Friday 27 March 2020

Good morning Ladies,

I would be saying 'thank goodness it's Friday' but to be honest I have no idea what day of the week it is! One day seems to be blurring into the next if I'm honest.
I expect you are all feeling the same, if we lose our daily routines the week just blends in to one long day.
I hope that you are all managing ok and those of  you that are struggling to get basic supplies have had some help.

I'm going to keep today's post brief  as I just have very little energy, I can't seem to shift my headache and during the night I just couldn't get warm, I ended up wearing my thick dressing gown and socks a and was still shivering. Frustratingly  I woke up sweating!

Your Next Challenge

Thankfully a few ago Michele sent me a lovely list of Challenge Ideas, so whenever I am having a Brain Fog I can look at the list and pick a challenge, having said that I was still dithering over 6 different ones!
So the challenge for this week (if you haven't already guessed) is to make a 'Man' Card, something that we haven't done for a while as a challenge, we all need to make one at some point.
If you don't have to make a card specifically for a man you can make one that 'Would Work' for a man.
I am looking forward to this challenge, I will definitely have to get my thinking cap on and rifle through some of my magazine free stamps to find some inspiration.
Michele kindly sent me some of her 'Cards for men' to inspire you today.  I can share some more of them on the blog tomorrow.

Thank you Michele for helping me with idea and cards.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend Ladies,

Stay safe,

Love and hugs to all of you,


PS:  The 8pm Applause for the NHS was outstanding in our Village!!


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I hope you start feeling better soon.
    Thank you for sharing my cards, I need to make a Male Birthday card to be posted for then7th April so this challenge is perfect timing.

    We had a lovely day yesterday-I went to Tesco early, got most things we needed. I started to sort out my Dies & how I store them. Had lunch then we went for our daily walk then I continued with my storage issue. I did finish the task & now I want to start on the rest of the room!
    We’re going go do a couple of jobs in the garden this morning then a long walk to the beach after lunch.


  2. Great idea for this week’s challenge Thank you MICHELE- I hope you’re enjoying your few days off
    Thaw NHS applause was emotional here too We live in a cul de sac One neighbour had the car radio on so that we could hear the countdown It was lovely to hear the whoops and cheers from the surrounding roads too It was great being able to say hello to our friends and wave at each other
    I am enjoying my annual leave but must log on and email my existing boss today to ask what about my current job as I’m being deployed
    I need to contact my pharmacy too I tried all day long yesterday to no avail!
    Take care all Thinking of you xxxx

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely cards today Michele. I’m currently working on a card for Pete’s friend Pat ( male ) so I can send that off Sandra when I’ve put it together. Well I decided to go and do some shopping yesterday afternoon about 3.45 pm. Went to Sainsbury’s. 8 people queuing before me leaving a distance apart, they obviously let a few people in when they started then it was 1 out 1 in. Able to get everything I needed including milk at that time of the day. Cashiers were one extra till apart. So you were able to go straight through and pay. This morning would have been a over 70’s & vulnerable persons time between 8-900am. But going by the last time I went it was manic. So it would have been hours of queuing.
    As I have plenty of stuff in the freezer I will only need milk and Keith can get that for me.
    Warm here but quite breezy. Wish I knew where to start tidying up my craft room as there’s lots of stuff I no longer need.
    Would you believe people have been driving to beauty spots to walk their dog. I’m not to sure what part of you can exercise where you live they don’t understand.

  4. Meant to say stay safe everyone. Hope your feeling better soon Sandra. I hope it’s just something you’ve picked up from the girls.

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Fabulous cards from Michele and a great challenge for next week.
    Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well, hoping today has been a bit better for you.
    A lovely sight, standing on the front doorstep at 8pm last night seeing everyone out paying their respects. I feared I may be the only one, but heard people clapping and cheering before I’d even got to the door. Makes you proud to be British.
    Hope everyone is well and having a good day. Stay safe and hugs to all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies Two lovely cards and great challange for this weekim hoping to do one its Ians birthday soon. So watch this space
    I haven't managed anything yet.
    Short post
    Love Lynda xx

  7. Hello All, lovely day again.

    Love your cards Michele and good challenge.

    Hurt my hip yesterday not sure how, but very painful as many of you know.

    Sorry Sandra haven’t managed cards this, might be able to have a go in the morning, depending on my old bones.

    Hope everyone is keeping well, loads of people driving to the beach to exercise or surf, police cracking down hard on them. Hugs Lilian