Monday 16 December 2019

Cheryl's Clean and Simple Challenge card


Cheryl's Clean & Simple Cards

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I am so very proud to share with you all some amazing news, Our Sophie handed in her first three Modules a couple of weeks back and has been quietly waiting for the results, one of the modules was to create a Comic with an animated panel (section of a page) and her other main module was an A6  Art Journal in which she recorded her first 6 weeks at University, for these two modules she received a First with Honours !!!! 
The last module was to create a Book Cover in Adobe Illustrator, for this she received a First !!!!
I can't tell you how proud both Paul and I are of what Sophie has achieved, we knew she would get a good grade as we watched all three modules come together, hopefully this will give her a bit more confidence as she goes forward. She was top of the class which is also a huge achievement.  All three of the modules were something completely new to Sophie putting her out of her 'comfort zone', this has proved that she can take on anything and succeed.  This was such amazing news to start our Christmas Holidays. XXXXXX 

Today's cards are Cheryl's 'Clean & Simple' Challenge cards that I just forgot to add to the list yesterday, I think that I was too distracted by the 'Strictly Come Dancing Final', OMG what an incredible final, the best ever I think, I'm not too sure if any of you have watched this series but we have all sat as a family every Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed this series, there was something for every age I think as there was a 'Social Media' star and range of 'celebrities' from soaps, sports and TV presenters and comedians, every program was fun to watch but one star stood out throughout the whole series and he was a last minute substitution, Kelvin Fletcher who played 'Andy Sugden' in Emmerdale for over 20 years, although he had never danced or had and dance training he was always at the top or 2nd of the leader board, on Saturday night we sat having a celebratory dinner for Soph's achievements and watching Kelvin dance his way to Victory, perfect night!!
Back to Cheryl's cards... (I got a bit carried away with my excuse for missing adding Cheryl's card to the list).
Cheryl created a lovely set of stamped Christmas cards for last week's Clean and Simple Challenge.  I love the stamp you have used Cheryl, it has so much detail, making it perfect to use as the main focus of the card.  Cheryl stamped the image on the left hand side of the card, positioning it so that it flows down into that border strip, that has been highlighted with the addition of some coloured card, Cheryl has used the same colour ink as the paper that she has used to accent that border.
A lovely design Cheryl that would work for other occasions too.
Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us, I apologise for missing it on Sunday's post XXX

That's all for today Ladies,

Have a lovely day however you are spending it,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-please day Well Done to Sophie. Her results are fantastic .

    Cheryl-lovely Cards & a great idea to co-ordinate the colours with the border.

    It’s extremely windy again here today but no rain (yet)! I have a few chores to do after work so I hope it doesn’t rain.


    Lovely cards CHERYL I too love how you’ve colour coordinated each card
    I love love Strictly and Kelvin certainly deserved to win He alongside Michelle Visage were favourites of mine When series started I used to get emotional because it reminds me of when my mum used to phone me as soon as the credits started rolling to talk about the programme!
    We have bring and share lunch today So this will prove interesting in my new team
    Take care all and hope you’re beginning to feel better LYNDA xx

  3. Morning Everyone
    More than well done SOPHIE.What a fantastic start to Uni.

    CHERYL-love your cards and how you co-ordinated the borders etc.

    Well it's another extremely windy and wet start to the week here.When are we going to get some dry weather.I don't mind cold as we can all wrap up but this wet/damp just plays havoc with all joints etc as I'm sure many of you can relate to this.

    I spent most of yesterday wrapping children's presents etc with lots of 'sit' downs in
    I did have lots of coffee made for me and help to cook Sunday lunch eaten at tea-time as I was still a little shaken after my 'adventures' on Saturday.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all.
    HUGE HUGS a plenty on their way to you all.
    LYNDA-hope things are going OK this time.
    Take care and stay safe xxxx

  4. Hi Sand a &ladies.
    Congratulations Sophie on your achievements in your 1st year at Uni. You’ve made a great start.
    Lovely cards Cheryl as well.
    Lynda I hope you’ll be home soon and we’ll on your way to recovery.
    We had some torrential rain again yesterday and our road was running with water. It went from one side of the road to the other. Let’s hope we don’t have so much today.
    Take care every one if you have to go out today.

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Well done Sophie you have made an amazing
    Sandra you & Paul deserve to be proud, she has received so much encouragement from you
    Cheryl your cards are
    Marie I cannot do cross stitch any more, that is so annoying, hugs on
    Lynda hope you are in less pain, hugs to you &
    Brenda may it be less painful. Hugs on the
    Sending hugs to all love

  6. Hello All, dry but cold, washing on the line.

    Congratulations to Sophie, very well done, hope you are enjoying your course.

    Cheryl, a great bundle of cards, love the matching boarders.

    Been trying to finish making my Christmas cards today, first time I’ve been so late.

    Lynda I do hope you are beginning to feel better, sending great big hugs.

    Hugs to all, Lilian

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies in the cafe' today.
    Congratulations Sophie and well done !
    Lovely cards Cheryl. Like the different colours and strip made in the same. You have given me a good idea for the neighbours ones.
    Lynda, many healing hugs for you my friend and hope Terry can give you a hug from us soon.
    Sorry so many have this wet and raw weather. Can't get warm today and fingers are freezing so got gloves on indoors.
    Went to the skip this morning, Son is clearing out his room, so can see many more trips down there in the next few weeks. Because we are going away for a few days on Wednesday the mattress will be collected next Saturday, we apparently missed tomorrows slot LOl
    Need a haircut so that's tomorrows adventure and have a look around the shops but it will be crazy busy so will just take it easy for don't like big crowds anymore and it's get hot so I'm getting dizzy and feeling rather crap,wish me luck 😥
    Have a nice evening and Pat enjoy you chicken.
    Many warm hugs to you all, Maria xx

    1. Hi Maria, that was my idea of these cards for my neighbours xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Congratulations SOPHIE you are certainly proving what Mum and Dad already knew, they are so proud of you, as are all of the ladies on the blog. We will be following your career with great interest and wishing you every success in whatever path you follow. xx.

    CHERYL Your cards are lovely. They deserve to have their own day on the blog. x

    Sorry just a flying visit today. Sleep well, Love Brenda xxx