Sunday, 26 January 2020

Your Pattern Building Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning,

It's our favourite day of the week again, I absolutely love seeing your cards each week, especially when you have tried something new as part of the challenge as it gives me a real buzz to think that I may have inspired you to step outside of your comfort zone a little bit.

So without further delay....…….


Brenda used a HoneyDoo Stencil to create her Patterned Background, such a lovely colour combination, it looks very 'Spring' !
Brenda added a piece of ribbon, some pretty little flowers and a sentiment to finish her card, I think that when you have created such a lovely background you need to let it be seen!  

Thank you so much Brenda for another lovely challenge card. XXX


Three fantastic, inspirational cards from Janet for our 'Background Pattern' Challenge this week, something for everyone with these cards too.  You are so creative Janet, you are so amazing at switching styles and mixing techniques and materials, which makes your cards such works of art.

Janet's Description:

My first offering isn't a new piece but one I made a couple of years ago using a stencil (sorry I cannot remember whose nor find it now) with Tonic Nuvo Mousse and tonic die cuts.

My second offering is a stamp by Bee Crafty - ART Stamps. The embelishments on it are left overs from wooden model kits.

My last offering is made using LABLANCHE rub ons and covered with glitter for the background/the toppers are also LABLANCHE.

Thanks so much Janet for three inspiring challenge cards XXX


Karen has used a couple of different methods to create her Pattern Built Backgrounds, the first being the Sue Wilson Striplet dies, I will say that I bet most of us have got at least one of these dies that we no longer use, so it's great to have a bit of inspiration to get it out and blow the dust off! 
I love the stencil card too, I love the clear crisp definition between the masked area and the coloured, such an effective background Karen.

Card 1:  I used an old Striplet die called called Quilted Blocks but rather than cut them side by side I did them at right angles and again for a third time creating like a “T” shape so that you don’t get the same pattern next to each other and then added a SW Daisy

Card 2: I used a Honey Doo stencil with Squeezed Lemonade, Spiced Marmalade and Picked Raspberry DO
JL  butterflies
SW sentiment

Two amazing cards Karen, thank you so much for taking part and inspiring us all XXX


Wow, what a majestic butterfly Lilian !! Such a stunning card, I enlarged the picture on my laptop so that I could get a closer look at your beautiful butterfly, I just love the combination of colours that you have used!
Lilian got her Brusho's out to create the background for this card, I absolutely love the effect that you have achieved.
It must be lovely to have your craft room back, it's lovely to have your cards to share thats for sure.

Thank you so much my lovely for taking part XXX


Two fantastic Background Pattern challenge cards from Maria this week, I have to say Maria that you always make me chuckle when I read your descriptions, as you come up with so many genius ideas for when you can't find or don't have what you need for a card, this week's genius hack from Maria is...  if you can't find your embossing folder.....use a Kiwi fruit Net !!
It works brilliantly and is so 'Eco-friendly', well done Maria!

Maria's Description:

On the Hello I used a Kiwi bag as patterned as I couldn't find the 

stencil /mask I needed  

Best wishes is made with TH's coloured background cut into strips

after pressed a water damp small circular stamp all over. 

Thank you so much Maria for two amazing Challenge Cards XXX


Michele has shared 4 great background ideas, all so different too, it's fun to see the Cosmic Shimmer PVA background, I have loads of that stuff in all colours but never think to get it out!!  Hands up how many of you are the same??!

Here is Michele's Description......

1: Owl card is the swirled Cosmic shimmer PVA background.

2 : Hello card is glitter flakes for the background.
3 :Booze card is another inked Embossing Folder (all occasions I think) plus coloured stamped images. 4 : Birthday Card is an ink throughout stencil & an eBay Die from china. Some great ideas for backgrounds there Michele, thanks for the inspiration and for taking part in the challenge XXX
Thank you all so much ladies, such an amazing display of cards again this week. It just shows how amazingly talented you all are, I know that I say it every week but I am so very grateful that you all make time each week to sit and make cards for the challenges I set. If you have any ideas for upcoming challenges I would be grateful for some inspiration. I hope that you all enjoy the whats left of the weekend, Love and hugs to all, Sandra xxxxxxx


  1. Morning Everyone
    Oh how I love Sunday mornings and seeing what the results are for the Challenge.
    All so very different but using the same brief and loads of inspiration.

    Shopping wasn't too bad yesterday but I was so pleased to get home.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all.Today's lunch is Roast Beef with Jam roly poly for afters so place your orders if you would like lunch.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safe xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What a fantastic selection of challenge cards today-all so lovely.

