Friday, 16 July 2021

Brenda's Challenge theme.....


Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Woohoo it's the weekend at last, not much planned here as you can imagine, Paul wants to get the lawns mowed and get some weeding done too, I will be limited to 'observing' I think, you have no idea how frustrating it will be for me not to join in! Never mind, it could be worse!  It hardly seems possible that we are in the middle of July already, we find ourselves in the same dilemma as we did last year in that we have our holiday booked (they transferred it over from last year)  I have tried to ask them for a refund on a few occasions but got nowhere, they say that there is no restrictions stoping us from going (at present) so it we decide to cancel we would lose our money, which we are both reluctant to do.  However I read a news article yesterday saying that a few of the European countries are strongly advising their people not to travel to France and Spain and turkey etc. With the cases set to rise here Spain or France may reverse their decision to allow tourists from UK, we will have to watch and wait I guess.  I am not too concerned about Paul and I as far as virus goes, we are both fully vaccinated, we will be in our own car for the entire journey (we even stay in our own car on the Channel tunnel) apart from overnight stop in our own cabin, when we arrive in Spain we will be in our own Mobile home, we will take our own cutlery, cups and crockery, ( I am fussy about those things anyway)!  We will be spending our days either on the beach or lounging at the mobile home reading our books, we are fully self catering so we don't have to eat at restaurants, most do takeaways if we did fancy a treat.  So this next few weeks will be just watching and waiting!  I can't tell you how much I would love to be floating around in the sea right now, I can almost feel the weightlessness  just thinking about it!!! 

Brenda's Challenge

I have asked all of you to have a go at choosing a Challenge theme, we have had Janet's Rose challenge and Maria and Lilian picked Christmas and Red and White,  

Brenda's choice is one that we haven't done since 2019, so it will be fun to do.  So Brenda would like you all to make cards or projects that feature  'Animals'                                                                           You all made incredible cards last time, using so many species from 🦒 giraffes to elephants, hedgehogs 🦔 to Mice, Foxes, Horses, Dogs and cats and Birds too.  Don't forget that you can make Christmas cards with Reindeer or cute cats 🙀 in Santa hats!                                                                   I am so excited to see what you all create.  

Thank you so much Brenda for choosing this weeks Challenge theme, I will definitely have to get my thinking cap on and have a good sort through my stamps and dies!

A quick tip, if you are like me and don't have many animal themed stamps etc, have a look through some of your old magazine freebies, there is always something with an animal on!

I hope that you all have an enjoyable day in the sunshine,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Brenda-great challenge for us next week, I’m already thinking of ideas.

    Sandra-difficult decision about your holiday. Unfortunately having both doses of the vaccine doesn’t stop you catching Covid or passing it on I saw there were 3 more countries added to the Amber travel list yesterday.

    Not feeling great today so I’m going to work from home or at least that’s the plan.


  2. Yay It’s the weekend
    Having hair cut today and I’ve also got a dental appointment as a what to do next consultation Apparently I need work that could take 5 years to complete
    Tea on the Lawn (in the summer house!) was lovely We couldn’t believe that one of our new ladies has been here a year now She loves the cul de sac
    Take care all x

  3. Meant to say I love the idea of this challenge It would be Gary’s birthday in a couple of weeks and his cards always have animals on He would be 41 I can’t believe I’m that old 🤣

  4. Morning Everyone
    BRENDA-a really wonderful theme for next week. Thinking cap will be dusted off.

    We are aiming for the Autumn (Oct) for our first visit to Marigny in two years but it all depends. If we cannot make it then it will be next year. We are really missing our little home but our health comes first.

    Like most of you I cannot believe it's the end of another week though I have to say it's been a very busy one here.

    As you all know it's my 'swear' word day today along with Mr Tesco delivery so another busy day ahead.
    We are definitely having a very very lazy week-end.

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours-pop in whenever you can.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies in the cafe' today.

    Love the cards Brenda and the challenge will be a fun one to do. Now where did I put my animal stamps, hmmm

    Michele- hope you feeling better as the day go and you got some work done.
    Ooh Karen. What are they going to do for you ? I really hoping you be alright.
    Janet- hope you finished you swearword early as it got pretty warm and a nice day so you can sit outside a bit.
    Understand that you wish to go to Marigny again this year, good you have someone looking after it but how have your garden fared ?
    Fingers crossed that you, Sandra and Paul will be able to go away this year. You feel it even more a day like this to be floating around in the sea or the pool. I hope you all have same nice weather today that we got here.
    Did some gardening this morning, can feel it now. Going to sit outside with a drink and read for a while before finish off my cc's and send them to you. The 'kids' have put the washing machine on, that will dry in no time today, Lovely.
    Hope you all are ok and have a good day. Hugs xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I have to say when I suggest an Animal CC to Sandra I said that it would be a challenge for me as I haven’t any animal stamps/dies. Her response was what about your Tim Holtz ones the Crazy birds. All I can say is she knows more about what I have than I do!!! Thank you Sandra XX
    Oh my goodness Sandra you really did dig deep into the archives, the first card I remember I made when my sister was living in Drury Lane London. She wanted a card for one of the priests birthday. I took a selection up to her, this card was added at the last minute (as a joke ) to my surprise it was the one she choose, apparently it was well received and made them both laugh. The second one was for Ciara a few years ago..

    It must feel so disappointing thinking about your holiday and whether it will happen or not again this year. I don’t see things getting much better before October November to be truthful. The government have said expect another surge mid August, if that’s the case the amber countries won’t want UK visitors.
    Janet and Jim I feel for you too I know how much you’re special retreat in France match to you both. Fingers crossed life will get back to some sort of normality that is acceptable to everyone soon.

    Time to get a wiggle on and think about getting some lunch.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.
    Hugs Brenda XXX

  7. Hi everyone
    Great challenge for next week and love the cards 😊
    It’s so difficult to know what to do about going away with all the uncertainty isn’t it?
    It’s a shame the travel company won’t reply to your requests of a refund. I can understand they don’t want to lose the money, but surely under the circumstances they should reconsider or come up with some sort of alternative. I’m sure there are a lot of travellers in the same position as you sadly, and most will probably end up losing a lot of money 😔
    Hope your dental consultation goes ok Karen, hope it’s nothing too serious xx
    Hope you’re feeling ok Michele and working from home has helped xx
    I hope everyone is having a good day and enjoying the lovely sunshine. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Yesterday’s card was a beautiful one that you made for Paul. I do hope you manage to get your money back as I can’t see France etc wanting us travelling there even if only to pass through. But as you say you will be pretty much on your own throughout so fingers crossed if it can go ahead. You both really deserve this break so much this year and it will do you the power of good. And it will be the first holiday in your own since having Matt!!! Xx
    Karen, wow five years is a long time. I hope it all goes well. And I’m sure you had a lovely time with your neighbours this afternoon xx
    Brenda I love you challenge choice and both of your cards are great. I do particularly love the crazy bird cards that you make xx
    Spent the afternoon and evening with Mum and Pop. Had a good nights sleep, for me anyway and woke up feeling so much better thank goodness. Both Mum and Pop had theirs bug so I didn’t have to worry about passing it on to them xx Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx