Wednesday, 4 March 2020

My Messy Background Butterfly card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and had a less stressful day than I did yesterday!

It started with the trip to the hospital, I am SO thankful that Paul took a couple hours off to take us as the route that we took was very RURAL, with some VERY steep hills, Soph is a good driver but it was a challenge for an experienced driver so lord only knows what my nerves would have been like.
We arrived at the hospital just in time for the appointment, which probably took 10 minutes from start to finish, the GP sent Soph to the Great Western for her Xrays and then to the Cheltenham General for her Consultant appointment, but the Cheltenham hospital cannot see any Xrays taken at the GW so they were a waste of time, her blood test results weren't there either so all in all a waste of time, she examined Soph and said that she doesn't believe it's Arthritis at this point but has given her an 'Open Appointment' to return if she needs too. She has to continue with physio and Consultant has sent a list of suggested medication should the pain in her wrists become unbearable.
We got home from the hospital and Becca called and asked if I would go to her house with her for support in case her EX was there, so I did, we went and he was there and it turned nasty just as I expected, she just wants him out as he has been living there with his new Girlfriend and their baby since September last year, while Becca has had to pay the £1000 Mortgage payment every month as he refused to pay and then declared himself bankrupt, he was shouting and bawling about never getting evicted because we has a baby etc etc.  My heart was out of control !!  I eventually got home at about 4.430pm after leaving the house at 8am !

Today's card came about after Karen suggested that we both had a go at recreating one she had seen on Pinterest, so this is my version.
I used Distress Oxide inks to create all of the colours on the card, from the stamped background to the coloured mats and layers, the whole card started out as white card.
I used Gorgeous Grunge Stamp set to create the 'paint splashed' look in the background, using Tumbled Glass and Picked Raspberry Distress Oxide, it needed a darker shade so I added tiny spots of Seedless Preserves Distress ink (not oxide) as the original distress inks have a more intense colour.
I used the same Seedless Preserve ink to swipe over my Butterfly die cut to give it that rich purple shade, I used some Berry Burst card to die cut another layer as that colour looks very similar to Picked Raspberry.
I layered the two butterfly die cuts together and stuck them to my card.
I then used the Seedless Preserve ink to colour a 1/4 inch mat of card and then the Tumbled glass to colour the edges of my base card.
I was quite pleased with the result and I am looking forward to sharing Karen's too.

Michele and I also have a challenge between us, ours is to create 2 Card-I-O cards, I have done 1, just need to do 1 more.

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your Cards are fantastic, great colours. Your day yesterday sounded exhausting-hope Becca is ok & can finally get something sorted with the house.

    I have to admit that so far all I’ve done about my Cardio challenge is put the stamps on my craft table! I’ll get round to it soon-honestly.


  2. Morning Everyone
    An interesting background SANDRA and definitely not one we usually see from you.

    We had some lovely sunshine yesterday but still very cold.
    I have to have a look at my CC for this week today.

    The CAFE is oPEN for everyone to pop in for a cuppa and a chat.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.Take care and stay safexxxx

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card today. Sandra. I wonder where my card-Iowa’s and stamps are. Must be in my hoard of stamps and dies.
    Sounds like you had an awful day yesterday. Such a shame that Becca didn’t get a solicitors agreement when she let Josh & his girlgfriend live in the house. Of course the estate agents giving his parents the only other key so that Becca no longer had one didn’t help. But I’m assuming that was down to his sister who worked there. Looks like the only way to get them out will be to go to court I think. Which of course will be expensive.
    Looking forward to seeing you later.

  4. Beautiful card SANDRA I sent my version last night as we didn’t go dancing last night
    I think it’s atrocious that BECCA has to go through all of this I think she really needs to get Josh evicted and sell the house The girlfriend will get rehoused as she has a baby
    I hope SOPHIE gets some relief soon
    I am home alone tonight and will be crafting
    Take care all xxx

  5. Hiya,
    Fabulous card Sandra, love the colours together.
    Quiet in the cafe' today. I have had a duvet day today but hoping to have more energy tomorrow as it's a special day for OH and I.
    Many warm hugs are being sent to you all,xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Two lovely cards today Sandra, I feel so sorry for Becca, she worked her socks off working two jobs to enable them to buy that house. She deserves better treatment than her ex and his new girlfriend are now giving her. Sounds like the ex hasn’t any self pride or respect for the relationship they had once. Think the girlfriend should watch out for herself......history frequently repeats itself! Sorry soapbox put away.

    Had a good day with my sister, I have bought some of my card-io stamps with me. She is hooked, will let her choose some before I return home. PAT know you have/had some if you still have them and want to sell them I would be interested.
    Yesterday she asked me to make a card for a young lady who is disabled and can no longer live on her own. My sister handed me some die cuts I had sent her ages ago. Don’t FAINT Sandra - Think it fits this weeks challenge !!! You should have it before the eleventh hour 👏

    Sleep well everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx

  7. Hello All, rain all day.
    Sandra, love both your cards, I am hopeless at doing those sort of cards.
    Very sorry you had such a terrible day yesterday, feel very sorry for Becca think she needs some help, maybe citizens advice may be able to direct her which way she needs to go.
    Have good night, hugs to all, Lilian

  8. love your card Sandra its gorgeous xx