Sunday, 1 December 2019

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the weekend, did you all feel that temperature drop? We have been leaving a window in our Front Porch open for the cats to go in and out over night but I think that that will now stop now that the temperature has dropped, I woke in the early hours absolutely shivering wondering why on earth I was so cold, I needed to go to the toilet and as I got myself up I felt something on the end of the bed on my side, I gave it a poke only for Paul to say, yes thats my foot, it took a minute to register and my next question was why, as he is usually way over his side of the bed, it was then that I noticed Milo totally spread eagled down beside Paul, I asked Paul if he was cold or was it just me and he said that he felt it too and that he had opened the window in the porch for the cats, who were both snuggled up warm inside, so I made my way as fast as I possibly could and closed that window and made sure the kitchen door was open so that the warmth that the Aga creates could circulate, I did all I had to do and crawled back into bed, luckily Paul is like a hot water bottle so I soon warmed up.  
Actually as I am writing this we have a lovely fire roaring away in the lounge, I'm pretty sure that just the sight and sound of it makes you feel warmer, with the lounge door closed the room really does warm up fast. I think we will having many more of these as we go through the winter, I haven't seen anything that indicates how harsh a winter we will be having, there are lots of berries on the trees etc, which I'm sure is a bit of an 'Old Wives Tale' they do say that it's the sign of a 'Hard Winter' though, we will have to see.  I think I can predict that we won't be having a drought next year though, no 'Old Wives Tale' needed, there is still so much standing flood water in the fields, just the slightest shower and the levels seem to rise.

Let's get on with the show.........


Oh My Goodness Janet, these cards that you have made for our Challenge this week are some of your most amazing cards, I absolutely love all of them, how special would you feel receiving any of these cards?  You really have thought hard and come up with some incredible ideas, the first and last cards would be framed and come out every year as Christmas Home Décor for me.
I will leave Janet's Description Below:

''My first offering this week is made using PHIL MARTIN'S STATELY COLLECTION, DOUBLE DEBOSSED ESSENTIAL OVALS.The lace and resin flowers are from my stash and the sentiment is a Crafter's Companion die.

My second offering is made using STAMPERIA 12X12 PAPERS 'PROVENCE' and the HESSIAN/flowers and pearl bow are all from my stash.

My third offering is made using a TONIC DIE 'DELICATE LATTICE PERFECT POCKETS'.The backing paper is CLARITY INDIAN SUMME. The glitter card/LACE FLOWERS/and trimmings are from my stash.The sentiment is a CRAFTER'S COMPANION die.

My last offering this week is made using A CRAFTER'S COMPANION DIE 'SCENIC VILLAGE. The LACE around the card is from my lace box."

Thank you so very much Janet for four stunning cards XXX


Marie has created two absolutely Stunning Christmas cards for this weeks Challenge.

The first card is a 'Traditional' Christmas scene card featuring a 'Shaker' element in the Snow Globe, I love this card Maria I love the foiling (could you have used Silver Mirror card instead of fiddling with the foil) ?  It may have been fiddly but it really works, so does the ribbon placed diagonally across your card, I will be borrowing that idea, thank you! hahaha.

Maria's second card is another Crystal Art piece, it is stunning Maria, It looks really 3D and that Poinsettia's look really vibrant and realistic.

Thank you so much for taking part and creating two stunning cards Maria XXX


Karen, WOW what an Brilliant idea to used Corrugated card to create the trees for your Challenge card this week, they really look like Silver Birch trees, how on earth did you come up with that idea?

Karen's Description:

''Here’s a cc using Sizzix dies and my something different is the trees are corrugated paper brayered with white gesso''

Thank you so much Karen for creating such a lovely Challenge card and inspiring us all with your Genius idea XXX


Three fantastic cards from Michele for this weeks Challenge, all completely different too.

Michele's Description:

"3 (old cards) for this weeks challenge. Ribbon as a background, hessian on card number 2 and acetate with a large sentiment stamp on card number 3. Sorry they’re not made specially for this weeks challenge but I’ve run out of time!"

Thank you so much Michele, we all have weeks where time runs away with us OR we just have no mojo, I don't remember seeing these cards the first time around, so had you not said anything I would be none the wiser! XXX

Pat's card is another of her amazing Groovi cards, I love this Christmas card Par, those Robins are gorgeous and the baubles look amazing in the blue with the highlight of yellow.
 Your Groovi work just gets better with every card you make, I love all of the intricate detail you have added or highlighted.
Thank you so much for another inspirational Groovi card XXX

Ladies your cards for this Challenge have absolutely blown me away, you have all really put thought into coming up with alternative fronts for your cards, so many stunning cards, thank you so much my lovelies XXX

Lynda continues to improve, I am in touch with her daily, I think she is getting fed up now and just wants to be home, we love you Lynda and are sending you huge healing hugs XXX

Lilian, sending hugs your way too, I hope you are well my lovely XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    from a very white and frosty morning here welcoming in the las month of the year.

    Beautiful cards this week.So much inspiration too.

    Well we've decided that we're off to Lakeside Shopping in Doncaster to do some Seasonal choc shopping.We must be mad but at least it will be done and dusted. We shall be wrapped up like Michelin

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all to pop in.Lunch/Dinner menu today is Roast Pork so place your orders please.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safexxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What an amazing selection of challenge cards today, so many stunning cards.

