Saturday 25 November 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Morning Ladies,

As you are reading this we will be on our way Birmingham, we are going to the Excalibur craft show at the Motorcycle Museum today and then staying at a lovely hotel tonight and then going to the Black Country Living Museum tomorrow.  I am so excited 😊  It will be nice to have some quality time to ourselves.

Tissue Paper Technique 

I thought I would give you a quick step by step guide to creating the lovely tissue paper pieces to add colour to your cards.

You will need white tissue paper, water bottle, some inks, something to mix colours with.

Smoosh some of your chosen colours onto your glass mat. 

Spritz the inks with water 

Then mix colours together a bit

Lay tissue paper into ink/water and let it absorb the colour.

Lay on a piece of kitchen towel and leave it to dry, you can use your heat tool if you can't wait.

This was the result of the Distress inks Salty Ocean,  Mowed Lawn & Evergreen Bough.

Here are some examples of different things you can use and the results:



The gold shimmer on this one was amazing, I mopped up remaining ink with a piece of card.

I think this was my favourite combination 😍 

I had some left so decided to add a bit more colour, because.... why not ?!!!

So I added these...

Tissue paper 

Card I used to mop up!  I absolutely love the shimmer, some look silver, some look gold. 

There are so many different products you could use to add colour,  I think it doesus all good to have a messy play session from time to time, this lot literally took me half an hour to create, most of that was choosing colours/mediums and drying times.  I have a lovely collection of bits to die cut from, although if you want to die cut it is better to adhere the Tissue paper to a piece of card or acetate.  I will definitely be using some for backgrounds.  

I hope you found this little demonstration helpful my lovelies, if there is anything else you would like to see then PLEASE let me know, I will happily have a go at anything,  it could be a new Saturday feature 😊 

I hope that you all have  Super Saturday,  I will be updating you all through the day on our Chat group, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Thank you for showing us the tissue paper technique I will definitely have a go and that saying is so so apt
    We finished the Mystery Guide - who pushed Molly May? I thoroughly enjoyed doing it The clues made you think a bit but not at all daunting (the better weather helped) I learnt a bit about the history of a certain area in London - theatre land/China town You don’t go very far but there is quite a lot of walking I can really recommend it I’d like to do the Cambridge one (it’s on our train line) and the new London one - The Great Gold Coin Heist
    Covid jab later and then going to a Christmas Fayre with daughter
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Yesterday's card was beautiful. Sorry forgot to visit but had sister in law and her husband here for the day. Love all the different tissues and it's gorgeous colours.
    Have a fabulous time Sandra. Love to know about the motorcycle museum, have thought about it but never been.
    Your walks sound fun to do Karen. Glad you enjoyed it. Have fun at the Christmas fair.
    Sonia, have a good weekend even if you working. Are you doing any crafting with the elderly ?
    Lilian, hope you are alright and not in too much pain. No wonder I was still sore, the tiniest bit of tooth but very sharp was left in my gum, it worked itself out and it's now fine at last ☺️
    Brenda, have a good day.
    Sue, sad to see things being sold and going to the skip that's hard.
    Janet, hope you are alright. Miss you.
    Not sure yet what we are doing today. OH have football on TV so might sit and craft at his office desk.... Have a nice day everyone, look after yourselves. Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  3. I wrote this earlier, but I think I must have forgotten to publish, no great loss.
    Dry here today and not as cold as was forecast.

    Sandra love your tissue technique, I don’t have a glass mat, might see if I can do it on my nonstick craft mat.
    Have finished my card for this week, didn't go as well as I would have liked, but no time to do another one.

    Karen, glad you enjoyed your day yesterday, and your vacation goes ok.
    Have a good rest of Saturday, Lilian

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Thank you Sandra for demonstrating the tissue technique. I’m sure we will all be trying this one out the end result looks so good and who cares if we get a bit messy that’s what crafting is all about.
    Hope your day was good and I’m sure you are looking forward to tomorrow’s delights. Enjoy your time just being a couple ❤️😘
    Thinking of you both xxx
    Love Brenda xxx