Monday, 2 December 2019

My Challenge Card

Good Monday Morning,

Well that's it, we are officially on the countdown to the 'Big Day', it makes me chuckle to myself how excited my children still are when they get up on the 1st of December looking for their Advent Calendars! We have cloth ones that we refill every year, we just use their favourite sweets and chocolate, that's all they have ever had and it still seems to delight them.  I always do one for Paul too, there isn't a chocolate that that man doesn't like, so he is easy to please, I like to leave little ❤notes in his too, telling how much I appreciate him and all he does.  What do you all put in your advent Calendars.??

Today's card is another of the projects that I made from my DT dies from, on this particular card I wanted to show that these 'Bag Topper Dies' can do more than make bag toppers, so for this card I used them as decorative labels.  I simply die cut the die once in any card, then 'Left the die cut pieces in the die' and run through the machine again with Berry Burst card, because the original die cuts are still in the die it only cuts the outline, which means you have a coloured base layer for your intricate die, I cleaned out the die and then die cut another in white card and adhered it to the Berry Burst base layer, voila a lovely decorative topper!!  Now you need to cover up the detailed handle die cut area, which I did by using an oval die cut with the sentiment stamped on and a little Berry Burst ink around the edges. I then stuck it over the area where the handle cut out is. To finish I placed Berry Burst Ribbon across the card front, which covered the perforated part where you would fold bag topper.
So you now have another use for your bad topper die.
I die cut some flowers to embellish the card and added a fee Crystal gem stones for a bit of sparkle!
This card uses Categories : Die Cutting/ Ribbon or Twine/ floral

Link for the Bag Topper dies:

Bag Topper Dies

If you follow that link then I get credit for the sale as it shows that you bought after seeing my inspiration xx

I hope you like my card x

I hope that you all have a lovely day ladies, I think that I am going to Coventry with Sophie and Lucy as it's Sophie's last day at University this term, so they thought it would be nice to go shopping afterwards. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-gorgeous Card, it’s beautiful.

    Quick visit as I need to get ready for the heating engineer arriving (8:30)-he’s hopefully going to tell me why the kitchen radiator isn’t getting hit despite the 2 previous visits and different jobs done to it!


    1. Hi Michele
      I hope he manages to sort it out for you. Thatsvreminded me I need to make sure where I’ve put the radiator key just in case I need it. It’s always a case of remembering where things are put after being used.

    2. Good luck Michele. As we rarely have the radiators on upstairs they have seized up a bit so Son was banging away with a hammer on the pin to get them going, thought he was coming through the wall Lol but it worked. Hope you got some heat this evening x

  2. Morning Everyone
    Beautiful card SANDRA.I love that shape and the colour you have used. Enjoy your day out.

    MICHELE-good luck with the heating engineer.

    We had a successful day choc shopping leaving most of our money in

    Cold again this morning but much better than all the rain we have had.

    The CAFE is oPEN ready and warm for you allto pop in.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.Take care and stay safexxxx

  3. Beautiful card SANDRA I rarely make gift bags but you’ve shown how versatile this die set is
    I thoroughly enjoyed looking after Oscar He has his problems but is such a personable social little boy and is so easy going
    I hope you are all getting better/improving and are taking care
    I’ve definitely got that Monday morning feeling and am sitting here wondering what chaos is in the office Ho hum! And I really can’t get into that Christmas feeling

  4. Morning ladies,

    Rather a cold start to the morning, it definitely looks like Mr Jack Frost has trickled his icy fingers across the grass in the shadier spots. I am warm as toast though, I bought some new fleecy jumpers whilst shopping with my sister in Walsall last month. I wish someone would make fleecy trousers. The pyjama ones I bought were miles too short for my long legs especially when I sat down in them. Of course I cut all the labels out before I stored them so cannot take them back doh!

    I had a lovely conversation with Mum yesterday, Dad has got up and stared to use his pedals and actually walked around the house. My talk with him has got a few results for which I am relieved. Now I have to persuade him that he can make a cuppa and a meal for them to give Mum a break.

    That dreaded word, housework, is upon me today but I am so glad I bought the GTECH K9, it is a pleasure to vacuum again, so light and easy to mange. So I say 'See later Alligator'

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. I’m glad your pep talk to your Dad seems to have kids ck started him again. I to love my Gtech. But I also bought a Van cleaner as well. I just couldn’t manage to carry my Dyson upstairs when I had to start vacuuming. Sounds awful doesn’t it, but Pete always vacuumed the house and hung the washing out. Along with washing up it was one of the jobs he loved doing. How can anyone love doing housework beats me.

  5. Morning ladies.
    Also woke up to Jack Frost and a little bit of sun so a good day.
    Gorgeous card Sandra, love the shape and colour. Have a nice day shopping with the girls if you are going.
    Cheryl- good your dad is using the pedals to get him mobile again. Hopefully he will get some better soon.
    Lynda- so nice to see you in , hope you not in too much pain and are being looked after properly. Ask CU to bring you some stamping and colouring in perhaps to keep you going.
    Must go , have found a group of ladies in MK who are doing stamping. It is a for beginners but I thought you never get enough practice and it would be nice to have something to do with other like- minded people. I see you later. Have a lovely day everyone. Big hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Lovely card Sandra. We also have had a heavy frost today. I went over the Amy’s early evening as she’d asked me over with Karen & Co for her Dads birthday. As usual they were late. Mind you that nothing new with Keith. It took nearly 3/4 for her to get him to go as they needed to be up at 4.45 to go to work. Her & Matty are engineers, keeping all the equipment in working order at BMW so work shifts. Plus Amber needed to get her homework finished for today.
    Our cars needed to be cleared of frost before we could make our way home.
    I hope you enjoy your day shopping with the girls if you go today Sandra.

  7. Hello All, back from London, and two very excited grandchildren. They make me feel so tired with all their energy.

    Lovely card Sandra, wonderful bright colours.
    Lynda, hope you are on the mend and will be home soon.

    Goodnight all, Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I lost a long comment late afternoon - not sure why, then I couldn’t get into Google, I’ve been fiddling since trying to figure out how to get back in again, fingers crossed it is now sorted!!!
    Sandra I love your card, I’m sure Inlovearts are thrilled to bits with your samples. Hope you and the girl’s had a great day in Coventry.
    Will say bye for now, Love Brenda