Friday, 16 September 2022

Our Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

How are we all this Friday morning my lovelies?  I feel better after a restful day yesterday!  We are having another slow easy day today, I am looking forward to sitting at my craft desk and playing. 

Paul keeps saying 'I must do this on weekend, I must do that at weekend'  so far he will need 36 hours in each day, mowing, gardening, weeding, putting stuff in loft to start with!  I will be supervising! 🤣😅😂

Our Next Challenge 

Since coming back from Holiday it has become hard to ignore the fact that Christmas is just around the corner!  Christmas chocolates in supermarkets, B&M have the first Christmas decorations in too! 

So with that in mind I for one need to get some Christmas cards made so when Sonia suggested Christmas I jumped straight on it !!  Thank you Sonia xxx

I hope that you all have a Fantastic Friday,

Love and hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                              xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    Well we are on our last Friday here at Marigny until after Christmas.
    It's very grey this morning and the temps are dropping into Autumn. We're off to Market this morning and hopefully buying our Friday special (cakes of course).
    As you can imagine Jim is already on his topic of 'packing the car' and saying 'we mustn't forget this'.
    I packed up my crafting yesterday ready to return.
    Thank youSoNIA for the 'C' Challenge. I have been making these cards while I've been here so I will be ableto join in this week.

    Have a good week-end whatever you all have planned.
    Please take great care and stay safe. HUGS on their way to you all with loads of extras for all Dear Friends in need.xxxx

  2. Thank you Sonia for this challenge I hope to really get stuck in re making Christmas cards I needed that push
    I am so pleased that you’re feeling better SANDRA
    After your marathon session with your doctor Lilian I hope you will feel the benefits soon
    I don’t know what (if anything) we’re doing today
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Some beautiful inspirational cards for our next challenge 😍 It’s frightening how fast Christmas is approaching, the days are flying by!
    Glad you feel better today and enjoy your day crafting.
    Janet, enjoy your last day, and especially those cakes 😊
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Great to hear you are feeling better Sandra, just don’t start throwing yourself into anything to exhausting. xx Hope you have been able to do some crafting today.
    Think we have all realised how quickly the year is passing, quite scary really and we will all have start preparing for the ‘C’ season. Not allowed to actually say the word until after grandsons birthday on 25th November - wouldn’t mind but he is 26 this year and a six foot tall (and wide !!!! ) rugby player ….. bless him.
    Had another sleepy day, so haven’t achieved much at all.
    Hope everyone is well, love Brenda xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Thank you Sonia for the challenge idea and thank you Sandra for giving us so many beautiful cards for inspiration. As you say the shops are starting to fill the shelves with all things Christmas.
    Sandra I hope you have had a nice quiet restful day then you will be busy especially keeping Paul topped up with mugs of tea while he gets some of his jobs done xx
    Lilian, it’s good to hear that the doctor actually took time to read your notes. Good luck with the diet but it will be worth it if you can stick to it, never easy though is it xx
    We are both clear now 👌so we have Chris jnr. Tim, Roz and the girls here tomorrow so really looking forward to seeing them all. Sleep well everyone. Sending love. Take care xx

  6. Hi everyone
    I will do my best at making some x-mas cards.Thank you Sonia for setting the challenge.
    We went to town this morning and it was cards and wrapping papers and also chocolates out already. I find it way too early.
    Sitting this evening doing some crystal art and this rather big spider coming towards me on the floor. I really hate them and jumped up with that I knocked off the tray I keep my crystals on and they went flying all over the floor, all 24 colours of them !! I am waiting for some storage pots for them and they are on their way but until then I keep them in small open trays. OH is off for football and I have work cut out for me as you can understand......
    Janet, have a good journey back to the UK. Drive safe.
    Brenda, just take care. Rest when you can. Guess it is what the body tells us when falling asleep on the sofa :)
    Lilian, good luck. Wish you are feeling better soon.
    Sue, so good to hear you are over the covid and fingers crossed non of us will get it back.
    Have a good night everyone. Hugs to you all xx