Sunday 22 December 2019

Your Challenge cards

Good Sunday morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all sorted for the big day and so you can relax and enjoy the weekend.
We are off to Essex today,  matt and the girls are coming too, it will seem strange having them all in the car, these days its only ever Paul and I. I am hoping it won't be too overwhelming for Mum having everyone all at once. It's going to be a long day, hopefully mum will enjoy it, all the gifts are wrapped and ready to be loaded up along with the Turkey etc.

Now let's look at your amazing shaped cards...


Lilian designed this amazing Castle card on her Cricut and used a Stencil to create the brick work. 
Lilian it's an absolutely amazing design, I bet it's recipient was over the moon with it.  I haven't used my Cricut for years! 
Thanks for sharing your Castle card with us my lovely XXX 


I was absolutely blown away when I saw Karen's first card, it is so beautiful and not Karen's usual style, it reminds me of a really pretty vintage tea plate, the paper you have used in the background is so pretty and you have enhanced it perfectly with the lattice work and the gorgeous little flowers. This card will definitely be on my 'favourites' list this year!

Karen's second card is one that Karen made a few years back, it hasn't aged one bit, that style is as fitting today as it was 3 or 4 years ago. I love your colour combination Karen, this would be a great card to make for a 'one die' or 'one shape' challenge! (I will start writing down ideas for next year).

Thank you so much Karen for 2 amazing Challenge cards XXX


Michele has shared 2 very different cards with us for this weeks Shaped card challenge.

The first is such an adorable Owl, what a lovely card, just look at it's eyes, they would certainly make you smile on your birthday!

Michele's second card was made with a Sue Wilson die set I believe, just look at all the detail thats included, the panels on the door, the letterbox, that lovely railing and of course the two cute Scottie Dogs!
Two lovely Challenge cards Michele, thank you so much for taking part XXX


Wow, Janet your cards for this weeks Challenge are just stunning, they are both so incredibly luxurious.
Janet's first card was made with a Heartfelt Creations Die set, this is Janet's first 'Heartfelt' purchase, I would definitely say that you will be going back for more my lovely, the die set is definitely good for making your 'Stunning' luxurious cards. I love the colours you have used, the flowers you have used to embellish the front work beautifully.  The inside of the card is stunning Janet, that paper you used is so pretty and works perfectly with the colours of your card.

The second card is one of Janet's Tonic Dies, so much amazing detail in these dies, that shade of green works so well with the gold mirror card. Such an opulent card, you would feel so special if you received on of these cards.
Thank you so much Janet for taking part XXX

Thank you so much Ladies for taking part in this last Challenge of 2019, I am so grateful to all of you for taking part in the challenges throughout the year, I hope that some of the challenges will have pushed you into having go at trying something new, you have made some incredible cards this year, I will be sharing some of them over the next week or two.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I hope your trip goes well today SANDRA
    Your cards are amazing ladies You all think “outside of the box” so much
    Me? A circle whoopee do! I did enjoy making them though and have another circular topper on my desk waiting to be used
    I am just waiting for OH to come home He had a boozy night with his football mates I need to get last couple of presents and then hopefully get all of the presents wrapped later
    Take care all xxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Some fantastic cards on display today. Both of my cards are older ones as I completely ran out of time to join in this weeks challenge. The owl card is made using a CD-ROM..Kraftyahands I believe and the stepper card was made using an Xcut set of Dies and the only reason I bought them was because of the cute dog!!

    Late night yesterday-got home around midnight. It was a brilliant evening-meal plus entertainment. A surprise feature was 5 of the pub regulars singing YMCA all dressed up too!!! They did this feature twice during the evening as it was so popular-the whole pub was watching.

    Housework today plus we’re going to walk into the village as the Chocolate shop is opening today so we’ll get a drink there & wish the owner Happy Christmas.


    1. Sounds like you had a lovely evening Michele. I loved doing the YMCA actions when we used to go dancing. Pete was always to self conscious to do it himself. But me, I didn’t care, I loved the rowing song as well. Always got down on the floor. Mind you if I managed to get down now I couldn’t get up by myself.

  3. Morning Everyone
    Beautiful cards ladies and all so very different as usual.
    SANDRA-hoping today's journey is not too bad and that your lovely passengers keep you

    I cannot believe we are at the end of another year -well very near-so much has happened to everyone.
    I really hope that 2020 is a better year for everyone.
    My last sunday roast for the CAFE is Beef so if anyone is in need of a lunch please place your orders.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safe.
    See you all tomorrow.

  4. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Some fantastic shaped cards on show today. Love how you can design cards on a cricut machine.
    Sandra have a lovely day today with all your family. I hope your Mums going to be ok with all of you there. A lovely thought. Hopefully you’ll be over the journey by Christmas Day. It’s quite bright here today but I’m not to sure how long that will last. We have flooding here also Lilian but not where I am. Although the road to Hailey is running with water. In not to sure how the new houses are faring that they’re building down by the river Windrush ( it floods into where the houses are being built ).
    Yes please roast beef for me.
    Lynda I hope your getting on ok seeing as Terry isn’t feeling to good either.
    Take care everyone.

  5. Hello Sandra & ladies
    It's me I'm home Yaay. I'm on home hospital &I have a nurse in every day to give me my drip of antibiotics which I have for six weeks.
    I love all today's cards well done everyone. I'm not up to going in my craft room yet.
    My hip is still very sore &a painful as the second operation the doctor said he had to take a lot of infected skin away & went as deep as he could then flushed it out with strong far so good it isn't oozing any more.
    Thank you all for your lovelyChrismas cards & my apologies for not sending any this year.
    Love Lynda xx


    1. 🐌 slowly does it, hope the pain soon eases. Hugs xx

    2. So lovely to read you are home xxx

  6. Hi Ladies
    Fabulous shaped cards ,love them all. Well done ladies.
    Sorry but mine is still sitting on the worktop unfinished because I didn't like what I made so it never got sent and now it goes in the bin.
    Sandra- hope the journey gone without any problems and you all have a lovely mini Christmas with the family. Hope you feeling better today.
    Karen- hope you got the last of the shopping done and now can enjoy the days off together with the family. Big hug for Oscar x
    Michele- sound like you had a hoot of a night,(sorry but love your Owl) Hope you have a few days off too and can enjoy Christmas.
    Janet- hope you have a nice day. Thank you for all the work with holding the cafe' open and stocked up with all the calorie free goodies on offer. Think so many people are losing out with not joining our friendly group. Love the decorations and the pretty poinsettias on the tables (well I got good imagination) 😊
    Pat- so tired of the rain and floods, the poor people who have their whole life up side down. I'm glad you are ok but do take care if driving out in your car. It was horrid to drive through the flooded road Friday.
    Sue- hope you getting ready and have had a wonderful day with the "little" ones, did you make any baking together ?
    Lynda- sending big hugs for you and Terry and hope you not in too much pain. Hope the nurses coming around will help.
    Have slept today away because didn't have a good night so it will be pizza for dinner tonight and then we got some mini stollen from Lidl which are moorish to have to a coffee later on so that's me for today. I wish you all a nice evening and sending many hugs to you all and extras for all who need some. Take care xxx