Monday 7 December 2020

Die Cut Christmas cards perfect for Men!


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all refreshed after a relaxing weekend, I know that Karen and Michele both had quite productive weekends, Karen finished her Desk Calendar and Michele had a Craft room clear out AND managed to upcycle some old hand made Christmas cards, I am so happy to see that your mojo has returned from its holiday at last Michele.

I managed a little bit of crafting on Saturday afternoon, we popped out in the morning to visit a local lady that was having a Christmas Table sale at the front of her house, we ended up chatting with a few of the locals, which was lovely, they were asking Paul how his recovery was coming along, we didn't end up buying much, all of the lovely cakes and other baked goods were gone, I picked up a Hot Chocolate mug filled with goodies and a Candle gift set, which I thought would make little stocking fillers.                                                                                                                                                         Yesterday was a big day, Paul drove us to go and do a bit of shopping, it was 5 months to the day that he was last able to drive, I think he was wary to start with but said he could see much better than several months leading up to his retina detaching, he no longer needs glasses to drive either which is brilliant news.  He decided that he is going to drive himself into work this week, I expressed my concern that working a full day and driving the 40+ mile round trip might be a little challenging to start with, will he listen???? I will let you know.

Today's cards are some that I made last year, I used Sue's dies that were from The Works (i think), they were perfect for batch making cards, with the simple design they make great cards for men too.   I will add the original description below......

''I die cut it with Silver and Blue Foil card, the top card I used a Sue Wilson New York die (outer part) to create the layer below the die cut in a pretty blue glitter card, I then card 2 more mats and layered them up on a White Card Base,

The Silver die cut was mounted onto Matt Blue Foil card, layered up once again onto Blue and silver Mirror card.
So quick and easy and I really love the effect, thank you so much Sue for allowing me to use your dies XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely start to the week,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-lovely cards. I absolutely love that die and it’s perfect for quick & easy card that you can make in any colour combination.
    I hope Paul gets on ok driving and I hope it’s not too tiring for him.

    Not looking forward to going back into work but not a lot if choice. It’s been so lovely being off last week just pottering about.

    I’ll be calling at the Post Office on my way hone as I sat and write all my Christmas cards yesterday afternoon.


    1. I hope today isn’t to stressful today Michele.

    2. Meant to say I wonder if I can do a few months of my calendar over the next couple of days. It’s sat there just waiting to be done.

  2. Morning Eveeryone
    Today's cards are lovely and in one of my favourite colours too.

    Today is a sad one here as it's My Granddaughter's birthday. She would have heen 32. Time passes but the heartache remains.

    The CAFE is OPEN and the tree will be assembled today.
    Hot drinks and mince pies are available.
    HUGS for all in need. TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFExxxx

  3. These are lovely cards SANDRA I am just thinking of all of the different colour combinations you could do I hope PAUL gets along OK It is very foggy here
    I have loved making the desk calendar MICHELE Thank you for sending them to us
    I am fortunate that I can still work from home and am really dreading the day that they expect us to go back and sit in stuffy cramped offices Some of my “new” team are involved in all of the aspects of the new vaccine either on the admin side or the giving of the vaccine So there’s a little more pressure on the rest of us But it’s the least we can do
    Take care all xx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies.
    Another foggy day here today but it looks like it’s coearing.
    Lovely cards Sandra. Great for making batch cards in all sorts of lovely colours.
    I hope Paul will be ok driving into work. I hadn’t realised he was supposed to wear glasses for driving before. So I hope that his eyesight is ok now. I got quite a few cards post on Friday & Sunday. Not sure what happened on Saturday. Just didn’t feel like sitting down & writing them all. I wonder how long before the other vaccines are approved. It’ll make vaccination much much easier to transport to countries that don’t have the facilities that we have here. Must get my tree & few decorations down today.
    Take dare & stay safe everyone.

  5. Morning Sandra and everyone.
    Lovely cards Sandra. Hope Paul be alright on the road again, tell him to be careful.
    Another very foggy day here and feeling cold but we soon going out for our walk. Taking the car about 10 minutes away were Waitrose is but don't think we be going in anything.

    Janet- extra hugs for you and Jim today.
    Michele- hope work is not too bad. The same for our Karen and Sonia. Take care.
    Lynda- hope you ok,a big squishy hug and another one for mamma Margaret too.
    Lilian- take it easy, hope your dizziness is not so bad today.
    Stay safe everyone and warm hugs to you all. Maria xx

  6. Hello, chilly here again today, feel it’s going to be a long cold winter.

    Sorry I missed yesterday, loved all the cards.

    Great card today Sandra, love the colour blue.

    R just back from posting grandchildren’s presents, not a very big parcel, £5, and it’s going up again in January. Parcel to Australia cost more than the present. Don’t they realise that more and more people will use email instead. Sorry to moan.

    Hope you all have a good day, hugs to all Lilian

    1. I had to pop into the newsagents in Witney to pay Doreen’s paper bill. The queue outside WHSmiths for the Post Office was horrendous. I’m so glad I always use the small post office the other side of Witney.
      Take dare.

  7. Hi everyone
    Fabulous cards, love the die 😊
    Not started my calendar yet, hopefully get it done before the new year!
    Glad to hear Paul is improving and able to drive again.
    Janet, thinking of you and your family xx
    Very foggy day here. Went to Tesco this morning and am finally catching up with Christmas shopping.
    Hope everyone well and having a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    SANDRA i love your cards today
    Very nice good for posting flat
    Hope Paul got on with driving to work x
    Hope you all had a good day
    Sending love & Hug's Lynda xxxx

    Sorry for the short post my hands are quite painful x

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies

    Lovely cards Sandra, love the blue - very in vogue and the die is great.

    I have had a lovely surprise gift from one of our grandsons, it was in an M&S flower box. Inside was everything to make a Christmas door wreath, I have spent all afternoon assembling it. It’s now proudly displayed on the front door.

    Will say goodnight to you all, sleep well.
    Take care and stay safe. Love Brenda xxx