Thursday, 8 September 2022

Faux Embossing

 Good Thursday Morning Ladies, 

Well yesterday seemed a long day, we were up early and had to start the day with no 🍵 tea! We couldn't get milk anywhere for some reason,  the supermarkets only have a really small milk section in Spain and actually in Millau the supermarket only had 4 bottles,  they have lots of Long life milk, aisles full, so I'm guessing they use more of that, Paul went and got some fresh croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice, which was lovely but my goodness did I suffer afterwards,  my tummy and digestive system has not been the same since I was sick, heartburn is so painful and I felt so sick I had to go lie down.  We then had to pack the car (when I say we....)  we left the mobile home at around eleven and went to the car wash area as our poor car was covered in sand and bird 'doings' we had great fun and both ending up soaked.  We then went to fill up with Diesel and get something for picnic lunch.  The Spanish government are giving back 20 cents per litre of fuel, for everyone (not just Spanish)  so filling up was a lot cheaper, thank you very much.  We set off on the 200 mile journey to Millau, stopping for lunch at a scenic spot.  We arrived at our little cabin at 6 15  unloaded most ofbour overnight bits  I went to put wash bags in bathroom to find a colony of ants wete already occupying it, there were even flying ants!! Paul said "we'll just keep door closed to bathroom 😳)!   Err absolutely not !!  They were in amongst the towels and everything!   Paul went to reception to request some help, they are all about the environment so I don't think they would have appreciated me scooting Ant powder everywhere!  She explained that the cabin had been empty for 3 days which is why it went unnoticed,  she was very apologetic and gave us another cabin that was actually a Chalet with a full kitchen, lounge area etc, it was really high up too with great views!  

Today's card was made using dies from Diecutting Essentials Magazine,  they are a lovely set of Wildflower dies.  I used the dies to cut a pile of white flowers,  I arranged on a piece of white card and die cut a hexagonal frame,  the white die cuts on white background give the look of a deep embossing folder. I coloured the remaining flowers with alcohol Markers,  I placed the frame on a piece of Dsp that has the look of a 3d painted effect and then arranges the coloured flowers through the frame, finishing with sentiment.  

I hope that you all have a lovely Thursday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,  

Sandra xxx


  1. Another effective technique and I love how you’ve showcased it
    What wonderful customer service you received I wish more companies were like that in the U.K.
    I hope to have a “play” this afternoon
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love your card today, and the faux embossing is beautiful 😊
    Glad to hear they gave you another cabin, and hope you got a good nights sleep. I hope your journey is going well today.
    We’ve had torrential rain on and off all day so far! I need to do a food shop and have already been putting it off the last couple of days!
    Hope you’re all having a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A gorgeous card using a technique I must try. I have the same magazine and dies, they are going to be used time and again.
    I hope you and Paul are having a good journey. Last nights stop turned out so well for you didn’t it as it sounds lovely. Chris and I have gone down with Covid and we feel really rough so bed is the only place we are going to be. A few of others in the wedding families have also gone down with it so far. And it was postponed four times to try and make sure it would be Covid free! Sending love and hugs to you all. Take care xx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sorry I haven’t been in for a few days I’m alright just extremely tired all the time and my concentration span is zilch.
    Thank you for showing us this faux embossing technique, it is always good to be reminded how to achieve different effects - thank you dear friend. xx
    Sad news about the Queen, I thought how lovely she looked on Tuesday when she met Liz Truss. She undoubtedly leaves a big void, her dedication to this country (and the commonwealth) has been outstanding - what a remarkable lady.
    Wish King Charles 111 a long and successful reign, I’m sure he will have learned a lot from his mother.
    Take care everyone. Sandra and Paul enjoy your return journey home, sorry we haven’t got any sunshine for you to return to - just rain and more rain, at least the water butts are getting topped up again.
    Sleep well everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Have had a busy day with sister-in-law and her husband here all day, they arrived at 10am so we went to Frost and stayed there for 4 hours :) it was good and then we had a Chinese this evening so haven't had the time to pop inn earlier to say how pretty I think this card is. I have the flowers you have used here, well one pinged away when I cut it out and I haven't found it yet hihi
    Sorry to hear you got covid Sue, wishing a speedy recovery and that you both soon feeling better.
    Hope the rest of you have had an okay day. Sending special hugs for you Sandra and hoping the rest of the journey home goes well.
    Have a good night everyone xxx

  6. Hello, late again.
    I’ve been watching all the tributes paid to the queen, she was a wonderful woman, Charles will have big shoes to fill.

    Sandra another lovely card, you must have been so busy before your holiday.
    Goodnight all. Lilian