    I had so many plans for this challenge but I completely ran out of time.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Phil yesterday. We had s great time in Liverpool. Came home & ordered a new TV. Went out for a meal last night with friends & had a very enjoyable evening. Late home so a nice leisurely start to today!


  3. Morning ladies,

    Happy 1st of December to everyone.

    A short respite from all things Cannington Christmas (this coming Saturday) gives me time to pop in and see your wondrous Christmas challenge cards.
    I'd have a very hard time to choose a favourite they are all equally fantastic. Take a bow ladies.

    Visit to Mum & Dad on Wednesday with Fiona has made me quite unsettled, Dad seems to have given up and is not doing anything that he has been told to do by his consultant, just sitting in his chair feeling sorry for himself, which means my poor Mum (who has enough health problems of her own and is actually more frail than him) having to shoulder all responsibilities. He won't even get up to walk around for a spot of exercise or make them both a cup of tea. A family discussion has been instigated so that my siblings are aware of the problem and they need to help out more than just visit. A plan of action has been formed that Mum & Dad sort through their rooms and mark each box (They are such a trip hazard and the whole of the house has boxes in every corner and on top of furniture) that they no longer need which we can take either to a charity or the recycling centre. Jamie and I will be going up on the 14th Dec (his first weekend off) to make a start to take some of them away.

    Time to start getting brunch ready, enjoy your day

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. So sorry to hear about your dad Cheryl and your poor mum. It's a tough time for you all. I'm sending you some special hugs xx

    2. Thank you Maria, I've spoken to Mum earlier and she has said he has perked up a bit after our visit and has used his pedals (floor cycle) to exercise his legs for the first time in weeks. I hope it continue as his legs are so swollen with inactivity. Hugs to you too sweetie xxx

    3. Hi Cheryl
      I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad & Mum. Not good to hear that he’s not getting about and that your Mum is having to shoulder everything herself. Let’s hope he continues with his little pedals and gets his legs more active. Hope all your Christmas celebrations go well in Cannington.

    4. Hello Cheryl, sorry to read about your mum and dad. Your mum must be delighted dad has started to use his floor cycle, hope he continues.
      Stay strong for both of them. xx

  4. Morning everyone.
    What a real treat to see so many wonderful cards this morning. Janet always makes some amazing cc's.
    Your birthday card for Rebecca is gorgeous. Pat and you are making some wonderful groovi art.
    My brain went cross wired when it was said to use something we not usually putting on our cards so I looked around and found the Kitchen Foil so that what i used, not the strongest material so yes I will use card or paper in the future hihihi
    Got to go shopping for food this morning at Tesco and even if it's not frosty this morning I can feel the chill so have to wrap up too.
    Janet- have a nice day and hope you get what you looking for.
    Michele- have a nice relaxing day. Glad you had a good evening with your friends.
    Lynda- healing hugs are sent for you. You soon back home and can get CU running around for you with lots of builders tea :>)
    Lilian- have a nice day and Happy birthday to the little man. He will love his present, so nice to see he love reading and not just gaming as most youngsters these days.
    Margaret- hope you doing alright, big hugs for you and Pop.
    Brenda- have a good Sunday,hope your sister is doing better?
    Best get a move on or this day will soon be gone too, not sure who stealing the hours but don't they fly away when you need more of them. Anyhow ,have a nice day everyone and look after yourself. Many hugs, Maria xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra loved your advent calendar yesterday. The challenge cards are all very
    Michele good magazine review, pleased Phil had a good
    Lynda please be patient they will let you home when you are
    ready, at least you are in the right place hugs on the way to you
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  6. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Lovely cards on show today. I must say your work is so amazing. I’ve been busy putting glitter on my Christmas cards this morning. Before that I took Olivia to work on my way to Hilltop Garden Centre. I also popped in to see Danny & Joan and paid for our tickets to the Christmas do they have in Hailey Village Hall every year. Witney Silver Band play Christmas Carols & lots more songs every year and we’re provided with a buffet supper every year.

  7. Afternoon all! Well the whirlwind that is Oscar went home a couple of hours ago So I had a quick snooze and cleaned the kitchen floor that was covered with his “cake mix” I’d cleaned the cupboard doors yesterday!
    He is such a joy to look after He has his problems but his personality far outweighs them
    Great cards ladies and all so very different I did send a second ... using a PP’d piece of water colour card ... never mind
    The idea for the above card came from watching Pete (Hughes I think) from Sizzix on Hochanda
    Big hugs to CHERYL LYNDA and for everyone else
    Take care xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What an fantastic selection of challenge cards, so much inspiration, ladies you are so clever.

    Sorry I haven’t been in for a couple of days, no real excuse, although I have had a ‘funny’ (not) tummy, all ok now. Life just got in the way - it’s that time of the year, none of us have enough hours in our day and everyone needs our time!

    Sandra When we had our cats they would love to snuggle up during the night, we would often wake up on the edge of our side of the bed and a cat asleep in the middle of us on top of the duvet. Cats are such characters.

    Sleep well everyone, hugs Brenda xxx

  9. Good evening everyone just popping in to thank you for your best wishes
    I have still have long a way to go but I'm getting better each day.
    I really love all your cards. I'm missing my craft room so think I will have buy a box of cards for this year.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Lynda how lovely you are able to look in, sending you gently hugs, keep up the good work help you towards your recovery. XXX