Tuesday 3 August 2021

Sue's Aperture Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

How is your week going so far, Paul worked from home which was lovely as the girls went straight to Becca's after work to Babysit Benji , they are staying overnight so it will be a quiet night for us.  We had a lovely Roast Beef dinner on Sunday and there were plenty of leftovers so Paul and I will have that tonight, so that means no cooking as well.  Although I will add extra butter to the mash and get paul to give it a good beating in, we will add some fresh picked french beans from the garden too, as we have rather a lot appeared over the weekend with all the rain.  

Now I have a soap box moment,  when we popped into Asda to get some Spring Greens and Cauliflower for our roast dinner, I was outraged as I witnessed a young couple with their children watching on take bags of the most expensive Kale and empty two bags into one, hiding the empty bags in amongst the cabbages,  she must have heard me say 'wow great morals to teach your children'  I also mentioned it to a staff membet who was filling up the vegetable area, but he said "there's not really anything we can do'!!   Now if they were struggling for money then maybe there was an excuse but they were dressed in designer clothes,  they had very expensive sunglasses etc, so clearly had no need to steal, maybe just buy the standard kale rather than the Expensive one, it really annoyed me as you can tell, mostly because their two chikdren were watching their every move, so I'm guessing they just accept that it's perfectly OK to steal !! Rant over, I would love your thoughts though.  

Today's lovely Christmas card is Sue's Aperture challenge card, you just can't beat classic Navy & White!  I love the extra finishing touches like the narrow frame around the aperture,  that's attention to detail and makes such a difference.   Thanks so much Sue for inspiring us with this fantastic Christmas card. XXX 

I hope that you all have as good a day as possible.  

Sending Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    A beautiful card SUE. I love love that shade of blue.

    It never fails to amaze me how some people think it's OK to just take things off shelves in supermarkets etc and not pay for them. In the days when my girls were small and we went Supermarket shopping they always had either a bag of crisps or I opened a packet of sweets etc. I always always put the empty packets/opened packets with the shopping and paid. I wonder just how many parents put the empties into their pockets and never paid. Stealing in any form is something that really makes my blood boil. We work to buy goods and if we cannot afford to buy we save until we can. Others think it's their 'right' to 'take'. It NEVER will be in my book. Rant over.

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours.Help yourselves to drinks etc.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.XXXX

  2. Beautiful card Sue I love how the patterned paper matches the block colour perfectly
    I totally agree with you SANDRA I know we shouldn’t label people but as a child, my two included would not have known what kale was - only well off people would have But I also know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover I have become more tolerant of families with noisy/excitable children — not naughty just loud and a little bit unruly since Oscar was diagnosed with a learning disability Soap box back in the cupboard
    We have a free day (apart from me working this morning) as Oscar is going to Charlie’s nursery for the day One of the ladies used to care for Oscar when he was a baby So she’s excited to see him
    I started a project last night I will send photos if it works - it’s to help with stamping
    Take care all xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Lovely card by Sue, I love the beautiful snowflake.
    I would’ve been shocked too Sandra, to see someone doing that, especially with their children there. Luke and James often come home from work and tell us that customers have stolen things, but they can’t do anything about it. Unfortunately people know they can get away with it! I agree we don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives and the struggles they may be facing, and perhaps it’s just their pride stopping them from asking for help. Sadly, this seems to be the norm these days.
    Hoping to do some more crafting today, made one card yesterday.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Beautiful card Sue, love navy and white together, also love how you have given your card that extra little detail to add quality to the finish. xx

    I’m with you Sandra, I would have had to inform someone if I had witnessed such an incident, they probably take the children with them to get them in training!!! A while ago I was in the M&S convenience store at the local hospital, I was paying for my goods and noticed the cashier was distracted, (above her till she had a screen giving CCTV views around the store) she called out to her colleague, Apparently two females were putting goods straight into their shopping bags. They made a run for it when an assistant approached them. Needless to say they ran in different directions and the assistant couldn’t keep up with them. I personally couldn’t live with myself. I was brought up to understand You can have whatever you want as long as you pay for it. That’s also what we taught you girls.

    There seems to be a new scam about, I’ve had two calls within the last week with someone saying they are calling from the Citizens Advice Service. Saying they have been informed that I have outstanding debts. OH NO I HAVE NOT. Just warning you in case they pick on your area.

    Have a good day, Love Brenda xxx

  5. Morning ladies.
    Love the blue and white Christmas card Sue.
    While shopping in Tesco's ones for a cooked chicken we saw this older man, take one off the shelves, eating it by the crisp section and bundle the rest and bag between the crisp packets. I told a member of staff but like you said, he told me it was nothing they could do. Mum's also give their little ones a bun to eat sitting in the trolley and I'm sure they leave without paying for that sometimes.
    The sun trying to come out so if it's still out in a hour or so I hope to sit outside for a bit.
    Have a good day and hugs being sent for you all xx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Thank you for your kind words about my aperture card. Its just reminded me that I have to send you the one that I made yesterday.
    I am with you Sandra about people stealing things. I realise that sadly some people genuinely don’t have enough money to buy decent food for whatever reason (and we have all seen children having a melt down or whatever but you can usually tell if it is caused by medical issues rather than parents being too lazy to raise their children) but when you see a couple like you saw dressed up in expensive clothing deliberately swapping bags of broccoli then they clearly know exactly what they are doing!!!! Gem has the same problem in her store and they really have their hands tied as far as what they can or can’t do. Having to take a member of staff away from their job to watch the (potential) thief until they walk out of the store without paying for their goods when the store can then take action, but only if the thief doesn’t run away is not feasible or possibly safe either! What a terrible situation to be in but as Gem says it’s better to loose some goods rather than get one of her members of staff hurt. Soap box away now xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx