Wednesday, 4 December 2019

O Come All Ye Faithful.....

Good Morning Ladies,

How are we all today?? I have my fingers crossed that you are all well and those of you that are struggling are starting to feel better.

Today's card is another Challenge Card using Embossing/Die cutting/Blue....

I cut my base card to 7 X 5 inches and then matted a layer of silver mirror card, the next layer (top) was made by running a piece of matt blue mirror card through Crafters Companion's 'O Come All Ye Faithfull' Embossing Folder.  I stuck this down onto my silver mirror card layer and added a piece of Polka Dot Tulle and narrow blue ribbon down the left hand side if the card, finishing it with a knot at the top.
To decorate the card is used the same two mirror cards to die cut John Lockwood's Poinsettia Die, I then alternated the layers and added Sue Wilson's Holly Sprig die for foliage. To finish the flowers I added faceted gemstones to the centres.
I hope you like my card. x

I had a lovely day yesterday, Pat came over and we went out for lunch, we went to the Garden Centre that we have always gone to,  to discover that 'The Works' and 'Bon Marche' had gone, closed down, the Restaurant was also a disappointment, it changed from a 'Wyevale' to a 'Hillier', when we went a couple of months back they had a total different menu, which the explained was a 'Basic Temporary' menu, which they were going to only have while they got the kitchen sorted, but when we went yesterday it was still the same very basic menu!  So we decided to go somewhere else, we ended up going to Toby Carvery, which was delicious and a lovely treat, it was super busy though.
We came back after to do some crafting, Pat started another stunning Groovi card, I think you must have enough to last you a couple of years Pat!
Thank you so much for such a lovely day xxx

After Pat left I was eagerly awaiting a 'scheduled GP Phone Consultation', they called me Monday morning to say that there was a problem with 2 of my Prescribed Medications, I will say I was quite concerned (nothing new eh)!  He eventually called at about 4.45pm and explained that there had sadly been an incident where a chap had taken two of the medicines that I take together and these medications can both cause drowsiness, the chap had sadly taken the drugs together and they caused such a deep drowsiness that he fell into a coma and died.  So he wanted to discuss my medication, I explained that I had been taking the same combination at the same dose for many years and that neither if them made me feel remotely drowsy, he suggested that I thought about lowering the dose of one of them, I said I would think about it although I had been on the medication for so long and the dose had got higher as time had gone on.  I also said that I wasn't prepared to make my life any worse by having to put up with being in more pain than I am now, most people would find the half the pain I have unbearable, I have just had to learn to cope with it, it's something really hard to explain to other people though, he did ask where my pain was, after he had listened to my medical history he just said 'ah you have pain in many places then', I said yes I do, some places worse than others. He was happy with the outcome of our conversation, he was actually a GP that I had never seen but he was really nice and very understanding!  Very sad story about the poor chap though x

Cheryl I could do a Video Tutorial I you really wanted me too xxx

Janet how was your K & N Christmas Lunch?  I hope it was lovely xxx

I hope that you all have a lovely day today,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-gorgeous Card, it’s beautiful & my favourite colour.

    Went to bed early last night as I couldn’t get warm & felt achey, not feeling 100% this morning so I hope I’m not coming down with something.


    1. Sorry to hear that Michele, I hope your symptoms improve over the day. xxx

    2. Sorry to hear your under the weather Michele. I hope whatever you have passes soon.

    3. Oh MIchele that’s the last thing you need just now (well or at any time really) it’s such a busy time of year and I’m sure your workload doesn’t help.
      Dose yourself up and keep warm m xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    A beautiful card SANDRA so festive.

    K&N lunch went well. All the food was good and everyone had their requested menu.It made a lovely change to go out.Out next meeting is on the 17th and will be the last for this year.We're not crafting but having a little party.

    I'm hoping to make a start on my CC this morning as I'm way behind this week.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for anyone to pop in for a look/chat and a cuppa.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.Take care and stay safe.xxxx

    1. I’m glad you had a lovely time at your K & N lunch yesterday.

  3. Hi ladies.
    Such a beautiful card Sandra and so was the one yesterday.Our garden centre in MK changed name but they still got the Works. Whoever the Carvery is gone sadly.
    I hope you not got a bug Michele, they seem to take forever to go. Wish you better.
    Lynda, hope you home now and will take it easy but also listening you the doc with exercises etc. sending you and Terry big hugs.
    Lilian, hope the journey back from your weekend away was fine. Wrap up warm, it's cold outside with a little sun, hope you got the same.
    Janet, glad you had a nice time at K&N.
    The stamping group I went to on Monday was great and I so hope they make some more in the new year because it was 12 ladies who came. You got enough instructions to make 6 cards, as norm I had to take it home to finish 😉(hey,look what I found)😄 how many years have I had this lappi ? 😁
    Yesterday the day just went with me coming back from town at around 1pm to start making up some x-mas cards, panic setting in 😥 and feeling shaky. Not so good when I need to send the ones abroad at least sooner rather then later. Many will just have to get bought ones or even e-cards this year.
    I'ts porridge time so I will let you go and do your things for today, sending many,many hugs to you all. xxx

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed your stamping yesterday. Let’s hope it turns into a regular meet up for you. Gentle hugs coming your way.

  4. Morning ladies,

    A cold Jack Frost start to the day with exactly the same wispy type clouds and shy sun as Monday. Radiator thermostats are definitely going a notch higher today.

    Yes, I would love a video, it would be lovely too for Milly-May to make her own for next year.

    Mum rang last night to say Dad hadn't come home from a hospital appt. So she had to ring the 2 hospitals who both said he wasn't there but the receptionist at Southmead gave her the booking office and they confirmed his appt was at Bristol Royal Infirmary who then confirmed he was admitted earlier.??? He had taken his mobile so he could ring the taxi service but did not think to ring Mum! I am now of the opinion that the symptoms of his 'forgetfulness' and bad temper towards everybody he comes in contact with are the start of Dementia after talking to a friend who works in a Nursing Home dealing with patients who have it. Mum said 'yes that is my opinion too' because of his irrational behaviour towards her. We don't know when or if he will be discharged. Case of watch this space.

    Jamie is home today, hooray, lovely lunch waiting for him later.
    Which reminds me I must get the veg done and parcels posted before my day gets too busy.

    I hope your day will be as good as you expect it to be.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      Doesn’t sound good re your Dad. Bet who I visit up near Harwich is quite like your Dad. She has Dementia and it can be quite upsetting. Are you doing the Pantone costumes this year ?. I know you’ve had a few problems the last couple of years.

    2. It does sound like it doesn’t it Please please try and get a diagnosis asap
      I have a saying saved on Pinterest about dementia I will try and forward it to you
      One thing I remember from it is that the shouting is frustration that the person want to explain something and it’s in their head but can’t get the brain to engage and say the right thing Take care xx

    3. Hi Cheryl. yes, it does sound like it could be. So sorry for you all. Take care xx

    4. Oh Cheryl, my heart goes out to you - it’s so painful when our parents need us to step in and exchange rolls with them. Take care xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra lovely card, I love the colour. Pleased to hear you eventually got your meal, at least you know what you are getting there. xxx
    Janet sounds as if you had a lovely
    Lynda hope you are getting there, hugs on the
    Maria I am pleased you enjoyed the Stamping class, hugs to
    Sending hugs to all love

  6. Hi Sandra & Ladies.
    A lovely card today. I’m glad the Dr rang you re your meds. But a shame about the gentleman who the medication affected. Not much going on here but I have been sorting out how many stamps etc I need and will be popping into town after lunch to post a few of them. Perhaps have a wander round as well. We had a very sharp frost last night and it’s bitterly cold today.
    Gentle hugs to all who need one today.

  7. My days seem to be getting shorter and shorter! Admittedly I have been out this afternoon having my nails done
    Your card is gorgeous SANDRA and so glad you and PAT eventually got your meal Disappointing that theWorks had closed
    Sounds like you had fun too JANET
    I hope you aren’t coming down with something MICHELE
    I’m glad you enjoyed the stamping class MARIA
    I feel a bit snuffly I hope it’s not going to develop
    I must try and find some mojo and start a cc A few ideas buzzing around I just need to focus on one thing
    Take care all and look after yourselves
    PS No racing around LYNDA

  8. Hello All. Cold but lovely and sunny.

    Sandra lovely card, you are so creative, glad you got the meds sorted, wish I had some that make me sleepy.

    Hoping to start my c card tomorrow, not looked at the grid yet. Ordered a new unit for my craft room. Only plastic, delivered in 7 boxes, hope it fits.
    Cheryl sorry for the news about your Dad. I expect you know about attendance allowance, if not send me email.

    I’d better to go and get some dinner, cold roast pork with bubble and squeak.
    Hugs to all Lilian

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Beautiful card Sandra, blue is such a lovely yet different choice for our Christmas cards, I have chosen a similar tone for a few I have made, still got more to make, what did I say the other day about hours in my day!!!

    Sounds as though you and Pat eventually had a lovely lunch yesterday and have time for crafting later, you both must have been exhausted last night. I hope you haven’t had any more of the frightening episodes you had the other day, thank goodness Paul was around to keep a watchful eye on you.

    Sending caring hugs to those who are feeling under the weather, love Brenda xxx