    I have to admit none of mine were made specially for this challenge as I completely ran out of time.
    I went to my first session at Southport Stitchers yesterday-they do other crafts, not just sewing. I chose to do a Chinese girl in Cross Stitch. I didn’t get very far with it as we’d no sooner got settled when we moved tables. Then it was time to a coffee break then 3 members of the committee popped over to chat to me as I was the newbie at 12:30 I gave up and said I needed to get home. I’ve kept the pattern so the theory is that I’ll complete it at home.

    Housework to do this morning then I need to start a Card I’ve been asked to make. 75th Birthday for a gentleman who used to own a pub. Think I’ll use my new Sue Wilson beer themed Dies!!


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    2. Morning Michele. Doesn’t sound like you had a productive day at your group yesterday. I’m assuming you changed tables so you get to meet different people. Good luck making the beer themed card.

  3. I really look forward to Sunday morning A little bit of peace and quiet with a cuppa and looking at everyone’s cards You all really do inspire me
    I’m the first to put my hand up - I have some of those CS PVA and Nuvo too and forget to use them
    I love your idea to use a kiwi net as an EF MARIA!
    Maybe that could be a challenge- use an ordinary household item eg kiwi net, tea bag stained card, lemon juice, water (like MARIA again) to stamp with
    I started to clear some space (at last) in my craft room yesterday It’s one of those jobs that you wish you hadn’t started isn’t it
    Nothing much on today I hope to do a bit of clearing/crafting after the ironing and please can I order some lunch JANET
    Take care all xx

    1. Hi Karen
      I keep looking at my craft room and thinking what a mess. I’ve sorted out some jigsaw puzzles to take to the charity shop. Plus I found one that’s never been done. It has 3 different puzzles in the box. All separate so I might bring it down to start one of them.

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies
    A lovely collection of very inspirational cards this week.
    Was dry first thing now it’s pouring with rain. Just watching the football while I’m waiting for the bowls final to start on BBC2.. I forgot to look at my cards Sandra as I know I did some of my own backgrounds using white card and blending inks. Toms Jill FaceTimed me while I was at Sandra’s on Tuesday as Luke & Helen wanted to speak to me. Anyway they FaceTimed this morning and the news was Helen is pregnant. They are over the moon. They’ve already bought the prom, car seat and cot in the Jan sales. Keeping them at Jill’s. Bet has another water infection and the carers have started her on the antibiotics. It always makes her very grumpy & sleepy.
    Roast beef for me Janet and some Rocky Poly. A bit late I know but fingers crossed you have some left.
    Maria I loved you photos yesterday. Reminded me of our trip to Zell em Zee when we went with Petes brothers when Bryan came over. We probably had lunch in the cafe about half way round the same as you.

  5. Afternoon ladies.
    Love seeing all the cards you made ladies and it have given me some new ideas to use when making cards in the future. Lilian- that Butterfly is wonderful and the colours are Me.
    I think because I'm standing and working from a side of the worktops in the kitchen I am looking at things around me if I don't find what I need, it's probably in a box around the bed or out in one of the boxes in the garage so I grab what I can find like the kiwi bag as a stencil 😏
    I thought about you Pat while being in Zell and remember that you stayed at the Grand. The one cafe' we usually going to is next to the hospital, believe it is also a hotel. I had a Hot Chocolate and an Apple Strudel with Custard to get the oomph to walk back in your honour 😁
    Got son to help me this morning with taking out from the spice cupboards, since he began this vegan food again and he bought so many different spices to try I started to lose my rug for the cupboards looked in a terrible mess. Now cleaned and stuff in binned from -16🙈, I can see again what we got.
    Have a nice day everyone. Hugs to you all and extras for anyone who need some. Take care xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sorry I’m really late today. Been a busy day, this afternoon daughter and Ciara came over, Callum was at work (he’s a lifeguard at a fitness club) we had a lovely afternoon.

    Lovely display of challenge cards ladies. xx

    Hope you have all had a good weekend and looking forward to a craft filled week.

    LYNDA how are you?

    VAL are you still having problems with your eyes?

    Sleep well everyone, love Brenda xxx

  7. Hello All, heavy rain here again today.
    Sorry to be late, have spent all trying to mend a jacket for a friend who’s sleeve caught fire when he reached across a night light in a cafe to get sugar. Very poor fabric for a very expensive camping jacket. It’s been a real night mare to patch. I must remember to say no not possible.

    Lovely cards today, apart from my mess, some how no matter how little of the granules I used it still seem to much. Any got any tips on using Brushos .

    Hugs to all, Lilian