Tuesday 17 August 2021

 Good morning Ladies, 

Well yesterday was a blur,  the day just flew by,  we wete up early too to celebrate with Paul, he went in to work at lunchtime, I then went into my craft room to get some cards done to cover the days I'm away,  although I got a bit carried away making embossed backgrounds, trying a couple of different technique, I was really enjoying myself to the point that I got carried away, I looked at the time and it was after 5pm, I was going to bake  cake for Paul with the girls but ran out of time,  luckily both Becca and Sophie bought him cakes 🎂! 

Today's card is made using Categories:  Die Cuts/ Embossing Folder/Bling

I used Tasteful Textiles Embossing Folder for the background, then a die cut rectangle cut with Ornate Layers die set,  I then used Forever Fern stamp set,  using Navy, Misty Moonlight and Grey inks to stamp them out, die cutting with matching dies.   I arranged them over the ornate label and added the sentiment. The finishing touches are the Diamante adorned Flowers that I arranged around the sentiment strip. 

I hope you like my card,  I have to say I love the colour combination. 

Have a lovely day ladies,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. It is a beautiful colour combination and a gorgeous card to boot too
    Our day was a bit of a blur as well We we’re looking after Oscar whilst daughter was working We got a phone call at about 2.30 asking if we could have him for longer so that she could take Charlie to hospital In a nutshell she couogetba gp appointment and his wheezing/shortness of breat was getting worse He’s fine now after nebuliser and steroids They’ve diagnosed as a viral wheeze …..! I think he’s got asthma which worsens when he has a cold but who am I…
    I am in the office today (2ndtime in 18 months) to run a huge job which needs a stable internet connection and not our dodgy home connections
    Hope to finish a cc later
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card and I love the colour combo 😊
    Time flies when you’re having fun and get engrossed in something doesn’t it. Spent lots of mornings off work, making an early start with crafting, to realise before you know it it’s lunchtime already.
    Hope you all enjoyed your meal last night celebrating Paul’s birthday.
    Karen, I hope Charlie is ok xx
    Started James’ birthday card yesterday so hoping to finish that later when he goes out.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello All, back in the “ in the land of living” it’s been a rough few days. Spent from 10-30am to 3pm in hospital yesterday.

    Loved all the cards over these last few days.

    Hoping to get back to normal soon, although still feeling rough. Hope you all are ok. Hugs Lilian

  4. Good morning Sandra and ladies
    Thank you all for your kind words ýesterday I'm sorry I had down day felt very frustrated all day not being able 😞to get in my craft room.iwas looking at your lovely card's on Sunday
    SAM rang me yesterday and said
    Harry had broken his arm she ashe's was waiting for Doctor come & see him Doctor said yes elbow was broken.They said they can't put it in plaster so he came home a with sling on.theyare going on holiday on Wednesday.
    Harry is aççdent prone.
    I will send you picture thanks
    Lovely xxx

    1. Nice to see you in 😊 Hope Harry is ok and is able to enjoy their holiday. Sending hugs xxx

  5. Sandrai love your card today &yesterday's wasalso lovely xxx

  6. Hi ladies
    Lovely card Sandra. Glad Paul had a nice Birthday and you all enjoyed the cakes.
    Karen - hope Charlie boy be alright, very scary tho.
    Lynda -we all have days that are up and down so we understand. It can be very frustrating someday's when you want to do something and your body won't let you or you are in too much pain to be able to focus. Hugs are sent for you.
    Hope Harry be ok, shame it was just before the holiday....
    I hope you all have had a good day otherwise. I have done absolutely 0 today and I want to scream but best not for I can see the men in white coats be on their way 🙈🙊😁
    Love and hugs for you all xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love the colours you have used for today’s card they really complement each other. The fern dies and stamps are lovely. Thank you for another beautiful card. xx
    I know exactly what you mean when you said the time flew by when you were crafting. I to can just get lost in time when I’m crafting away, it’s a shock when you realise how long you have spent on your task.

    LYNDA so lovely to see you managed to pop in. Life must be so frustrating for you not being able to craft - BUT remember you can always pop in just for a chat, we just want to know you are ok. xx 💐

    JANET hope all is well for with you and Jim. 🤞🌹

    We have been up to Oxford Street today, a bus from the top of our road to Brixton tube station and the underground to Oxford Circus, so not a difficult journey. But I feel exhausted so nothing much else planned for today I’m pleased to say.

    Have a lovely evening everyone, xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A beautiful card today. I love the colour combo and I will have to get you to order me that fabulous embossing folder. It really is a “less is more” pattern but just seems to work so well with anything. A real “go to” folder. Time does just fly by when you craft doesn’t it 😀 I hope the packing is going well xx
    Lilian, I’m sorry you are still feeling rough but hope you start to feel better very soon xx
    Karen, what a worry little ones are when they are chesty. But at least he is bouncing around again now. I hope work was ok and you got the job done xx
    Lynda, sending hugs to you. You will get back making cards one day xx
    Maria, I hope your not too bad today. Have you meet the new neighbours yet? Hopefully you haven’t heard them too much like the last ones! Gentle hugs from me and Mama Margaret xx
    Brenda, it’s surprising how tired we get after doing what was once before last year a simple trip I hope you have a good sleep tonight. Hugs to you xx
    Sonia, can we see how big Barney has got please. Are his walks better now? Xx
    Janet, how are you both? Is Jim’s eye healing well? It’s amazing what can be done with our bodies these days isn’t it.xx
    Pat, hope you got a walk in today without getting wet. Blooming weather can’t make up its mind can it’s
    Mum is in hospital as her breathing is bad. Covid and chest X-rays are all clear but other tests results won’t be back until this evening. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx