Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Karen's Beer Themed Birthday card

Good Morning Ladies,

From a very wet Wiltshire once again, I am just about sick of this cold and damp weather, it's playing havoc with my joints and everywhere looks so miserable, mud and huge puddles everywhere, which is making the girls nervous driving after Lucy drove me to 'Groovi Club' last week, she had no option to drive through a huge puddle that covered the entire road, she did everything properly, driving through slowly while keeping her revs high (as we had no idea how deep it was(its a tiny country lane), we got about half way through when there was an almighty bang, she had driven into the most enormous pothole that sounded like it had broken the wheel off the car!  We got through the puddle (well pond is a better description) and then got out to check all was ok, which thankfully it was, it really shook her up though bless her and I felt awful too. A similar thing happened to Becca last year where she did exactly the same but if popped her tyre and cracked her alloy wheel, I made her claim from the Council, which took forever, you know the chap on the phone actually said that it is easier for them to keep paying out repairs on peoples car than it is for them to pay out and get the roads repaired, this was in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire roads around us seem even worse, it may be because along the road opposite Fairford there are a lot of huge quarry pits, which means there are always huge lorries carrying the rocks etc away, having said that they don't come around our village and it's terrible around there too.

Funnily enough we have another 'Beer' Themed card today, Karen smiled when she saw that I had shared the Guinness Themed Christmas card that Michele had made for her husband Phil yesterday, as she had sat on Monday and made the 'Beer' themed card above! What were the chances of that coincidence?!  

Karen's Description:

The beer mugs/EF was a freebie from Papercraft Essentials. The aperture and sentiment is from a bargain die by Crafti Potential (that MICHELE told us about).
I edged the embossing with black soot DI I used CE Fluffy Stuff for the froth.

Such a brilliant idea for a card for a man Karen, love the background and the die cut sentiment aperture, brilliant design idea, thank you so much for sharing it with us today.
You know what they say about 'Great Minds Thinking Alike' !!! XXX

Still trying to get all the decorations etc up here, as well as having to make envelopes and inserts for my Christmas cards, lesson learnt there, next year I will be thinking more about the finished size of the card, making sure it fits into a standard envelope. So thats my plans for today.

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs,




  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-fantastic Card, I love it!! As Sandra says-great minds....! I haven’t used that free gift set much, I need to go through my stash more often!

    We had frost yesterday morning then torrential rain during the day and it’s frozen overnight again. Best set off early & drive slowly to work. I hope today isn’t as problematic & stressful as yesterday-I was ready to walk out it was so bad. Was there a senior manager anywhere....NO!!


    1. Oh dear Michele. Let’s hope today is a better day for you. Do you think managers have a sixth sense re trouble brewing and then hide ?. We had some like that where I worked. Luckily our boss was brilliant.

  2. Morning ladies,

    WOW! what a glorious sight when I opened the blinds...the most amazing sun up that I have seen for some time. Bands of light grey wispy clouds with hot shades of red and pink streaking alongside them and just above the line of housetops a brightish yellow creeping into the mix. You couldn't paint it if you tried.

    Busy day today with U3A this morning then Friendship Club in the afternoon.
    Tomorrow I will have to get a grip on my cards and write addresses and letters for those that I send. I am so way behind on posting despite getting a head start earlier this year with making them.
    This month time has shot past me again with visiting Mum & Dad to make sure their house is safe for them. There are still boxes and boxes of hoarded stuff clogging up the hallway and top of the stairs which they still haven't looked through. For someone who claims he can't move due to exhaustion Dad still manages to get up in the loft to bring even more down and Mum is more interested in getting rid of the junk in shed and garage which could be done next year when my brothers and sister joins the rest of us in a big blitz. It's too cold to be working outside but she won't listen. Jamie has mended the shed door which Dad managed to almost rip off when trying to open it looking for a screwdriver... most of his tools are in the garage. How he did it we are not sure but there is nothing of any value in there for Mum to worry her head about. It's odd that sometimes we worry about unnecessary items and not bigger ones. Being practical minded I tend to do exactly the same lol

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Morning ladies.
    Sorry missed you yesterday ,the day just went away after being to town, done a small shopping which turned into a big one.Put it all away and put the washing on I fell asleep on the sofa and felt groggy the rest of the evening I went to bed at 9.30.
    I love your card tho Michele and today's is great too for the men in our life. I'm more on the line for wine.......
    Fantastic news Lynda, I hope you get home alright and the soreness soon will be gone. Big hug x
    I'm going away for a few nights but hope to be back Friday. I wish you all a nice few days and be careful out driving and keep warm, it's really cold and wet again.
    Love and hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies
    I did a comment last night explaining everything to save me saying it all again. Michele and Karen both your card's are both
    brilliant. Im doing ok thank you all. Love Lymda xx

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Karen, what a great card especially for the men. How funny that you and Michele were thinking along the same lines.
    Sandra, I’m not surprised Lucy was shocked, poor girl. The roads around us are just as bad. Part of the car tax is meant to go to the upkeep of the roads and considering how much traffic there is on the roads nowadays they should be like mill ponds! Rant over. Good luck getting the inserts and envelopes done. I have the same job to do. I wonder if we will be saying the same thing this time next year? Xx
    Lynda, Sandra has been keeping us up to date but it is so good to hear directly from you dear friend. Everything is crossed that you get home very soon and to know that you will have the family, or most of them with you on Boxing Day is something to look forward to. Big hugs to you and Terry xx
    I have several jobs that need to be done today. There are never enough hours in the day at this time of year are there no matter how organised we try to be!
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Great card Karen, and as Sandra said great minds think the same. I can see a bit of sun peeping out between the clouds here today. I hope you manage to sort your envelopes today. As you say next year you must start off with the card & envelope and make a card to fit that. We managed to work on our pieces that with did at Groovi class. I might tackle the design in the middle today after my check up at the dentist.
    Lynda it’s lovely to hear that the Dr was pleased with your wound. Shame he didn’t operate to clean it up when he said he would, rather than it being left a week making much more work for him and more pain for you.
    Brenda how lovely that your sister is staying a few days. Lovely as well that she got an invite to the Charity Concert in London.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a frightening experience for Lucy, but you were all safe in spite of this scary event, thank goodness. Also she wiser and more experienced. xx

    KAREN love your card, it’s a truly inspiring card for any male friends who enjoy a beer.

    Waiting for my sister to return from her concert in Westminster Cathedral, I know she will be really tired and probably fall asleep in SIL taxi, it’s been a long day for her.

    Sleep well everyone, Love Brenda xxx