Monday 5 July 2021

Janet's First Rose Challenge card


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Well what A mixed bag of weather that weekend threw upon us, we had it all, 🌞 Sunshine, 🌧Rain, more 🌞 sun, wind and thunder ⛈.  We were in and out all day. The good thing is we got time to sit and relax as well as getting jobs done which makes a nice change.  

Have any of you tried the 'Hello Fresh' meal delivery service?!  We certainly hadn't,  Paul seems dead against it, in his opinion its overpriced nonsense!  Anyway our Matt gifted us a 4 meal box, it arrived yesterday but the box looked like it had been through the wars,  once inside I discovered that a couple of the bags had split open and the spinach was squished to a right mess, a pack of rice had also split and gone inside that particular meal bag,  so first impressions not great, I will share the meals as I make them and let you know my thoughts.  I think it would be a great idea if you were going on holiday as you have everything you need for your main meals so no shopping and they only give you enough for the portions you need so no wastage either,  we will see if the meals live up to my families exacting standards!  Watch this space.

Today's card is Janet's first Rose themed card for her chosen challenge this week. 

Janet's Description:

The Card is made using one of the latest LABLANCHE paper kits. The kit is just named 'ROSES'

Such a pretty paper collection Janet,  I remember seeing this on The Craft Store but it sold out before I got chance to buy it, you got so much for the amazing price too. As always with La Blanche products its grwat quality.   Thank you so much Janet for inspiring us with your card XXX 

I hope you all have a good day, I have my XRays this afternoon fingers crossed that they find what's causing this pain. 

Sending Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet-what a beautiful card, so pretty.

    Well we had lots of rain yesterday plus thunder and the odd flash of lightning. We did manage to cut the grass (hubby) and trim a numbs of shrubs that were overhanging the pavement at the front. In between that I started cutting everything out for my Thank You card order.

    Sandra-hope everything goes
    Ok whenever you go for your Xray.


  2. Such a pretty card JANET La Blanche papers are so pretty
    We’ve been lucky with the weather It has rained overnight and yesterday we had a couple of showers and drizzle in the afternoon OH enjoyed his game of bowls but the whole team got thrashed! So he didn’t feel like he’d let anyone down He looked very handsome in his whites too🤣!
    More rain overnight but although windy it is bright After work I hope to craft and start another cc
    Take care all I so so hope they discover what is causing you so much pain SANDRA It’s got worse after injuring your knee hasn’t it x

  3. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card Janet, love the pretty papers 😊
    Mixed weather here over the weekend too - wet, windy and sunny! Dry and bright here at the moment but very cloudy.
    Interested to hear how the Hello Fresh meals go. I’ve always thought they seem expensive too. Not a good impression though on opening yours, which is a shame,
    but as you say they’d be ideal for a self catering holiday.
    Hope the X-ray goes well and you get some answers.
    My car is in for a service today, just waiting for them to collect it.
    Will start on another challenge card later, made a quick one over the weekend too.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi ladies
    Gorgeous card Janet,they have so many wonderful papers La Blanche and your cards with them are just wonderful.
    Sandra- be thinking of you today and hope you get some answers to why you are in so much pain.
    Morning here started with beautiful sunshine but now the rain is coming in and the sky is dark. OH have gone to Northampton to see cricket but it might be rained off once again. Not sure what I do yet but will see if I can find any 'roses' in my stash but first I will finish a episode of Bridgerton and then do some weeding(why do we have so much growing up between the slabs on the patio and so many ants everywhere) anyhow, I wish you all a nice day and many hugs are sent for you all and extras for Margaret, Lynda, Lilian and anyone who need some. Maria xx

  5. Good morning Sandra and ladies
    We have a beautiful sunny day so far but the clouds look like they are closing in for more rain but hopefully the strong winds will blow them away.
    Sandra hopefully the xray will show what is wrong with your hip 🤗🤭xx
    It's our anniversary today 52 year's
    Must say goodbye as carers are hear
    Love Lynda xxx

    1. Happy Anniversary, enjoy your day xx

    2. ❤️🎉Happy 52nd wedding anniversary🎉❤️
      Lynda and Terry
      Congratulations on reaching this fantastic milestone. Love and hugs to you both from Sue and Margaret xxxx

    3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
      Congratulations to our Lynda and Terry on reaching 52 years of wedded bliss 😄xx.
      Janet, what beautiful papers you have used to make this lovely card. Lablanche do sell pretty papers don’t they 😄 xx
      Sandra, have been thinking of you all day. I hope the x rays are of help to you my lovely. What a lovely gift of the Hello Fresh meals from Matt for you all to enjoy, hopefully. It will be interesting to hear how they go. It’s not good that the packaging wasn’t strong enough. Something to bring up with the firm maybe. As you say the complete meals would be very handy when self catering or just as a treat. I think it’s the additions like herbs and spices that bump up the price of self catering meals if you don’t take them with you and also it’s nice to have something a bit different when you’re on holiday isn’t it. Big hugs for you my lovely xx
      Sonia, I hope your car service didn’t show up any costly repairs needed xx
      Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx