Saturday 31 July 2021

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all having a lovely,  relaxed weekend, we haven’t decided what we are doing yet.  

No Magazine review this week but I have lots of other lovely things to share with you. 

First of all some of your 'Aperture ' cards.....




I have shared a little more Inspiration for our 'Aperture ' card Challenge this week. How incredible are these examples?!  They are all Aperture cards but all include a stunning scene too. 

Janet's Bag

Janet I absolutely love your latest bag, I love the colours you have used and the quilting pattern too, I notice that its beautifully lined too, what a work of art, I would never want to part with this if I had made it, but my goodness what an amazing gift it would make. 
Janet's Description: This is the second bag in a set of three. Again the bag is a JUNE TAILOR SHOPPING TOTE. This bag isn't padded but has a square piece of plastic in the bottom to give it shape for ease of filling.

Thank you so much Janet for sharing your amazing bag with us XXX

Maria's Beautiful Garden

Maria thank you so much for sharing these beautiful highlights of you lovely garden. You have so much vibrant colour, your gorgeous Dahlia must be a competition winner for its beauty,  you definitely have green fingers.  Thanks again for letting us have a peek into your garden, I woukd live to be sitting in it having a cup of tea 🍵 XXX 

Karen's amazing Summer House

Karen's first attempt at growing flowers, Karen nobody would know that this was a first attempt if you didn't tell them,  the colour combination is beautiful and thats an amazing petunia! 

This is Karen's new Summer House,  you are so lucky Karen, its amazing,  I love the reupholstered Ottoman too! Your chairs look really comfy too, what an amazing space to be able to relax in  whatever the weather!  

How big has Oscar grown? Wow he has shot up, he is pictured here with his Sunflowers 🌻.  I wonder how big they will get, he looks very proud. 
Thank you so much Karen for sharing these beautiful photos with us XXX 

Thats all for today my lovely friends,  thanks to all of you for sharing photos and making todays post a special one. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. The saying is a really apt one I have introduced a couple of people to card making and crochet and they’ve all said how much it benefits their well-being
    I love your bag JANET The colours are so pretty
    As for your garden MARIA Well it’s gorgeous and puts my meagre offerings to shame
    Oscar is growing fast He’s proudly showy off his map book (an old Thompson’s Directory) that happens to have an advert of his grandad’s garage in!
    Carpet is done We just need to put back all of the furniture It gave a good chance to really spring clean and get rid of a few items too OH must be so tired but he won’t let me help
    Take care all xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Great inspiration for the next challenge-lovely cards.

    Janet-your bag is really lovely.
    Maria & Karen-gret photos of plants, garden. Summerhouse and your proud grandson.

    We have a full but dry start to the day. I’m at the hairdressers this morning then I need to do some food shopping-just fresh stuff. Might get chance to go in my craft room this afternoon.


  3. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards for the weeks challenge, thank you for sharing.
    Love your bag Janet, very pretty.
    Beautiful gardens Maria and Karen. A gorgeous selection of colourful flowers. Love your summer house too Karen, and little Oscar standing proudly with his sunflowers and map.
    Having a quiet day today. Mark’s got a gig, so I’ll be in charge of the tv remote tonight ☺️
    Hope you all have a good day whatever you’re doing. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies
    Some lovely cards on display today
    KAREN I love your summer house
    MARIA your garden is gorgeous with all your pretty flowers
    JANET love your bag its a work of art.your very talented.
    KAREN how old is Oscar he looks
    Quite tall Harry is 7 now.
    Hope you all enjoying the rest of you're day
    Big Hugs Lynda xxxx

  5. Hi everyone in the cafe' today.

    Janet- love your bag, great pattern and so useful for a lot of things.
    Karen- I am so envy for you to have a summerhouse, it's look lovely and your flowers and the new garden is beautiful. Oscar have grown so much since last. Good job with the sunflowers.
    Thank you for liking the flowers. Honesty truth, I have done absolutely nothing to the garden this year, just let it grow. What you can't see is the three empty pots for something ate the flowers and we need to get someone in to fix the grass for we have got yellow ants who have been very busy and made a big mound in the lawn. Not sure how to get rid of these horrible insects for they bite :/
    Had all week to put the cc together but it was first this morning I made them up, sending them soon to you Sandra.
    Have the kitchen cupboards to finish cleaning, can't do it all in one day anymore.
    I hope you all have a nice Saturday and Sandra sending you and anyone else who need some extra many hugs today. Maria xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a very interesting blog post you have today Sandra, such a mixed selection.

    JANET your bag is lovely, love the selection of fabrics. xx

    MARIA What a beautiful mix of colours you have in your garden. It must be lovely to sit outside and take in this gorgeous display. xx

    KAREN Your summer house must be the envy of the neighbourhood. Who wouldn’t want to own such a beautiful garden retreat (I’m first in the queue)
    Lovely photo of Oscar he looks so proud of his sunflowers and map book. What a lovely photograph to treasure. Beautiful flower box. xx

    Sleep well everyone, Love Brenda xxx