Sunday, 8 December 2019

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

No news from Lynda as yet, when I spoke to her yesterday morning nobody had been to tell her whether she was having surgery or not having surgery, she had asked the nurses but they hadn't got back to her with an answer.  I know just how frustrating this is, when you are sat there desperate to get home and they just leave you hanging with no clue as to whats going on.  Hopefully they will have some news for you today my lovely xxxx

Let's look at your cards.....


Brenda has shared Tierney's 21st Birthday card for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge,  it is just so pretty, I love that shoe!

Brenda used Categories: Birthday/Die cut/Ribbon 

The Shoe Die that Brenda has used is a 'Sweet Dixie' die, the flowers are from Hobbycraft.
I bet Tierney loved her card,  what 21 year old doesn't love shoes?!.

Thank you so much my lovely for sharing such a special card XXX

Janet has made three amazing cards for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge, 2 super cute and 1 really pretty.

Janet's Description:

My first card was made using a CD 'MY BESTIES' by Sherri Baldy

My second card is made by using a CD ALICE IN FABULOUS LAND'by Dolly Dimples Crafts.

My last card is made using a TONIC MEDIA DIE FOR THE FRAME.The backing paper ; ribbon/stick pins/flowers are all from my stash.

Thank you so much Janet for taking part and creating 3 gorgeous cards XXX


A really pretty card from Karen for this weeks TicTacToe  Challenge,  I love that shade of blue Karen.

Karen's  Description:

"Here’s a cc which covers quite a few
Blue Die cut Birthday 
Blue Floral Enamel dots
I have used JL Gerbera panel Blue Glitter Nuvo drops SW sentiment that’s triple stacked"

Thanks so much Karen for another fabulous Challenge card, I really appreciate the time you set aside to take part. XXX 


Maria has not felt great this week so I thought I would find one of her cards that works for this TicTacToe Challenge perfectly to remind her how amazing her cards are.

This card uses Categories:  Die cut/ Blue/Ribbon

I hope you manage to get some of your Christmas cards made rhis weekend Maria, thank you for such a lovely card XXX


Michele has created an amazing card for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge,  the effect of that card is incredible, it looks as though you have done some kind of "technique " on it!!

Michele used Categories: Blue/Emboss/Birthday 

Thank you so much for taking part Michele XXX 


Now I know how frustrated Lynda is at not being able to take part in the challenges so I looked in her file on my laptop and found this card that fits the TicTacToe perfectly, using categories:

Embossing/Die Cut/Floral

Such a lovely card Lynda, I love that deeply embossed background, it gives such a great texture to the background, your floral sprays are so pretty too, this card would bring a smile to anyone's face my lovely.  I hope it can bring a smile to yours too today XXX


Lilian has designed a stunning Christmas card for this weeks TicTacToe Challenge using her Cricut Machine for the border, I am so impressed Lilian mine just sits gathering dust!!

Lilian's Description:

"I used Categories die cut/ribbon/heat embossing, the outer ring was cut on my cricut."

I love your beautifully coloured Robin and your Holly with its Gloosy berries, you always add the special little details to your cards Lilian and it really shows, thank you for taking part this week my lovely XXX 

Well yesterday ended up being very frustrating,  Paul was 'on call' although i'm not sure why as the people that usually do it are on a much higher pay grade, problem is his company have lately taken to employing Spanish people, (Airbus is based in spain), now they didnt stop and think about the fact that most of these employees take leave from early December to go back to Spain for Christmas and New Year, so they have left themselves with nowhere near enough staff to cover, so they are pressuring other members of staff to cover weekends,  So Paul got called put 3 times yesterday, 40 mile round trip each time, (they dont pay fuel) the last one was while we were shopping, so I am sat in the car,  in the dark, freezing cold as I write this, he was going to be ten minutes about an hour ago! 
I wonder what today will bring, I know he will be exhausted as he will have worked 7 days straight and then is expected to start again tomorrow morning!! So by friday he will have worked 12 days in a row! 
Sorry Rant over, i could only manage to sit on Soap Box today ladies! haha

Enjoy your Sunday, 

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Everyone
    The boards are full of beautiful cards this morning. It's good that we haven't got to choose a favourite.

    Shopping yesterday morning was horrible.It was just like wading through thick fog.There were so many people jostling/pushing etc that we finished coming home before all the shopping was done.

    LYNDA-I hope that you get some good news today.Chin up Dear Friend I'm thinking of you.HUGS aplenty coming your way.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting.The lunch menu today is Roast Beef so place your orders.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.Take care and stay safexxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What a fantastic selection of challenge cards today. Do many lovely cards.

    My card was made using patterned paper which has a delicate gold pattern on it.

    Sandra-hope you managed to get some shopping done in between the call outs.

    Last night was a fantastic night-there was about 100 people at the Golf Club. It was the 60th Wedding Anniversary of the couple we go out for meals with. Alec is looking exceptionally frail and I think that last night is one of the things that’s been keeping him going. We’re out on the 21st for a Christmas night with them so it’ll be interesting to hear their thoughts on last night. We were the last to leave as we wanted to make sure Alec+ Mary got home ok. Today is going to be quite leisurely I think!


  3. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely bags yesterday & todays cards are lovely. Shame Paul got called out so many
    Thinking of you
    Sending hugs to all love

  4. Evening all.
    Lovely cards on the board today ,love them all and Lilian your robin is soooo cute. Thank you for being so understanding Sandra and digging out a oldie from me. Forgotten I have that die. I hope you and Paul have been able to have a nicer day together then yesterday bless him ,he must be so tired.
    Sorry Lynda had to have another op so couldn't go home, I wish you are soon tho. Thinking of you.
    Had SIL up for the day so have been busy and we also went out for a big lunch(Chinese buffet) so no roast beef needed for me Janet as I'm still full. We also went quickly over to Frost to look at all the decorations etc. love seeing all the little ones faces when they saw the reindeer's singing.
    Now going to put my feet up and with a cuppa watch a film with the others so I wish you all a good evening. Warm hugs Maria xx

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A lovely lot of challenge cards to enjoy. I agree with Janet. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one favourite.
    Sorry to hear that Paul got called out three times yesterday. Why don’t so many companies think ahead these days? Common sense and logic aren’t used by many are they and you would think the least they could do would be to pay mileage!!! I hope he was able to relax today with you my lovely xx
    Lynda, I have everything crossed that you have had the surgery so that you can get home to Terry and your own bed. Big gentle hugs are on their way xx
    Brenda, I hope your bloods are ok and the shoulder jab gives a good result x
    Janet, belated gentle hugs for you both x
    I have actually slept more than I’ve been awake today after a busy couple of days. Wouldn’t have wanted to go out anyway as it is so windy and wet here. I hope you all have better weather. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda and all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love all of today’s challenge cards, I’m with Janet and Sue it’s impossible to choose a favourite they are all brilliant.

    LYNDA sorry you are having to sit and wait to find out when/if you are going to be taken back into theatre. I hope you get some answers tomorrow. XX

    Sorry your weekend has been a bit of upheaval Sandra, I can’t believe Paul has not been put on higher pay rate for his call out duties. John would embrace his call outs, in fact the control centre often called him when he wasn’t on call out. Because the person who was on call went AWOL (the pub) so they knew he would not be able to drive or check the pumps and machinery. He loved the challenge.

    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx