps,  

Zig Clean Colour Markers

I think that most of us have Distress Inks or Oxides, there are so many different ways of using them, you can use a waterbrush and colour with them or there are so many different methods for background techniques you could spend a week purely using them in different ways.

Distress Oxide Colouring

I have a few Posca pens, I haven't used them to colour images with so far, mainly just for background techniques, I know that you can use them in a similar way to the Zig clean colour pens, although they don't have the best nibs for fine colouring, you could use a waterbrush though, the flowers below are really pretty.

Posca Pen colouring

I hope that has whetted your appetite and maybe given you some ideas as to what you could use, I have barely scratched the surface though, I will maybe add some more inspiration on tomorrow's blog post.

I hope that you all have a fab-u-lous Friday Darlings,

Love and hugs,



  1. What a great challenge This will definitely appeal to me because O have a few colouring mediums that I rarely use I rely too much on Serif for backgrounds I need to practice colouring in
    OH back at doctors today I suppose I worry in that as a diabetic I have to eat and OH has not eaten anything much since Monday which isn’t helping fight an infection
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi Sandra and all looking in. What a great challenge. I definitely need to try using different ways of colouring. So often I have a go mess it up then change the planned piece all together so this should make me stick with it. I also love the other week challenge you are going to do. I was on a roll using that Poppy die, I had seen so many different ways of using it. And it’s much quicker and easier to make a few cards when you have the right items out so I’m looking forward to making some Christmas cards that way. I know, I’m always so late making mine! I’ve only had 51 weeks to finish them 🤣🤣 Must get on with going shopping with Pop now. Hope you are all ok. Take care. Love Sue xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Fun and maybe an messy challenge for next week 🤭😊 happy to try to be involved if I only can find my water colours. I have my pens out but like to use something different.
    Karen, hope Alan getting better soon. You both take care.
    Lilian, have a lovely weekend. Hope the weather be nice.
    Sue, are you alright ? Hope everything goes well for Pop.
    Janet, anymore K&N before Christmas ? Hope you're ok.
    Had a busy morning moving things around in the kitchen this morning and then I sat down to do some crystal cards and eyes just shut suddenly and I was fast asleep on the sofa 😂 that telling me to go to bed earlier and not 3am.
    Sending many hugs to you all. xxx

  4. Evening all, well another day of torrential rain, and very cold.

    Family here, so that’s absolutely lovely, so wished we lived nearer.
    Love the idea of different colouring, just up my street.

    Karen do hope Alan will be better soon, can he eat soup, R always wants soup when he’s not well, not as poorly as Alan.

    It’s going to be raining again tomorrow so we will be doing a jigsaw.

    Have a good evening, Lilian