Wednesday 8 November 2023

Blue Poppies


🥳🎂❤Happy Birthday Brenda ❤🎂 🥳 

Good Wednesday Morning Ladies, 

Please join me in wishing Our Lovely Brenda the very happiest of Birthdays, I hope that you have an amazing day celebrating with family ❤

How are you all feeling today?  I hope that you are all as well as can be expected 🫂 🤗  Hugs right here for those that need one. 

Newsflash:  The dishwasher is in and working perfectly 🙌🙌  Hopefully my nails will recover now, they look terrible right now, after the clean of manor lodge and then move in clean here and then not having a dishwasher since we moved in my hands are so sore and my nails are so fragile, the peel off on layers.  I am going to order the L'occitane Hand Lotion that Our Lilian recommended to see if it helps, I have tried so many others and used Cuticle Oil but nothing has made a difference.

Today's card is another using that same (Painted Poppies) I'm sorry if you are sick of seeing it, I did order another one from Amazon but as is always the case when you need it it doesn't arrive!!  This is another Pinterest Inspired card...

I stamped the poppies and added some grass around the bottom, I coloured the poppies blue and added some blue in the background,  I added some green splatters around the outside of the labels that I cut the poppies out of.  I added the two part sentiment to finish the card. 

I hope you all have a happy 'Hump ' day,

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Brenda I hope you have a lovely day despite the rain
    We are venturing into London today We have tickets for a show called Unbelievable Derren Brown is not in it but endorses it or something We are also going to try and start a Treasure Hunt where you go around London with a book solving clues to find “who pushed Molly May?” There are various ones available for lots of cities eg Cambridge Oxford
    So looking forward to trying that - a couple of pubs are involved so at least we can be fed and watered!
    Glad the dish washer is in! I’ve put that hand cream on my wish list!
    Take care everyone xx

    1. PS the poppy card is lovely I especially like the layout xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Happy Birthday Brenda, I hope you have a lovely day xx
    Love your card today, and the poppies in blue are beautiful 😍
    Glad the dishwasher is in, it will save your sore hands and nails.
    We’re back to miserable wet weather today after a lovely day of sunshine yesterday!
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Happy birthday Brenda 🍰💐☕ have a wonderful day !!
    Gorgeous blue poppies card, love it.
    Take care of your hands, good the dishwasher is in.
    Karen, enjoy your day. Don't forget the brolly.
    Another skip run is booked in. We are going to cut out the old carpet this afternoon and take a few more bits. Ours have place also for clothes and shoes so more to get through. It never ends.
    Have a good day everyone. Many hugs to you all. Thinking of our missing friends xxx

  4. 💐🎂❤️HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDA❤️🎂💐 Wishing you a wonderful day. I hope you have been spoiled rotten by John and all of your lovely family. I’m very sorry that your card will be late. Big hugs xx

  5. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Both yesterday and todays cards are beautiful. I love the blue Icelandic? Poppies. An old gentleman in the village always grew all different coloured poppies around his garden. It was a wonderful sight.
    Sorry I wasn’t in yesterday. I’ve been in bed as I have /had a bug, Covid tests have all been clear. I’m starting to feel much better this afternoon. Typical when I want to be helping Pop! I hope you are all ok. Sleep well. Take care. Love Sue xx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    THANK YOU ALL for your lovely birthday wishes, evert one is really special and appreciated. You all have all made it an extra special day. XXX
    Today’s card is beautiful, Poppies look gorgeous whatever colour they are and yours certainly look so beautiful.
    Had a lovely day lots of phone calls and messages, we are having a family get together at the weekend, looking forward to
    Hope your day has been good.
    Take care, love Brenda xxx