Thursday, 1 September 2022

Navy & white Monochrome Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

Well what a dramatic turn of events Tuesday evening turned out to be, there I was thinking we could wind down and relax now girls were home safe, we were just thinking about dinner when the heavens opened and it poured, I was concerned that it sounded a little heavy and on closer inspection I saw it was hail stones, so knowing what had happened here previously I shouted paul to get the thick picnic rugs to cover the car with, they wouldn't stop everything but would absorb some of the damage,  luckiky it wasn't too bad as we were in edge of it, if we had been an hour later back from dropping girls off we would have been in a world of trouble,  in Girona and the towns between there and where we are they had hail stones the size of tennis balls, the damage was unbelievable,  more devastating though was the death of a toddler, struck by a hail stone,  many injured too, all windows on cars smashed and bodywork totally wrecked.  We have more storms forecast,  I have suggested paul use the inflatables under the blankets as they would offer more protection!  Fingers crossed we don't see anymore though.   We had a quiet Wednesday,  we spent most of the day reading and had a couple of hours on the beach in the afternoon. 

I left my phone at the mobile home while we were at beach and I returned to many missed panic calls from the girls, Milo had made the most of being let out at last and rewarded the girls with a big fat juicy FROG!!  As I am writing this they still haven't located it in the house! 

Today's card features my new favorite StampinUp Dsp it's called Sun Prints, its absolutely gorgeous,  I could quite easily put some of the sheets in frames and display them on a wall ! 

This is one of the sheets, I cut a piece from this one to create todays card.  I wanted the paper to shine so I simply added a tiny sentiment and 3 pearls. 

Super simple but so pretty. 😍

I hope that you all have a fabulous Thursday, 

Love & hugs to all,

Sandra xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    I really love today;s card SANDRA.

    We have had one or two rain storms with rain coming straight down and battering everything but nothing like the Hail you have had.
    I amwaiting for a parcel to arrive with new cutting plates so I can get some die cuts done. It should have arrived either Tuesday or yesterday and guess what - no show. We should have gone food shopping yesterday but as things are going it could well be tomorrow.

    The sun is already shining so it looks as though it's goingto be another hot day.

    HUGS to you all withloads of extras for all Dear Friends not feeling too well.
    Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love your card, simply stunning. The paper is beautiful, and as you say wouldn’t look out of place framed on the wall 😊
    I hope you’ve seen the last of the hail stones, it sounds awful, and so sad to hear the devastation it caused.
    Fingers crossed the girls located the frog, must’ve been a shock when Milo bought it in!
    Hope you’re all having a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    The paper you have used for today’s card is beautiful and I agree it would look fantastic in the frame. Sorry wasn’t in yesterday, loved the card you posted. I was thinking of you, it was my Royal Marsden day so we left mid morning In time for my 3 o’clock appointment. On arrival I have to have a blood test so they request you are 90 minutes earlier then your appointment time. Everything went very well blood test observations and seeing the consultant. Then we had to go to the in-house pharmacy to pick up my prescription. We were waiting almost an hour and 3/4 for that to be dispensed we ended up getting home around about 6.45 it was a long day! Fortunately I had prepared our meal in advance so only had to put it in the oven thank goodness. The good news is all my tests have come back better than last time and I am being given an extra months grace before I have to return for another checkup. So that should be round about the end of October. That is really brilliant news to me.
    The storm you described sounds horrendous, in fact when John went out shopping this morning he came back with the Metro (he doesn’t buy a newspaper these days) and it’s reported in there exactly as you described even showing a picture of the size of one of the hailstones. My heart goes out to the poor family who lost their child and all the others who were injured just for being outside. Hope the car didn’t get any damage from the storm, thank goodness you and Paul are both safe.
    How kind of Milo to bring a fat juicy frog in for the girls as a gift, I’m sure that’s the last thing they wanted. Hopefully they have now located it and it has been safely disposed of.
    Sending love and hugs to everyone, hope you are all safe and well. Love Brenda XXX

  4. Evening everyone, it’s been a dull day, with rain this afternoon.

    Sandra your card is beautiful, love the paper, hope you managed to miss any storms today.
    I managed to finish a page in my journal , to use for this weeks challenge, have to photograph it yet, but will do that in the morning.
    Legs and back really bad again today. Hope you are all OK. Lilian

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A fabulous card today. The papers are gorgeous and could easily be framed turned into beautiful pictures. It’s good to hear Sophie and Lucy are home safe and sound but I’m sure they are not happy after finding Milos’ present!!! I hope the weather is kind to you and Paul so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday my lovely xx
    Brenda, great news re your results. May they continue in the same way xx Maria it would be good to see the photos please xx
    We are in Devon staying with some of Chris’s family until tomorrow when we go further down into Cornwall to spend the weekend with his family at one of his nephew’s wedding blessing ( it should have been the actual wedding but they had four postponed due to Covid) We are having a very busy time but it will be lovely to meet up with some family that we didn’t manage to see for a few years. Sending love and hugs. Take care xx