Monday 6 November 2023

Spotlight Poppy Card


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

We started our Sunday with a bit of rain but that soon cleared away and the sun blessed us with her rays, it was chilly but still lovely out on the deck.

This was the view from the deck while I was having a cup of tea and watching the cats adventure around the garden.

These two were the sights that greeted me when I opened the curtains after my shower, I just don't get bored of looking at it.  

Today's card is another poppy challenge card, this time I decided to do the 'Spotlight' technique, I stamped the poppies onto the card twice and then once more on a scrap of card, I looked at the pattern on the card and chose an area that was almost central and then I used a small circle die to cut the matching area on the scrap of card, I cut it and then coloured a few of the poppies to make them stand out more.  I popped a foam pad on  the back of the circle and added some wet glue to add something to help we wiggle it into position.  To finish the card I added some seam binding ribbon that I had coloured with Real Red to match the mat and the poppies, I tied a simple knot to keep the look simple. 

I hope that you all have a lovely start to the week,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Wow What a view Is that summer house yours too?
    I haven’t done a spotlight card in ages and it’s always been with Serif or MCS I must have a go with stamping now
    Yesterday was a very quiet day for me after two very late nights
    This morning is Craftea I will take a bit of crochet with me because it is small and easy to carry Out dancing tonight
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi Sandra and all looking in. I love the spotlight card, you have used a lovely stamp too. It makes a pretty card and looks a bit different. I must have a go at this technique as I don’t think I have tried it before, or if I have I don’t remember trying it 🤭
    I can vouch for those fabulous views. The countryside really is so beautiful all around you isn’t it. I will love watching the changing seasons over the year as I drive to and from yours 🥰
    I’m at Pops again today doing more packing. I did manage to get a third Poppy card done this morning. I must take photos and send them to you before I forget Sandra xx
    Have a good day everyone. Take care. Love Sue xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Beautiful poppy card . Have not used this technique for a while, might make a card like it.
    The views are stunning were you live Sandra. Must be wonderful to see the leafs changing.
    I bought a few stamps and inks that I didn't have and a couple of crystals Christmas cards but nothing much. Most of my crafting is packed away for some time so not easy getting a card made but bought some for this week, poppies.
    It's a ruch for C to finish off the emptying of his room and garage. 5 trips to the tip with a carload of things, even the old bed went today.
    They are going home tomorrow afternoon, the time has just flown away 😔
    Hope all have had a good day and could enjoy some of the sunshine today where you live. Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Beautiful spotlight card Sandra, love how you have used this lovely poppy stamp to create today’s card. Thank you for your inspiration xx
    Maria it must have been a bittersweet day watching Christopher sorting out his room but on the other hand you are gaining a craft space. Hope he has a safe return home xx
    Sandra you have got some beautiful views from your decking, even on the dullest days the views will be spectacular.
    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx

  5. Hello, rain again today, cleaner has changed her day, so now comes on Monday, take a while to get used to it.

    Sandra, beautiful card, I used to do this technique, but haven’t tried it for a while.

    I would love to have views like those that you have, must be wonderful.

    When I find the poppy card I want to use, I’ll Start my card tomorrow, have lots of poppy stamps, but can’t find the one I want to use.
    Have a good night all, Lilian