Tuesday 24 August 2021

Another Embossed Challenge card


Good Morning Ladies, 

It's our Matt's birthday today, where have those 29 years gone?!! I hope you have a lovely day on your holiday love xxx

I hope that you are all well, it was lovely sharing our journey with you on our Blog messenger group, it made the journey go so much faster and because I was looking for interesting things to share with you it made me see more, I now also have a lot more photos than we usually take for our memories.  I will share some of them on Saturdays Blog for anyone that hasn't seen them.  

Janet, I am curious,  after years of being slightly nauseous at the sight of seeing the breakfast ritual of dipping your Croissant,  Pain au Chocolat, french bread and butter in cup of coffee, have you tried it, is it a French tradition that you and Jim have embraced??  The thought of all that flaky pastry or breadcrumbs in the bottom of my tea really turns my stomach!! 

We arrived at our site at around 4pm after stopping to do a big shop on the way in, which saves us having to go anywhere for a few days.  I will say that France felt totally safe, they are taking a lot more precautions than we are at home at the moment, they are having a lot of protests though  people are definitely not keen on Covid passports, they are compulsory everywhere though.  

Todays card is made by the same method as yesterday's , I used the same colour inks, this time I put the inked side down, so it is the raised flat top of the Hexagons that are highlighted,  I included yesterday's card so that you could see the difference.  Once again the sanding really adds to the definition of the hexagons.  I just added a simple Hello to this card, I thought that it would work for both male and female recipients. I really recommend you have a go, you can use any ink  including Oxides. 

Not sure what our plans are for today, I will let you all know later,

Love and warm hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    Love that 'Beehive' Efolder.

    SANDRA-dipping bread etc etc into our first cup of morning coffee is DEFINITELY NOT one of the Fench traditions we have taken to.
    Jim always goes down to the village first thing while I'm setting the table and getting the coffee pot on and usually looking in on our CAFE. He returns with our daily bread and our local daily paper. we have bread with jam on and of course a couple of cups of fresh ground coffee and a quick look at the paper before starting our daily chores. These chores and shopping are only done in the mornings and afternoons are for R&R.

    We are desperately missing our little retreat and are hoping that we may get across at the end of October but it all depends on how Jim fares with his eyes etc etc. We have everything crossed.

    The CAFE is OPEN usual hours. Pop in whenever you can.
    Happy Birthday to MATT.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all with loads of extras for ALL DEAR FRIENDS who need them at this time.

  2. Happy Birthday MATT
    Another very clever card but to be honest I think I prefer yesterday’s version On screen it looks to give more impact
    I enjoyed watching your journey and look forward to the tour of the site
    I had to go to my local Hobbycraft yesterday for some card blanks (not a DL card in sight!) It is definitely getting worse for adult craft items BUT in my local branch they had 2 whole aisles dedicated to Cricut - one aisle had about 6 iPads all linked up to machines There was vinyl and all sorts
    Curiously hardly any dies and not one die cutting machine
    OH is full of cold given to him by Charlie! I’m staying well away - working in my office
    Take care all xx

  3. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Another interesting car today Sandra, Love the way they have both turned out can’t say I prefer one more than the other they both just work so well. I’ve realised I also have this embossing folder so I could try and see if I could get similar results, I’m sure they won’t be as lovely as yours.

    Karen sorry OH has got a cold - kindly donated to him by Charlie, grandchildren just love sharing with their grandparents! !!!

    Janet it would be lovely if you and Jim could make it to your special retreat in October fingers crossed all works out well.
    I couldn’t bear the thought of dipping bread etc into my coffee or any other drink,
    Our mum used to get cross if we dipped a biscuit into any drinks, but when she wasn’t looking and if we had gingernut biscuits they just had to be duked.

    Had a really bad night was still wide-awake at 3 am this morning, but got up at the normal time bright and breezy showered washed and dressed and had breakfast, then sat down in the sitting room just looking at the paper, an hour later I didn’t know what day it was or time - I had just had a lovely nap. Hopefully I’ll get through the rest of the day without nodding off again.

    Hope everyone is well, sending special caring hugs to those feeling under the weather. Take care and stay safe XXX

  4. Hi everyone
    Another lovely card today. The embossing folder works so well both ways 😊
    Glad you arrived safely, and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Hope you had a good nights sleep and the sun is shining for you.
    Happy Birthday to Matt - I hope he has a fantastic day 🥳
    Back to work today. I love Tuesdays as the coffee shop sells scones, so I had a cheese one for my lunch 😊
    Janet, I hope you and Jim will be able to get to your home in France, you must be missing it so much. I’m certainly missing hearing about your delicious cakes from the patisserie ☺️
    Karen, sorry OH has a cold, hope he’s better soon. Sounds like your trip to Hobby craft wasn’t very successful. Our nearest one in Farnborough has always been a bit disappointing too.
    Brenda, sorry to hear you had a bad night, but sounds like you needed that little nap this morning. Hope you have a better night tonight.
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hello All, it’s been another very hot sunny day here, must admit I’ve spent the day indoors, can’t take the sun like I used to.

    Sandra great card, love them both must give that method a go.

    Spent today trying to get my sewing machine to work with with twin needles, just could not thread the eyes, even with my little needle threader. Shows how I rely on the automatic thread, gave up in the end.
    Hope you all had a good day. Lilian

  6. Hi everyone
    Another great card. It shows you can use the EF both ways very nicely.
    Happy Birthday to your Matt, hope he had a good day.
    Sonia, hope you day back to work was alright. Cuddles for Barney.
    Karen, hope OH feel better soon.Hope your day was ok.
    Lilian, hope you are alright. It was hot here too today but not much sunshine. Think the week will be batter tho and no rain.
    Janet, fingers crossed you and Jim will have the chance to go to Marigny once again. You must miss it so much.
    Cheryl, hope you leg is improving for each day. Take care.
    Pat, any thoughts about getting away this year at all or are you saving it to next year now ? Have you made any more of your crafting on-line to show us ?
    Brenda, nice to have a nap in the day. Sometimes the best sleep. You take care, hope to see you soon.
    Sue, thinking of you all, hugs
    Lynda, hope you have got help by someone for your hands. Hugs for you and Terry.
    Sandra , have a fabulous holiday !!
    Have been tidying up a bit today for we have SIL and her hubby here by 10am tomorrow. Hoping it is nice so we can sit outdoors, either at home or at Frost for a coffee in the afternoon.
    Hope you all can have a good night. Until tomorrow, many hugs to all xxx