Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Karen's Version of our 'Paint splat background' challenge

Good Morning  Ladies,

I was happy to read that some of you had a bright day yesterday, we had rain, it was somewhat of a gloomy day, which is a shame as we got used to the sunshine over the weekend.
Fingers crossed the sun will return for our trip to London, as it is quite miserable walking round in the rain.

Today's card is Karen's version of the 'paint splat background' card that we both 'CASED' from Pinterest.
My Version
I actually prefer Karen's as the background definitely looks more 'random', I believe that Karen used the Honey Doo Paint Splat stamps and I used the Stampin Up! Gorgeous Grunge.
I also think that using Black card makes the Butterfly stand out more and the Black mat makes the colours 'pop' a little more too. 
Thank you so much Karen for setting this little challenge for us, I would love to do another one anytime as it's quite inspiring, it's so much easier to focus on creating a card when you are limited to a certain group of tools.

I am looking forward to seeing Pat today, we will hopefully have some Groovi time this afternoon.

I hope that you all have a lovely day, however you are spending it,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra & Karen-I love both of your cards. Interesting that you have used the same stamps yet created two different cards.

    We had a bright start to the day yesterday but by lunchtime it was torrential rain & strong winds which continued all evening/night. It’s still quite breezy today & damp. I certainly hope the weather improves.


  2. Morning Everyone
    Very interesting take on'splat' cards.

    Well we're back to 'normal' here this morning. Like MICHELE we had a lovely bright morning which turned into gale force winds and rain and it's still the same this morning.

    It's K&N this afternoon so I look like getting wet once again. How I'm longing for some warm/dry weather so my bones can recover.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all to pop in.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safe whatever you're doing today.xxxx

  3. Thank you for showing my card I think we have both created a fantastic card It’s a technique I will certainly try again as it was easy
    It was lovely to see you in SONIA and can’t wait to visit your blog
    Enjoy London SANDRA
    Off to work in a mo I am sitting on Reception this morning Whilst it’s a fairly simple job (Apart from the flack) it is more physically demanding for me and so harder to sort out blood sugars
    Enjoy your day with PAT

  4. Morning ladies.
    I like both of your cards Karen and Sandra. With one stamp and you can get so many variations.
    Hopefully you will have a lovely time in London Sandra and no rain. Enjoy the day with Pat.
    Hi Sonia, lovely to see you in. Hope to see some of your cards again.
    Janet, have fun at K & N. Bring brolly x
    Funny weather for it is already warm-ish (11c) here but look like it's going to rain a lot and after OH has taken me in to town this morning I will take the bus back and have a bit to walk to get in so time to get soaked.
    Have a nice day everyone. Hugs Maria xxx

  5. Hi everyone.
    Love today's cards Sandra and Karen. The butterflies look lovely on the paint splattered effect. Will have to have a go at creating something similar.
    Thank you for welcoming me back into the cafe. Hope everyone is well and having a good day.
    Hugs to all
    Sonia xx

  6. Hello All, ditto yesterday’s weather.

    Sandra and Karen, both great cards, although I’m not much good at the grunge look, I’m much more a clean and simple.

    Went for another blood test today, was surprised that NOT many people used the hand cleanser.Have to wait 10 days before they will look at them,

    Hope your are well, hugs Lilian

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love both of your splat cards Sandra and Karen. I think splat backgrounds are great and once you are satisfied with the splat - The card will work for any occasion. Sandra hope you had a lovely Groovi day with Pat.

    I’ve had a very quiet day today didn’t really feel like doing very much at all, think an improvement in the weather would help. This cold wet weather is dragging on to long. Hay Ho - Tomorrow is another day!

    Sweet dreams everyone, love Brenda xxx