Monday 12 September 2022

My Beautiful Card from Lilian


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Oh I'm a nervous wreck this morning, I'd swap anxiety for another symptom any day !!  So this morning I have a CT scan of my water works,  I have to have Iodine injected and a radioactive liquid, I think I had that years ago for a bone density scan, because I could only use a specific toilet afterwards and had other rules to abide by.  Like everything though its the results that are on our minds, now for the first few days of holiday I had that discomfort /pain in my side (that GP thinks could be kidney stones)  which both my Mum and sister had, my sisters caused her to have severe jaundice and emergency surgery though.  However after my bout of sickness I haven't had the pain or pressure,  now this aint the place for getting too graphic but I can't be the only peri-menopausal women that has to sit on the loo when being sick !!  So part of me is wondering if the stone that was causing the obstruction got moved in the process?!  I am definitely going to mention it today.    I will let you know how it goes. 

Today's card is the beautiful birthday card that I received from Our Lilian,  the colours are perfect for this weeks challenge, I have definitely seen The Queen wearing beautiful bright pink hat and coat. The stamp is an old SU set called Birthday Blooms, its a lovely open flower which is beautiful to colour as Lilian has shown.  The background stamping is subtle yet works perfectly,  I love the turned down corner revealing the matching hot pink paper underneath.  

Lilian thank you so much for such a beautiful birthday card and for inspiring us for this weeks challenge XXX 

I hope that you all have a fantastic day,

Love and Hugs to all of you,

Sandra xxx


  1. Morning Everyone
    LILIAN-your card is fantastic and definitly shouts 'LILIAN' all the way.

    I am on the count down to Sunday and have a list a mile long of 'to do'.
    Anyway the sun is shining already and there is a pile of washing waiting to go on the line after breakfast. Atleast one tick on my list.

    HUGS areon their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Your card is beautiful Lilian
    I know you’ll be anxious SANDRA but try and just go with the flow and not overthink it - easier said than done I know
    I am on annual leave this week I must must must make a card for our daughter as it’s her birthday on Thursday I’m finding it hard because I don’t know what theme to follow I’ve done her hobbies (dancing and drinking Prosecco and cocktails 🤣) and she’s not girlie girlie Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Lilian. I like the idea to turn one of the corners down, it makes some interest and cuteness and a beautiful flower.
    Sending love and hugs to you all and wish you good luck Sandra.
    I'm working on zombie move at the moment after taken some meds to have over the nights to help with sleep but I am not right so going back to bed. Have a good day everyone xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card from Lilian ☺️
    Hope it went well today, and you don’t have to wait too long for the results xx
    Maria, hope you’re ok and manage to get some sleep.
    I’m off work now for 2 weeks and counting down the days until we go to Wales 😊 I’m determined to get some jobs done this week which I’ve been putting off for ages, fingers crossed 😉
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. What a beautiful card Lilian, love the Magenta colour flower, you have great taste. xx
    Maria hope you managed to catch up with your sleep and feeling better now. Take care xx
    Janet don’t go working to hard on your to do list. xx
    Sonia enjoy your time off try to make some time just for yourself.xx
    Sandra I know it’s been a stressful day for you, hope you have a relaxing evening. xx
    Take care everyone, hugs Brenda xxx