Monday 28 December 2020

Michele's amazing Get Well soon Card


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I hope that this Monday morning finds you well, am I the only one that keeps losing track of what day of the week it is?  I have to keep physically working it out.

I think that it will be easier as things return to 'normal' routines, although we aren't sure yet what 'normal' will be. None of my girls will be working for the foreseeable future, frustratingly Lucy had just been offered a full time, permanent position at the Wildlife park. Becca wasn't so worried as they were planning on closing the pubs in January anyway for refurbishment, January being a quiet month anyway.  Paul isn't sure what's going to happen as his work is in Tier 4 and we are in 3, so it would be better for him to work from home, not that I am complaining.

We didn't need to leave the house after all, Lucy's coffee machine 'issue' was just 'user error'! Thankfully. only to be expected, I thought it had given up with over use!  I was so relieved that we didn't have to go into town, apart from the fact that nowhere had another in stock.  

Today's card is Michele's most recent make, she made this amazing Get Well card for her friend Andreene. I love the colour you have used and the all of those elements make the card a little bit light hearted. I really love the font of the 'Get Well' you have used Michele.

This is the die set that Michele used to create this card, it is one of those sets that you over look until you see a card made with them.
Thanks so much for sharing your lovely card with all of us.

Special hugs going out to Brenda, Margaret and Lynda,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Thank you for sharing my card. My crazy friend has phoned the hospital just now & they’re checking if they have a bed for her. She’s due to go in today to take medication before her surgery tomorrow. Let’s hope they call her back soon.
    My friend loves purple which is why I used that in her card. I’ve had these dies for a number of years & rarely use them. My New Year resolution is to use every single set of dies -well, to start working my way through my collection! That’s one resolution , there’s more!


  2. Morning everyone.
    Fabulous card Michele. I really hope all will go alright for your friend.Tell her we will be thinking of her.
    Sorry ,not sure what happened as I didn't come to the cafe' yesterday but like to say how lovely the card from Lilian is as was mine, thank you.
    Disaster for many people with all these floods around, my heart goes out for them and hope they will get the help they need.
    Brenda- I wish and hope you be alright and you are not too sore. Take care and get better soon.
    It's a frosty morning, going for our walk soon even if my body says no, it gets a bit better moving around tho so...
    Have a nice day everyone, take care and stay safe. Many hugs Maria xxx

  3. Beautiful card MICHELE I have one of the shadow box sets You’ve reminded me to hoik it out - I need to make a New Baby (twins!) card So perhaps I will use the set for it I hope everything goes to plan for your friend
    Weather wise it looks like we have been lucky although it is very boggy in places and some paths are impassable We did part of the WGC centenary walk yesterday which was interesting
    I noticed yesterday that you have a crochet set PAT I hope you’re able to get the hang of it and enjoy making the hat
    I am off work this week and have a few jobs that need tacking defrost the freezer but my where with all has gone on hols Maybe later in the week I’ll feel like do some chores
    Take care all xx

  4. Good Morning ladies from a wet soggy Somerset.

    This morning started off with brilliant sunshine and a few clouds, now at nearly 11 o'clock it is very cloudy so I suspect they may be snow clouds, as very white. We have had reports of snow on the Quantocks which are only a couple or three miles away from us. My brother and sister in West Midlands have reported they woke up to a good covering of snow. The clouds do not seem to be moving so maybe we will have some too later on this day.

    Fantastic get well card Michele I am sure your friend will be delighted to receive it.
    I overlooked that set years back when I bought Sue's Baby set instead as I thought that would get used more each year.
    Like you I am sorting out all my old die sets with a view to cutting out a stock of each one then selling some when I can book a stall at a local craft fair. I've amassed quite a haul that is not going anywhere and no matter how much I reorganize my stock there is not room for any more shelves or cupboards in my craft room. My new craft room is some time off (couple of years maybe) as we haven't thought about getting plans drawn for the extension yet. Maybe some time next year or whenever or maybe 'eventually' as my beloved Pete was wont to say.

    I bought myself a new stock pot from Sainsbury's and have used it for stews and soups. It has a heavy base but nothing burns or sticks to the bottom of it. I tried it out for a large gammon joint that Fiona asked me to cook and bring along for Christmas tea. It was on the hob, number 2 heat, for 4 hours and was so moist and delicious. My slow cooker Crock Pot is now in a box for CLIC.
    I also treated myself to an Argos Black Friday bargain...the Ninja 4L all in one slow cook, roast, air fried and steam pressure. It's been in use everyday since beginning December. I have had the most delicious meals from it and all fat free. I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone. I'm off now to cook a smaller gammon for Jamie and I this evening.

    I hope you have all enjoyed a happy Christmas meet up with family bubbles.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Lovely card for your friend Michele. Hope all goes well for her xx
    Pleased to hear the coffee machine was just ‘user error’ and you didn’t have to venture out.
    I had a lovely lay in this morning and it was white with frost when I got up. Mark took Barney for an early walk and said it was a picture with the frost covered roofs and the beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately we’ve had rain now so I don’t think we’ll be getting any snow.
    I hope you all have a lovely day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies.
    Lovely card Michele you’ve made for your friend. I hope the hospital ring her back and everything goes to plan.
    Well I woke up to snow this morning. It’s now stopped that goodness and looks quite brighter. It’s Karens 50 birthday today so I’ll need to pop her card up presently. I wish I’d given it to her last night.
    I’m not up to much today though.
    Take care & stay safe.

  7. Hello All, wet and very cold here today.

    Michele, great card, I did the same as Cheryl and bought the baby set.

    Doing my jigsaw to day, so having a lazy day. Hope you are all ok, hugs Lilian

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I love your card Michele, especially the little extra star “tablets”. I’m sure this card will be gratefully received. I keep looking at both this one and the new baby die sets but still haven’t decided which one to get but I think this one will probably get much more use, sadly 😕
    Sandra, it’s good to hear that you didn’t have to go into town. User error is easy to fix and I bet Lucy is enjoying her lovely coffee again. Please give her my congratulations on being offered a full time job. I’m not surprised though as they know they have a very hard working, sensible trustworthy young lady to do the job. Well done Lucy. Let’s hope it’s not too long before you can get started as a full time worker x
    It would be nice for you if Paul has to work from home especially during the winter months. Much safer all round. Have you started your annual Christmas jigsaw yet? I might get Chris to get me a couple out of the loft or borrow some from Mum as she has lots I haven’t done yet. I find the time flies by when I get started on one. Glad you are enjoying yours Lilian. We have had a lovely time “with” Tim, Roz and the girls via What’s app video as we are in Tier 4 now. Penny took advantage of the others all sitting together talking to us by putting some of her child’s make up on them all including her Daddy 🤣🤣🤣 We haven’t had any snow here either but it is still forecast so we will see what tomorrow brings when we wake up. I hope you are all safe and well. Mum is always grateful for your hugs and good wishes and returns them to you. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum, Brenda and all in need. Take care xx