Sunday, 11 September 2022

Your New Technique challenge cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Oooh it's good to be back!!!  Shopping, laundry, unpacking all the bits we took and didn't use!  (Kitchen things mainly) ! We took about 8 packs of flavoured couscous and bought 7 back! Same with rice, the girls said it was too hot to eat much most days, apart from salads, we had lots of those!  But everything has been put away (apart from loft stuff) Paul has that job today.  

We were shocked at how much food has gone up in those 3 weeks we have been away! Aldi butter is now £1.99, everything was up by over 10p, most a lot more.  We buy pretty much the same stuff each week, so we can see the difference in the overall shop, it's ridiculous! 

Your Challenge Cards 


Lilian's Description:

   I made this with a new stamp that came this week. It a  Woodward stamp by Francois Reed. Bought it from eBay came really quickly.  Used my clean colour pens to colour. 

I absolutely love the stamp you have used Lilian,  that effect is incredible, your colouring really highlights those feature areas too. 
Thank you so much for supporting the challenge my lovely XXX 


Karen's Description:

My new technique is reverse stamping using a brayer - a lot easier than stamping onto acetate I used a Julie Hickey stamp and Clarity Stamp paper I created a gatefold card with Pink Frog 36cmx12cm cardstock.

Ooh I have this stamp and haven't used it yet but I love what you have done with it, thank you for the inspiration Karen XXX 


Sonia's Description:

I decided to do an Eclipse card as have never made one before…
I die cut The Stamp Market ‘Friend’ die using patterned paper (think it’s a Trim Craft pad) and the Spellbinders flowers. I did make a mistake though, as I threw away the centre off cuts from the letters e and d. Fortunately I had another piece of the same paper, so had to cut those letters again, I tried to match it up as best as I could! ☺️ The stamped sentiments are also from the Stamp Market.

I love an eclipse card but haven't done one for ages, yours is so lovely, that die works so well and it isn't too big, your die cut flowers work so well with the paper too.  Thank you so much for taking part my lovely XXX 


Some beautiful cards once again ladies, thank you so very much for taking part ❤

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday,

Love & hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful collection of CCs.
    Each so different with inspiration.

    Well we're on our last week here. At this time next Sunday we will just about be ready to leave the house and be on our way up to Calais for our overnight.

    I/we still have jobs to do on the list but what doesn't get done will be waiting for next time.

    Have a good Sunday. Please take care and stay safe. HUGS areon their way to you all.xxxx

  2. Lovely cards and ideas
    We had a lovely afternoon at bowls The rain stayed away too We have another match this afternoon- this time away which I’m looking forward to We seem to have plans for every weekend in September which is exceptionally unusual for us
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards today 😍
    Lilian and Karen, I absolutely love the stamps you’ve both used. I may have to add them to my wish list ☺️
    I did think after I’d made my card that I should’ve done the flowers eclipse style too - oh well, maybe next time ☺️
    Sandra, it’s always lovely to be back home, and in your own bed. Getting the essentials done is always a chore, but a nice feeling when it is all done 😊
    Janet, your time away has flown by too. Enjoy your last week 😊
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards ladies. A beautiful stamp Lilian.
    Janet, have a lovely last week in Marigny. Hopefully you get some nice last summer days.
    Wishing you better Sue, take care.
    Hope you all have a good day. Many hugs to you all xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lilian, Karen and Sonia Love your challenge cards,
    Janet make the most of your time left in Marigny, it doesn’t seem but a few days that you were on your way to your special paradise, hope you manage to get most of the jobs done, but more importantly find time to rest and relax.
    Take care everyone, Brenda xxx

  6. Hello, it’s been rainy all day.
    Love all the cards today, sorry I didn’t use a new technique, the one I tried ended in the bin, I really love my new stamp which I found on eBay.
    Janet, enjoy your last week in your little bit of paradise.
    Sandra glad your catching up with the shopping, and good luck for tomorrow. At least you should get some answers.
    Hope to make some bags for those who have had a breast cancer after the op they have a drain. They are wanting little bags for the drain made out of cotton ,simple pattern so am hoping to do a few.
    Sleep tight , Lilian