Saturday 24 September 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

It was so nice not having Paul's alarm go off at 5.30am this morning!  Although Milo has gotten used to Paul getting up at that time si it wasn't long before he was prancing about on the bed for attention!  He does settle down after a while at least!  He has soon returned to his old habit of coming onto our bed about 20 minutes after we go ti bed, he lays himself right up against Paul, stretches from Paul's chest almost to his knee, this means that Paul has to shuffle over to my side of the bed, ordinarily I wouldn't have a problem with that but Wednesday and Thursday night were so warm it was uncomfortable!   Ironically on Sunday and Monday night I needed a hot water  bottle as I couldn't get warm.  😩  

Now we went 3 weeks without a Magazine review, then like buses 3 come along at once!!!  

Creative Stamping Magazine 

Issues 113

Some lovely and very usable Christmas stamps in this month's issue.  The magazine features some great techniques too. 

Some lovely catds that vanessa had designed using the free stamps to create some brilliant backgrounds.

These cards have been created using the free stamps with extra detail being added using gold thread to stitch around the stamps, it looks so effective.

Now I really want to have a play with some of these ideas, Nicky uses Embossing Pens, (Versamark pen)  Embossing pad refills, dauber sponges etc to apply the ink, you then add your Embossing Powders and heat set.  The first card has clear embossing ink painted onto three of the flowers , add to Kitsch Flamingo Glaze and heat set,  the butterfly has clear embossing powder heat set and other layers added for extra shine.  Lots of great ideas to get more out of our embossing powders. 

This little feature shows 3 different ways of using just one of the free stamps.  A very different, the cards are lovely too. 

Grab your Flower stamps,  look at these lovely cards, they have shaped floral flaps on the front, you can use almost any kind of flower stamp to create these lovely cards. 

This feature shows some great ideas for using the stamps to create gift wrapping. 

Finally these cards are all designed in the Nordic or "Scandinavian' style, I love them! 

This photo shows the reality  of photographing  the magazine while being constantly pestered by a 'Needy Milo', I couldn't resist adding this cute photo. 😍 

These are the cards I have made using these free stamps in this issue.  

All in all I think this magazine is good value for money the free stamps are really useful.  

I know I should maybe have 'let it go' by now but Sheena Douglass is everywhere at the moment! She has featured in every magazine recently, promoting her latest release.  Have craft TV and Craftstash forgotten what she did ?!  Using people's personal photographs to create stamps etc.  They could be the most amazing designs but its the principle!! How do we know that the new images are genuinely her hand drawings?!   I would love to know your thought and opinions too!  

Rant over, Soapbox back in cupboard under stairs incase anyone else needs to use it.

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Everyone
    I cannot believe we are at the end of our first week back.
    So I'm off on my usual Sat morning shopping to M&S.
    I also have to book my annual eye test while I'm in MH too. So I'm preparing myself for more money doing a disappearing act too.

    It will be a relaxing afternoon with feet up.

    HUGS are on their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. This magazine looks very interesting The stamps are a little bit different too If I see it whilst I’m out today I might just treat myself
    I am looking forward to my trip into London today (and lunch out!)
    Take care everyone xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😉
    Great magazine review and the free stamps are fantastic. Love the photo bomb picture of Milo, I know the struggle 😂
    I’ve noticed Sheena is still popping up everywhere too! I also noticed that Create It have cancelled their show in Kent - there was a post on Facebook and it says the company has now ceased trading!
    We had a good journey back yesterday, after a lovely few days. Why does it always go so quickly?
    Off to the wedding today which I’m looking forward to.
    Have a lovely day everyone and enjoy the craft show tomorrow.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Good and useful stamps in this magazine, thinking of it. I might see it tomorrow. Cute Milo wanted to read too 🙂 Will be thinking of you ladies who can't join us at the fair.
    Have a great day at the wedding Sonia. It's a nip in the air but hopefully you too had the sun shining earlier, it's now look like the rain is on it's way.
    Not done much today other than some crystal art and watching catch ups.
    Have a good day everyone and many hugs are sent to you all. xxx

  5. Hello, fine day ,but quite chilly out of the sun.

    R is busy cutting the grass before the rain comes next week, it’s very long as he hasn’t done it for a while.

    Good mixture of stamps in the magazine, and plenty of projects to do with them. Love the one with Milo in it.

    Manage to get this weeks challenge done this morning, spent hours looking for my Christmas stamps, but no luck. I must have a tidy up in my room to find them this week.

    Sonia hope the wedding went well and you all had a good time.

    Yes Sandra I fully agree with all you said about Sheena, if the craft industry didn’t support her, she would be out of business. I wouldn’t trust any of her work now.

    Hope you all have a good weekend, Lilian.

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely magazine review those stamps are going to work well over the Christmas season, thank you for feeding our imagination.
    Lovely photo of Milo helping you, think the craft bug is infectious!!!
    I don’t know why the craft company’s keep employing Sheena, she has deceived everyone so many times.
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend, take care and stay safe.
    Love Brenda xxx