Friday, 20 March 2020

Next Week's Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Well the drama continues, we have a friend that works in a supermarket in the town we used to live in and she messaged yesterday to say that people's behaviour had reached an all time low, they have had people fighting at the checkout, people stealing things from other people's trolleys, people shouting at others as they think that they have bought too much (even though it was people doing a normal weekly shop).
Paul went to shops to try and get  some meat today and there was less than yesterday, so it appears people are getting worse at stockpiling than before, even deodorant and shampoo/shower gel shelves were empty and I will add that our Asda is a Walmart Superstore, it has a bakery that I thought would be working around the clock but there was not a baker to be seen.  All very strange.
Paul is now working at the weekend as things get even busier for them, the problem with that is that when you end up being over worked you become exhausted and more prone to picking up bugs and viruses.

Your Next Challenge

For your next Challenge I would like you to use One Stamp or One Die to make two different cards.

For example I used the Hero Arts Leafy Swirls Stamp to create one card using White Embossing powder on Green Card base for one example.
The other card I made yesterday using the same Stamp but this time I stamped with Versamark ink and applied something called 'Mica Boss' powder, I bought it well over 7/8 years ago when Ali Reeve used to do her messy crafting show on Create & Craft, I think her company came up with the product, it is a fine powder that looks like Embossing Powder, you use it with any 'Sticky' ink (versamark, perfect mediom etc) you then Heat set but only until the powder just turns clear, it's quite easy to overheat, Once all the powder is melted I added a generous covering of Indigo Blu Gilding Flakes, this particular tub had Greens/Browns and Gold mixed it, you can just make out the colours on the card, I then using a soft scrubbing brush to remove any excess gilding flakes and then I burnished over the flakes with a sponge.  I was pleasantly surprised that it worked.
I mounted the card front onto a narrow mat of Gold Sparkle card and then onto a cream card base, I added a piece of Very Vanilla to the base card and mounted everything together, winding a piece of Very Vanilla Gold Edged ribbon around one side of the card and securing at the back.  I tied a Bow at the top of the ribbon added the sentiment Tag underneath them.I finished the bow with a SU Metal flower Embellishment in the centre.
I hope that you like it Ladies,

I hope that you all have the best weekend possible,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-two lovely cards & a great challenge. I had planned to make alternative cards for this weeks challenge but that’s not happened yet!
    We went out to see friends last night-took them Fish + Chips. Had a great evening but only got home around 10pm so I’m shattered as I’m not sleeping very well.
    I was meant to be off all next week but have agreed to cancel 3 days so I’m off Thursday & Friday to make a long weekend-thTs when hubby is off so we can at least go for a nice walk.


  2. Morning Everyone
    A wonderful Challenge for next week and two beautiful examples to give us some inspiration.

    I cannot believe it's that 'swear' word day again.It really doesn't seem two days since it was last week.
    I have a couple of hours on my own this morning as Jim is on the hospital run taking our Dear Friend as he is in need of transfusions. He will drop him off outside the door and then fetch him back around tea time. The news from his clinic apptment this week wasn't good.

    The CAFE is OPEN 'usual hours' ready for you all to pop in for a chat and a cuppa. I have filled the biscuit tin and put some fresh scones in the cupboard so help yourselves.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

    1. I’m sorry to hear that your friend seems to be getting worse and starting to need transfusions. We were lucky that our local hospital was able to do this for Pete. Of course we did need to go into the hospital a couple of times because our hospital unit is only open for so long.
      Take care and stay safe.

  3. Two beautiful cards SANDRA The detail of that stamp is stunning
    I bought mica boss at probably the same time as you! 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever created s card with it - just dabbled Great challenge Now do I use a die or a stamp? Decisions decisions
    Work is manic We are all being realigned and having jobs changed Fortunately they are honouring holidays at the moment
    Take care all and stay safe xx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Two lovely cards today Sandra.
    Awful times were having at the moment. London still looks busy and doesn’t seem to be heading the advice. Mind you you couldn’t employ social distancing yesterday in Sainsbury’s. It was manic. Staff were telling people only two products of the same thing were allowed. But shelves were still empty. It looked like shelves hadn’t been filled before everyone was allowed in at 7.00am.
    Stay safe everyone in these worrying times.

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Very cold today & really windy.
    SANDRA two gorgeous cards from you.
    Today i love them both.
    Hope your feeling better today and the girls too. Terry said it wss the same in Tesco yesterday people
    Actually fighting over packs of spaghetti it was getting out of hand. Ridiculous.
    Not upto much i wish i could get into my craft room but not much room & with a lot of things up high & hard for me to reach up for them. So unfortunately i had to give up.
    I was hoping to do a challenge card but not sure i can. Its so frustrating oh well better be safe than sorry.. One day I hope.
    Have a good day ladies what everyour upto.
    Love & Hugs Lynda xxxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Lovely cards and a good challenge for next week. Hoping to do this weeks today. Having my sister calling in a minute, haven't spoken since before x-mas (dogs and more dogs :/)
    Very windy and cold out but had a walk this morning, still some people around and now the schools in MK are closed so it will be the grand parents who looking after the young ones if parents has to work. Son still working, he's not in contact with anybody and wearing gloves at work and at home he is in his room mostly. I wiping down the kitchen everyday so hoping it will be enough.
    Take care everyone and I'm sending virtual hugs to you all, Maria xx

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Great challenge for next week and love your cards. The detail in the stamp is lovely.
    There’s definitely still no let up in the shops! It’s just crazy 😔
    Hope everyone is keeping well and having a good day whatever you are doing.
    Sending hugs to all xx

  8. Hello ladies,

    Two absolutely stunning cards highlighting next weeks Challenge, thank you for your inspiration it is really appreciated. xx

    John got up this morning at silly o’clock he wen to Sainsbury’s in Streatham even getting there just after 7 o’clock he still had to queue. But he did come home with porridge Yippee that’s breakfast sorted out for a couple of weeks. He said even at that time of day there were lots of empty spaces on the shelves obviously deliveries haven’t arrived, lots of people were trying to push in the queue, he is finding it quite an education this “people watching“

    Still having a sort out in my craft room, I have taken a big box in there and put loads of die and stamps that need to be sorted, and have been going through the various boxes on the shelves I am trying to be ruthless, especially with things that have sat in boxes since the year dot!

    LYNDA It’s lovely to see you popping in to say hello, I can appreciate the frustration you must feel not being able to get into your craft room, you have certainly come a long way these last months - so don’t be hard on yourself, you will get there XX

    Take care everyone! have a lovely evening Brenda XXX

  9. Hello All, cold here as well, temp last night was 2.5!!!

    Two super cards today, that stamp is just lovely. Sorry forgot to say, what a lovely card you enclosed with my catalogue, it’s beautiful, I so admire these velum cards.

    Managed to send my card for this week today, will try and get this weeks finished earlier, we’ll see, no promises.

    Lovely to see you in today Lynda, hope you are slowly on the mend.

    Had my food order last night, no milk or toilet rolls, so although we are supposed to be staying in, R had to go to Asda this morning, although they are shut over night to supposedly to fill the shelves, he said it was manic, but managed to get some milk, and a tin of red salmon, so I can make fish cakes.

    Visit Cornwall are pleading with people not to come to Cornwall for Easter, as apparently loads are booking. Well enough of my moans, hugs, Lilian