Saturday 14 March 2020

Mixed up Saturday featuring Michele's magazine Review

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all OK and ready for the weekend, I hope that you all managed to get your shopping done, we called into the supermarket on out way home yesterday afternoon to get some Milk, bread and essentials for the weekend, we were met with what you could only describe as the aftermath of an 'Apocalypse', the shop looked like it had been turned over, or robbed! 
The shelves weren't just bare, there were bits of packaging etc everywhere, when we got to the checkout the cashier was a shocked as we were, she said that the till is only letting them ring through 4 of things like Toilet Roll, Tissues, hand soap, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, pasta, rice, noodles etc. I just don't get it, there was one chap trying to buy a whole case of tinned tomatoes and didn't take kindly to being told that he couldn't have them.  I know that people worry but it just seems such a selfish thing to do, the greed of some is preventing others that just want to purchase their normal shopping supplies.  It was the same in London, all supermarkets etc had people coming out with packs of toilet roll tucked everywhere!

We had an absolutely fantastic time, we both loved every moment, the hotel gave us a free upgrade to a 'Super room', which was really nice, not elaborate or 'fancy', but it Clean which is THE most important thing, it was a fully accessible room, with a wet room and plenty of room for the wheelchair etc.  It was on Drury Lane so we were literally in 'Theatreland', so we didn't have to walk far to or from the theatre's, we had a lovely dinner out on the first night, then we went to the show, which was absolutely hilarious, not for everyone as it was very inappropriate, kind of mocking the Mormon Missionary, it was so fun to hear Paul laughing so hard, the audience were all in hysterics!
We had been watching the HUGE construction of screens and a whole set for the Premiere of the film 'Mulan', we were sat in the park in centre of Leicester Square eating  our lunch on day 1, wondering what they were building, by the time we walked down to go the show on Wednesday evening they had achieved so much, erecting huge screens that were showing clips of the film, they had lanterns and lions and amazing planters full of oriental looking plants, it was a full on production, fascinating to watch.  We walked through again on Thursday morning saw them adding the final touches, one man was adding hand painted detail to the lions, you could see the concentration on his face and the pride as he completed them.  There were literally 50+ security staff, guarding the whole thing, which wasn't surprising when you saw the amount of audio visual equipment.  We went for a little walk around, looking at different theatres to see what availability they had for Thursday evening, we found some lovely gardens in the 'Squares' dotted around the city centre, on our walk to our 'Afternoon Tea' at the Amba Hotel at Marble Arch, it was exquisite, I decided not to have the Champagne that was part of the experience, the waitress offered me a juice instead, I was a little sceptical as I am bit fussy about juice, I needn't have worried however, as she bought be a beautiful crystal glass filled with freshly squeezed 'Fresh' apples, what a treat, so delicious and refreshing.  The delightful afternoon tea followed with delicious followed be scones as light as clouds and delicious pastries, macaron and Paul's favourite which was a delicious chocolate cake/gateaux.  We decided to wander back through Leicester Square to see the progress of the Mulan Premiere set, to find that it was ALL GONE, totally cleared away, no trace of its existence!  Apparently they decided to cancel it last minute 'just in case'. those poor artists etc must have been devastated, working so hard around the clock to create a perfect set, not to mention the waste of money!  I wonder if the West End shows will be affected too.
We went to see Mary Poppins on Thursday night, which was fantastic. We had a leisurely start to Friday and decided to walk back to Marble Arch via St James  Park and Hyde Park, which was a delight in the sunshine.
Thank you for all of your lovely comments wishing us a lovely trip xxx

Michele's Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies,

Love Cardmaking magazine has a great free gift this issue-Stamps, Embossing Folder & a sentiment Die.

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

First feature using the free gift.

More ideas using the free gifts.

Another article showing more ideas using the free gifts.

Part two.

Some inspiration-Cards for men.

Part two.

That’s all for this week,
Happy Crafting

Love Michele x

Thanks so much Michele for another fantastic review, I love the free gifts that come with this issue, some great features too, particularly the 'Cards For Men' feature.  We all need inspiration for those cards.  xxxx

Michele Shopping

Love both of these dies Michele, that Tiled Background is great, I think that Sentiment die is great too, it's bold without being so big that it dominates your project, thanks so much for sharing Michele xxx

My Shopping

I have been looking forward to getting my hands on these HoneyDoo Background dies for a few weeks now, they were so popular that they have been sold out since their launch, I put my name down on a pre-order list for the restock.  I can't wait to have a play.!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, ours will be a relaxing one, Oh and the house was spotless when we got back, which was amazing!

Oh welcome back Sonia, it's so lovely to have you back with us my lovely xxx

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-you managed to pack in a lot in your trip to London, relaxing weekend sounds good.
    Your Crafty shopping looks great.

    I bought the Happy Birthday Die after see Karen use it on her card last week & the tiled background one just appealed. I’m hoping to get a couple of cards made today as I have 2 birthdays coming up.

    Quick trip into Southport then a visit to the Cardio shop I think today then a session in my craft room.


  2. I am so pleased you had a lovely few days in London We’re supposed to be going on 10th to Ideal Home show but I expect it won’t happen now
    Thank you for the magazine review I like the look of this a lot That birthday die is a fabulous font
    I’ve used the SW Happy Birthday die a couple of times now and love it
    Just going into craft room now to try and finish a cc I started a couple of days ago
    Luckily our shops don’t seem too bad - Apart from soap and sanitiser I am glad shops are limiting people Should have done it from the start Maybe they need to bring back rationing because at mo there’s nothing to stop people keep going back time and time again to stock up
    Have a lovely Saturday and take care all xxx

  3. Morning ladies.
    Lovely to hear about your days in London Sandra and that everything was good. Thought you written something in Russian first Lol I'm defiantly have that trying to sort my stash out. I bought this magazine in the week but haven't had a chance to look in it yet. Thanks Michele for the review as always. Like your shopping ladies. My little shopping list will have to be put away for a while as no craft fairs are on. Wonder already if we will be able to go to Gothenburg in May.... The shelves in the shops are spooky empty and the rubbish is just left behind. Tesco till woman said to come 5am if we wanted any toilet rolls. Can see people start fighting to get what they want, it's bad.
    Have a good day everyone whatever you are up to. Big hugs all around and extras for our Lynda,Margaret and Val. xxx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    I’m glad you had a lovely time in London. Did you make it down the crypt for a coffee ?. Great that the house wasn’t a mess as well.
    Thanks for the magazine reviews Michele. I went shopping yesterday as Doreen’s home rang to say they won’t be allowing visitors. I did go on Wed to see her as they had their Annual general meeting, Just a precautionary measure as all the residents are vulnerable. A lot of shelves were empty in Sainsbury’s. Cereals, tinned stuff, crisps, toilet rolls & hand gel. Such a funny combination.
    Lovely that Amy messaged me yesterday to say she was going shopping in the big Tesco’s by where she works at BMW, to see if I needed anything. It wouldn’t be until after 9.00pm after she finished work. But as I’d been shopping I didn’t need anything.

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies wow Sandra & yourtrip too london sounded lovely glad you both enjoyed it. I hope the rain holds off for you both
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    PAT i love your card its so gorgeous. Keep up the. Good work pat.
    I had a good day yesterday physio ess good i managed to walk from the patio round by the back door.
    So i was quite pleased considering two days before i couldn't stand
    up i fellt a little brighter.
    I did some colouring as well yesterday from the images Lillian gave me i will send picture to Sandra.
    Love to everyone and left exta by the back door for the ones who need extra. Xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Glad you had a lovely time in London - sounds wonderful.
    We popped to Tesco this morning for a couple of essentials and it’s just crazy! People are going mad emptying all the shelves 😔
    Great magazine review Michele and love your crafty buys - have fun.
    Love your background dies Sandra, I saw the samples using them at Farnborough craft show and fell in love with the circles one. Unfortunately it was sold out, and as I have something similar by Gummiapan (not a full background die) I thought I’d make do with that.
    Thanks for welcoming me back 😊
    Hope everyone is well and has a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I love the saying.... so true 😀
    It’s lovely to hear you and Paul had a great trip. There is always something to look at as you walk around isn’t there. What a shame about Milan being cancelled though.
    Poor Gem is having an awful time at work(she is an Aldi manager) as they aren’t getting the usual deliveries so don’t have the stock to put on the shelves and then so many of the public are being so rude, some even swearing at her and her staff to get them what they want from the (empty) store rooms! I agree with you Sandra, the selfish people are causing all of the problems so those of us that just want us our usual shopping suffer!!!
    I’m looking forward the dies in use, love those background ones in particular.
    Lynda, well done on managing to walk a little, and to sit and colour. Big hugs for you and Terry xx
    See you tomorrow Mum hopefully. Love you x Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hello All, wet again.

    Great mag review Michele, good shopping as well.

    Glad you are all managing to get some shopping, R went to get our usual shopping, but most of the shelves were empty, chap on the till told him they would be bare by lunch time. People have gone mad, I rarely go out these days, so it’s normal for me.
    We will manage on what we have.
    Sandra sorry to be late with my card, although hardly worth sending. Hugs Lilian

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    MICHELE Great magazine review, Hope I will be able to pick up a copy. Love your shopping.
    SANDRA I received these dies yesterday from Honey Doo, haven’t had time to play YET hopefully tomorrow.
    Think people are going mad shopping, OK we get things like toilet and kitchen rolls from cash and carry but don’t overstock. Our daughter went shopping she said there were no toilet rolls, pasta, cereals or hand sanitiser. if everyone bought just what they need the shelves would not be empty and the stores would have enough for everyone. Soapbox away.

    Sleep well, love Brenda xxx